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4 Auctions, 4 Days, 53 Million Bucks

4 Auctions, 4 Days, 53 Million Bucks

A recap of the terrifically significant November Geneva watch auctions

Rolex 6062 “Stelline” sold for $1,265,000. (Image politeness of phillips.com)

4 Auctions: Phillips, Sotheby’s Christie’s Antiquorum

The Geneva watch barters wrapped up a week ago and as the fervor settles and enormous features blur into the distance, it’s a decent an ideal opportunity to investigate the Rolex watch results across the Phillips, Christies, Sotheby’s and Antiquorum auctions.

Rolex ‘La Caravelle’, Reference 6102 was sold for $1,235,000. (Image graciousness of phillips.com)

Phillips Geneva Watch Auction

The Phillips Geneva Watch Auction: Two was the huge occasion of the four days of sales with complete deals of $28.7 million including two Rolex watches selling more than the $1 million imprint. The Rolex 6062 “Stelline” triple schedule and moonphase watch in pink gold with a star-dial brought $1,265,000, while the Rolex 6102 “La Caravelle” with cloisonné dial sold for $1,235,000. Both very uncommon and both breaking a world record cost for their separate references. Another Rolex feature of the Phillips closeout was the Rolex Submariner “James Bond” worn by Sir Roger Moore in the film “Live and Let Die” selling for $365,000 with a unique gauge of $150,000 – $250,000.

Submariner 5513 “James Bond” upset the assumptions selling at $365,000. (Image kindness of phillips.com)

Christie’s Geneva Important Watches Auction

The Christie’s Geneva Important Watches closeout acquired $13.25 million in deals and Thomas Perazzi, Head of Christie’s Geneva Watch Department, expressed that among the brands, ” Vintage Rolex watches , especially Daytona Chronographs, additionally performed incredibly well.” The most elevated selling Rolex Daytona during the bartering was a Daytona 6265 Paul Newman “Panda Mystery Cross”, which went for $268,357. A triple schedule Rolex with moonphases was additionally present at the Christie’s deal, the ref. 8171, selling for $161,214, well over its high gauge of $100,000.

Daytona Paul Newman 6265 “Panda Mystery Cross” $1,330,000 (Image kindness of christies.com)

Sotheby’s Auction

Although the focal point of the Sotheby’s sale was The Schmid & Muller Swatch assortment, which sold for $1,330,000, addressing a major lump of the Sotheby’s all out deals of $5.09 million, there were some striking Rolex pieces available to all. Three of the top selling Rolex watches were Daytona Paul Newmans, a ref. 6262, a ref. 6239 with dark dial, and a ref. 6239 with white dial, going for $100,000 each. Notwithstanding, a shock of the night was the Rolex 2508, an uncommon yellow gold chronograph around 1947, that sold well over its high gauge of $12,000 at an absolute cost of $62,348

Rolex 2508 Chronograph was sold at $62,348. (Image politeness of sothebys.com)

Antiquorum’s Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces Auction

At the Antiquorum’s Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces closeout (complete deals $6.11 million) another Rolex 6062 “Stelline” triple schedule with moonphase marker was additionally the top Rolex watch sold at $315,750, trailed by a Daytona 6241 Paul Newman with tropical counters for $153,750.

Daytona 6241 Paul Newman was covered at $153,750. (Image politeness of antiquorum.com)

Throughout the closeouts, the vast majority of the consideration for Rolex watches was equipped towards the more extraordinary, more novel and more established pieces. Regardless of whether this consideration originates from a genuine love and energy for the brand and regard for wonderful watchmaking, or rather from a venture position hypothesizing on the watches’ future resale esteem, stays to be seen.

Next up on the watch sell off schedule are the New York releases occurring in December.

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