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7Friday Q – Chugga Chugga…NO! It’s Choo-Choo

7Friday Q – Chugga Chugga…NO! It’s Choo-Choo

“Eh… what?”

Yeah! That is right. Both mean locomotive sounds; what they make while moving. Choo-Choo simply sounds bit better for the Q2/03 watch, enlivened by the force and excellence of locomotives tracing all the way back to over a century.

On to the story

The modern upset discovered steam can be utilized for some things other than cleaning or washing purposes. The creation of steam locomotives flung transportation ahead; to another level never envisioned to be seen. The copper-conditioned Q2/03 bears the two shapes and conceals from a couple of common things you will discover in those locomotive cockpits. The living together of crude mechanical influence with the extravagant elegance of rich, dim cowhide and hardwoods as seen in the illustrious carriages, started the motivation for the Seven Friday Q2/03, instead of the cutting edge visuals of the Q3/05 .

A fast look at turns and turns

  • Grey and copper wonderfully make a differentiation between the mechanical and the sumptuous impacts. The unique, solidified, hostile to intelligent , domed mineral glass and the shut case-back with a good measure of water obstruction (30 meters).
    • The SevenFriday Choo Choo has a multi-layered plan comprising a decentralized circle showing 12-hours, base plates, a metallic dim Am/Pm pointer, a cleaned dark hour hand and a minutes-plate with metallic tracks and numbers. The seconds-circle and the sandblasted metallic schedule window are at 3’o and at 4’o clock (generally). The whole Miyota Caliber 8219 is re-aligned, controlled and newly oiled preceding the last assembly.
  • It comes with an AM/PM indicator.
  • The moving minutes-hand and the hour clock review the manometers or pressing factor checks in steam motors from a century back.
  • The common cowhide lash is wax-treated with a well used, prepared and hardened feel. The dim calfskin tie has additionally been perfectly enriched with vintage-like sewing and accents. Those further underscore its old-industrial
  • Deep earthy colored tones with copper and bronze accents follow the first setting of the railroads and the siphoning cylinders of the weighty machinery.

Time detection

Now, to the million dollar question – How this natural, mechanical propelled watch resuscitating our wistfulness about a tragically missing period in transportation does it work? In plain words, how would you read time with it? That and the Engine!

They read practically the equivalent. The Choo-Choo houses a 3Hz, Miyota Caliber 8219 with 40+ long stretches of force hold. It has a long, halfway fixed hand perusing the passing minutes while the circle with a 12-to-12 scale means hours. The more brilliant side of the two-headed hand means day-hours and the hazier side, the night.

The Engine runs a marginally adjusted adaptation of the Miyota 2819 to fit the stylish, bringing chronograph work and a date show interestingly for the brand.

We’ve referenced here two the SevenFriday Q Series watches. Snap on the connects to see and purchase them.

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