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2,000 Excuses to Dive with A Great White

2,000 Excuses to Dive with A Great White

A dunk into the historical backdrop of the Sea-Dweller 1665 Great White

The Sea-Dweller worked out as expected to address the issue for a jumping watch that could withstand plunging to outrageous submerged profundities while taking care of the vital decompression measure post jumps. The chief commercial jumping company at that point, Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises (COMEX), worked together with Rolex to make such a watch for their remote ocean divers.

While working with COMEX, the Sea-Dweller 1665 “Incredible White” was launched.


Divers who adventure down to the profound should inhale an exceptional blend of counterfeit gases including helium, and afterward go through a long decompression period in hyperbaric chambers to securely kill those gasses prior to reemerging to keep away from injury, and sometimes demise. Essentially, a watch presented to helium should likewise decompress to try not to blast because of the contrasts among interior and outside pressing factor levels. To address this, Rolex designed and protected the Helium Escape Valve to permit the gas to escape from the watch securely without upsetting its waterproofness.

Sea-Dweller 1665 “Extraordinary White” can withstand incredible depths.


The first clump of watches COMEX got were really adjusted variants of the Rolex Submariner ref. 5513 equipped with the Helium Escape Valve and were not accessible for the overall population. After they were considered incredible enough to endure the thorough requirements of expert remote ocean jumpers, Rolex green-lit its commercial creation and presented the Sea-Dweller 1665 with the Helium Escape Valve to their retail locations in 1967.

Sea-Dweller 1665 “Extraordinary White” Winding Crown

The first models of the Sea-Dweller 1665 were waterproof to a phenomenal 2,000 feet, which was unmistakably noted on the dial with two lines of red content that said, “Ocean Dweller” trailed by “Submariner 2000”. These specific Sea-Dweller models are alluded to as the Double Red Sea-Dwellers, or DRSD . The DRSD appreciated a creation run of about 10 years and in 1977 Rolex presented another Sea-Dweller model.

Although it kept a similar reference number, ref. 1665, the new Sea-Dweller a few outstanding tasteful contrasts from its archetypes. Right off the bat, the mark “Submariner 2000” was dropped from the dial, flagging that the Sea-Dweller was an assortment that could remain all alone. Also, besides, the trademark red content on the dial had now been supplanted with an all-white textual style across the four lines of text, clarifying why the piece has acquired the moniker the “Incomparable White”. The etching on the caseback was likewise adjusted somewhat where the Rolex logo was set in a round design instead of across the caseback as it was at once Red Sea-Dwellers.

Sea-Dweller 1665 “Extraordinary White” Caseback has engravings.


Throughout its 5-year produce run, the Great White had a few particular dial varieties – separated as Mark 0 through Mark IV by the present gatherers – including the more extraordinary “Rail Dial”. The Great White Rail Dial is recognized by the letter “C” in “Chronometer” on the third line fixing up consummately with the letter “C” in “Affirmed” on the fourth line. Indeed, a little and maybe insignificant detail to the unconscious, yet an energizing event to come across for a genuine Rolex collector.

The creation of the Sea-Dweller reached a conclusion in 2008. However, in light of its momentous Helium Escape Valve , it keeps on being an incredible image of what can be accomplished when pushing the limits of watchmaking.

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