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A Pair of Vintage Sea-Dweller: Double Red vs Single Red

A Pair of Vintage Sea-Dweller: Double Red vs Single Red

Last year’s arrival of the reference 126600 Sea-Dweller – with its single line of red content – brought a ton of consideration back towards Rolex’s line of remote ocean, immersion plunging watches. Albeit the helium gas get away from valve has become the characterizing normal for the Sea-Dweller line, the absolute first Rolex watches to be fitted with it was really a reference 5513 Submariner that was utilized as models while Rolex worked with the French jumping company, COMEX, to refine the plan of their gas discharge valve.

All early instances of the Rolex 1665 Sea-Dweller were initially fitted dials with red content on them; be that as it may, concerning vintage Sea-Dweller watches, a dial with one line of red content isn’t equivalent to a dial with two lines of red letters.

The Single Red is an uncommonly uncommon watch. (Credit: Jake’s Rolex Magazine)

Single Red Sea-Dweller

The absolute first watches to bear the “Sea-Dweller” name were the models that were utilized for field-tests during the early Tektite projects, in which jumpers would go through numerous days living in a compressed chamber underneath the outside of the sea. These watches have both the “Submariner” and “Sea-Dweller” names imprinted on their dials; in any case, on these early models, it is just the Sea-Dweller name that shows up in red letters. Moreover, close to the Submariner name, a profundity rating of “500 M – 1650 FT” is additionally imprinted in white text.

Most strangely, a considerable lot of these Single Red Sea-Dweller watches didn’t have helium gas get away from valves, since the issue with caught helium atoms possibly happens at more prominent profundities when jumpers are living in helium-soaked conditions for expanded timeframes. Not at all like the advanced Sea-Dweller 126600 which is mass-delivered, just around twelve of these watches were at any point manufactured, and all were given to jumpers that had been handpicked to get them for either testing purposes or as grants. Because of what a limited number of were at any point manufactured, Single Red Sea-Dweller watches are remarkably uncommon and command incredible expenses at whatever point they figure out how to surface at auction.

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Double Red Sea-Dweller

When the reference 1665 Sea-Dweller was first delivered to people in general, the watch was initially fitted with a dial that actually had red lettering; in any case, it was the expansion of a second line of red content that isolated it from the little cluster of models that had come before it. These “Twofold Red” Sea-Dweller watches (regularly curtailed as DRSD) have the names, “Sea-Dweller” and “Submariner 2000” imprinted on their dials in red content, beneath which, a profundity rating of “2000 ft = 610 m” shows up in white.

The Double Red Sea-Dweller was created for generally the initial 10 years of the reference 1665’s presence; anyway a considerable lot of these watches have had their unique “Twofold Red” dials supplanted with later-period reciprocals that highlight all-white content, and don’t have the “Submariner 2000” name imprinted on them by any means. In spite of the fact that they are becoming progressively hard to track down on the whole unique condition, Double Red Sea-Dwellers are essentially more normal than the model Single Red Sea-Dweller watches that went before them.

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