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5 Fantastic Vintage Tudors: #Throwback Thursday

5 Fantastic Vintage Tudors: #Throwback Thursday

Guided by its parent company Rolex on severe norms, yet executed at a more moderate value point, the Tudor brand offers a lucky incentive. As any great parent, Rolex was a consistently present and molding power during Tudor’s outset, giving important information, mastery, and ability to its young. In any case, Tudor grew out of the direction and immediately proceeded to become famous all alone terms.

The Tudor Submariner 7928 set the pace for the future Tudor Submariners to come.

The Tudor Submariner Family

Tudor introduced its first plunging watch with the Oyster Prince Submariner 7922 of every 1954 and remaining consistent with its mantra, it offered a solid and dependable waterproof watch at an incredible worth. The principal forms of the Tudor Submariner were viewed as test where the brand fiddled with the models in a joint effort with the criticism they’d get from the plunging experts utilizing them. Truth be told, the initial four references of the 7900 arrangement, 7922, 7923, 7924 and 7925, didn’t show up in the Tudor general index. The appearance of the last reference in the 7900 arrangement, the ref. 7928, was the first in quite a while family to be remembered for the brand’s promoting materials and set up a considerable lot of the plan codes of the Tudor Submariner collection.

This is the Tudor Submariner 7923 (1955).

The 7928 introduced many “firsts” for the Tudor Submariner assortment. Its case was worked to be greater and more rough at 39mm as opposed to the 37mm size of its archetypes and appeared with crown monitors, which had at no other time been seen on the Submariner. It likewise highlighted a bolted bezel, similar as the Rolex Submariner 5513.

The first of numerous Tudor Submariners the ref. 7928 which can measure up to the 5513.

The dial and crown of the Submariner 7928 would go through a few alterations all through its creation run from 1960 – 1968. It got going with square crown monitors, moving onto pointed crown watches lastly showing up at the adjusted crown monitors, which were to become the norm. The square watchman models of the Submariner 7928 are supremely uncommon and subsequently, profoundly pursued by authorities. Early forms of the 7928 dial incorporated a section ring and plated composing and later on, there were various combinations of composing styles and markings on its dial all through its development.

The iridescent hands on a Tudor Submariner 7928 made it simple for jumpers to peruse underwater.


Powering the Tudor 7928 was oneself winding Fleurier 390 development, and this being a jumping watch, it was waterproof to a profundity of 660 feet (200 meters) and had enormous radiant markers and iridescent covered hands for easy underwater legibility.

Launched, created and promoted all through the 60s, the Tudor Submariner 7928 set priority for the whole future plunging assortment until the last part of the 1990s when the Tudor Submariner line reached a conclusion. Frequently unjustifiably alluded to as the “poor man’s” form of the Rolex Submariner , the Tudor Submariner should all the more fittingly be viewed as the devoted sovereign to the lord’s crown.

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