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3 Ways to Drink Up the GMT-Master

3 Ways to Drink Up the GMT-Master

Pepsi, Coke or Root Beer?

The GMT-Master and resulting GMT-Master II watches are probably the most notable and particular among Rolex’s timepieces. Made as a watch for Pan Am pilots to keep track of double cross zones during the blast of cross-country going during the 1950s, the GMT-Master immediately turned into a darling sports watch to a lot more extensive audience.

A recognizing highlight of the GMT-Master and GMT-Master II watches is the two-conditioned bezel equipped on a considerable lot of the models inside the assortment. These are so popular truth be told, that they have accumulated snappy epithets en route. So sit back, unwind and drink up the Pepsi, Coke and Root Beer GMT-Masters.

Rolex GMT-Master II “Pepsi”, GMT-Master II “Coke” & GMT-Master “Root Beer”

GMT-Master II 16750 “Pepsi”

Those Rolex GMT-Master watches with blue and red bezels are regularly alluded to as the “Pepsi” bezel for its similarity to the logo of the popular pop. A few authorities, notwithstanding, demand alluding to it as the Pan Am bezel because of the way that the first GMT-Master made for the Pan Am pilots sported a blue and red bezel. Despite what it’s called, it’s a classic.

GMT-Master 16750 “Pepsi”

This particular hardened steel GMT-Master II 16750 hails from the mid 80s and its double shaded bidirectional rotatable bezel sits atop a 40mm treated steel Oyster case. On account of its age the dark dial with gold managed hour-markers has developed an appealing patina, while the hardened steel Jubilee arm band has stayed in great condition. Protecting the essence of the watch is an acrylic precious stone furnished with the Cyclops amplification focal point over the 3 o’clock date window.

GMT-Master 1675 “Root Beer”

Finishing up the beverages menu of GMT bezels is the “Root Beer”, clearly called that for its similitude to the earthy colored bubbly beverage. Among gatherers it’s likewise in some cases called the “Tigerauge” and it was a most loved Rolex of entertainer Clint Eastwood, in any event, appearing on his wrist in a couple of his movies.

GMT-Master 1675 “Root Beer” earned its name by its colors.

This vintage GMT-Master 1675 “Root Beer” around 1971 highlights a two-conditioned 14k yellow gold and treated steel Oyster case and is equipped with planning Italian calfskin strap. The “nipple” dial has developed a one-of-kind “fire” look from maturing, improving the exceptional appearance of the watch.

GMT-Master II 16710 “Coke”

A counterpart to the “Pepsi” bezel is the “Coke” bezel, named for the resemblance of the red, highly contrasting shades of the addition to the omnipresent Coca-Cola refreshment. The red and dark difference strongly with one another for a striking look.

GMT-Master II 16710 “Coke” immediately earned fame.

From the 1990s, this GMT-Master II 16710 is furnished with a “Coke” bezel on its 40mm tempered steel Oyster case and is presented on a coordinating hardened steel Oyster arm band. The dark dial is emphasized with hardened steel and glowing hour markers, while the red GMT-hand with three-sided tip coordinates the red bezel. The 16710 is topped off with a scratchproof sapphire gem with the date window amplified by the Cyclops lens.

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