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A Modern Maverick: The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116500LN

A Modern Maverick: The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116500LN

To say the Rolex Daytona reference 116500LN was long past due when it at last broke cover in 2016 would be putting it mildly. Its archetype the Daytona 16520 had been underway since the year 2000, yet Cerachrom ceramic bezels from Rolex originally hit the market in 2005, and from that very day aficionados started guessing that (and asking for) a ceramic bezel Daytona was in progress. It required a long 11-year pause, however the 116500LN at last showed up, filling one of the longest item shortlists in Rolex history as the new ceramic Daytonas began streaming into the commercial center. Indeed, even now these pearls stay sought after, commanding an unobtrusive premium more than their $12,900 retail cost. Obviously its new bezel assumes a major part, however there are various other minor updates that likewise play into the new Daytona’s mass allure.

The Rolex Daytona 116500LN made a major sprinkle at Baselworld


From the second the 116500LN originally hit the stage at Baselworld , You were unable to make it 20 feet through the corridors without hearing somebody murmuring something about the new ceramic bezel Daytona. Both white and dark dial variations highlight a dark Cerachrom ceramic bezel with a  etched Tachymeter scale, as has been available since the commencement of the model. This straightforward change has an immense effect to the stylish of the watch when compared to the past 16520, both by adding a differentiating tone to the case, just as by making the bezel definitely more intelligent than it has at any point been. In the event that the objective was to make the Daytona stand apart more when on wrist, job well done.

The new material doesn’t just effect the new Daytona outwardly all things considered. One of the significant progressions with Cerachrom ceramic bezels comes down to the material’s solidarity and life span. Close to impenetrable to scratching or blurring, Rolex’s objective with the material when it dispatched was to freed its bezels was essentially to keep away from the UV blurring that accompanied the aluminum bezel additions of a long time past. Numerous aficionados and gatherers, myself notwithstanding, have a weakness for the matured look that comes with a blurred bezel embed, however we can in any case appreciate the incentive in having a watch that stays looking sparkly and new for quite a long time.

Cool all things considered, there are still a few traps that come with the Cerachrom switch. In spite of the fact that scratch safe, ceramic is definitely not impenetrable. Should you be the sort to wear your watch consistently, given the correct hit it still conceivable to break or break ceramic with the correct effect. Instead of being left with a mark, as you would get from a more pliable metal, this sort of harm is justification for substitution, and given the higher assembling costs you’ll be taking a gander at a more extreme bill from your approved Rolex administration focus to complete a substitution. This isn’t something that is fundamentally a major issue, however it is a factor to remember.

The dial on the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN saw a couple changes


On the dial there’s next to no to report in the method of changes on the 116500LN. On account of the dark dial, the solitary significant ideas are the way that the dial gives off an impression of being a touch more gleaming than its archetype, and that the huge five line square of text underneath the crown appears to have contracted a smidgen when compared to the 116520. Something else, it’s totally the same old thing, which is anything but something awful. The word Daytona is as yet imprinted in red, and hung across the highest point of the running seconds subdial at six o’clock.

Looking at the white dial, there’s one more change that right up ’til the present time we’re still somewhat going back and forth about. The moment, second, and hour tracks of its subdials have been traded to dark (beforehand silver) to coordinate the dark shade of its ceramic bezel. This unquestionably adds a fascinating added detail to the watch, anyway we can’t resist the urge to consider how much better the white dial 116500LN would have looked if Rolex had committed to completely dark subdials, restoring the old Panda chronograph look of so numerous notable vintage Daytonas of years past. With the dark dial the current look actually turns out great, yet envision the commotion that another Panda dial Daytona could/would have made. Until further notice the white dial unquestionably is anything but an awful looking watch, and the manner in which patterns are going we wouldn’t preclude adding this plan change to a future model in the years to come.

The Rolex Daytona 116500LN, fortunately, didn’t change its completing or dimensions


Thankfully two of the most adored insights regarding the Daytona stay immaculate with the new delivery. It is as yet fueled by the Rolex type 4130, which was the brand’s first completely in-house constructed type in ages when it came to showcase in 2000. The type has demonstrated itself to be unimaginably dependable, and gratitude to its insightful plan it is additionally a lot simpler to support than the Zenith-based 4030 it supplanted. The Daytona’s case additionally stays immaculate as far as measurements and completing, which is likewise an or more. 40mm across, and generally thin, the cutting edge Daytona is one of few chronographs that is impeccably proportioned for both huge and little wrists. This detail, just as its overall wearing comfort has assumed a major part in the Daytona’s gigantic after throughout the long term, and however various individuals have required an expansion in size throughout the long term, we’re glad to see Rolex standing firm on this front.

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