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5th or 50th, Anniversary Watches Are Something Special

5th or 50th, Anniversary Watches Are Something Special

Anniversary watches are something interesting. A few, similar to the Doxa SUB 300T 50th anniversary watch are virtual imitations of their precursors. Others, similar to the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 50th Anniversary piece, are more augmentations of the reference, maybe in any event, presenting new materials. Still others, similar to the various Moon landing anniversary Omega Speedmasters, are basically commemoratives.

Let’s investigate a portion of these pieces.

Rolex Daytona – 50th anniversary

Rolex Annivesary Daytona ref. 116506

For the 50th anniversary of the Cosmograph Daytona in 2013, Rolex delivered a refreshed variant of the watch in platinum and with a clay bezel, ref. 116506. This was the second Daytona to don an artistic bezel ( the previously was 2011’s Everose rendition). In any case, it was the first run through ever that the Daytona had appeared in 950 platinum.

Being platinum, and being Rolex, the dial is ice blue, a shading which stands out perfectly from the chestnut Cerachrom bezel and lacquered sub-dial part rings. The remainder of the watch is unadulterated Daytona, including Rolex’s great calibre 4130 murmuring away underneath the ice blue dial.

This watch isn’t restricted release. After four years, the watch is as yet in Rolex’s index. That may restrict its collectability fairly, yet… the first-historically speaking platinum Daytona? Also, the $75,000+ sticker price helps keep it exclusive.

Doxa SUB 300T – 50th Anniversary

Doxa SUB 300T

At the opposite finish of the value range, a while back (Summer 2016) you might have gotten a similarly famous 50th Anniversary piece – the Doxa SUB 300T . Not at all like the 50th Daytona, this one was seriously restricted – 300 each in Professional (orange dial), Sharkhunter (dark dial), and Searambler (silver dial).

The SUB 300T is that anniversary watch that is an almost precise copy of the first, directly down to the imprinting on the dial and the way that a unique dots of-rice arm band from 50 years prior fits the current watch without any issues. The greatest change is the vaults sapphire gem, a precise copy of the first’s plexi.

I think this one flew under the radar of most watch geeks. Doxa isn’t really a high-creation, prominent brand. They like to continue to hammer out apparatuses for their fans. At this composition, it’s difficult to discern whether any still available.

Omega Speedmaster Professional – Speedy Tuesday 5th Anniversary

SpeedyTuesday Speedmaster by Omega

And now for something insane extraordinary. Only days before this composition, Omega delivered a restricted version Omega Speedmaster which impacted the world forever as the first-historically speaking Omega to be sold straightforwardly to the public through the Omega site. As though that wasn’t sufficient, Omega made the declaration through their Instagram feed.

In case you’re inexperienced with “Fast Tuesday,” the hashtag #speedytuesday is perhaps the most-utilized taking all things together of web-based media. Each Tuesday, raving devotees of the Speedmaster wear their Speedys and post photographs with that hashtag.

The custom was begun five years prior by Robert-Jan Broerof Fratellowatches, a quintessential Speedmaster specialist if at any time there was one, when he posted a photograph of his own Speedmaster – on a Tuesday – and marked it basically #speedytuesday. Omega felt compelled to deliver this restricted version of 2012 pieces – which sold out in something like three or four hours.

Rolex Double Red Sea-Dweller – 50th Anniversary?

Double Read Sea-Dweller

This one’s unadulterated hypothesis people, yet 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the first Sea-Dweller. Those early watches were marked with two lines of red printing : SEA-DWELLER and SUBMARINER 2000.

The Sea-Dweller is an admired watch, with as faithful an after as any Rolex model going. Could Rolex have something at their disposal for Baselworld this year?

There’s as of now hypothesis via web-based media, so stay tuned!


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