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3 Watches That Will Make You Green with Envy

3 Watches That Will Make You Green with Envy

The shade of cash, precious emeralds, lavish fairways, green is likewise the tone most connected with Rolex. Regardless of whether you opt for a GMT Master II, Submariner or Day-Date 36, stand apart from the standard with these particular Rolex watches wearing green.

A Submariner, GMT-Master II, and Day-Date stroll into a bar. What happens?


GMT Master II 116718LN

First dispatched in 2005 as a commemoration model the GMT Master II 116718 in strong 18k yellow gold was presented with what is known as the green commemoration dial, which pairs wonderfully with the white glowing and gold markers and hands, dark bezel and gold case and bracelet.

Within the gold 40mm Oyster instance of the 116718 sits the Rolex Caliber 3186, a self-winding mechanical development equipped with GMT work. The bi-directional 24-hour bezel is furnished with a dark scratchproof earthenware embed, while the gold Oyster wristband includes the Easylink framework to take into account extending of up to 5mm when needed.

An Anniversary Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 116718LN with a green dial.

Go green and travel in style with the GMT Master II 116718LN.

Submariner 116610LV

Also disclosed as a commemoration model, the Submariner 116610LV denoted the 50th birthday of the Rolex jumping watch assortment. A hardened steel adaptation with a green dial topped with white radiant markers, and coordinating green bezel with white graduations, the Submariner Green is both tough yet luxurious.

This Submariner was delivered as a commemoration watch to the public.

This obviously being a jumping watch, the 40mm Oyster case is sustained with the Triplock winding crown and screw-down case back to ensure its waterproofness down to a depth of 1,000 ft. While the dial was intended to offer greatest decipherability while submerged, incorporating the Chromalight display with a blue gleam that can last up to eight hours.

Whether ashore or ocean, sport somewhat green with the Submariner 116610LV.

Day-Date 36 118138

The generally prestigious of all Rolex watches, the Day-Date was the primary wristwatch to show the day written in full notwithstanding the date. Just at any point made in 18k gold or 950 platinum, the Day-Date is an image of achievement and regularly alluded to as the Presidents’ watch.

A Rolex Day-Date 36mm ref. 118138 has a perfect coordinating dial to its cowhide straps.

A change of pace from the natural metal wristbands is the deep green cowhide strap of the 118138 that matches perfectly with the deep green dial housed inside the 18k yellow gold 36mm Oyster case. Loaning considerably more extravagance to the timepiece is the Day-Date’s 18k yellow gold fluted bezel.

Step out with major luxury on your wrist with the green Day-Date 36 118138.

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