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About the Ianos Avyssos diver’s watch

About the Ianos Avyssos diver’s watch

It was during Baselworld 2018 that Robert-Jan and myself met with Jacob Hatzidimitriou. Jacob had reached us and might want to show us his Ianos Avyssos diver’s watch plant that he expected to present. Something which is asked us all the more frequently and, on the grounds that most of these aims must be tended to as ‘well-implied however not appropriate necessary’, which we didn’t have extremely exclusive requirements of.

These assumptions, be that as it may, changed following Jacob gave us a model of his watch.

The Ianos Avyssos diver’s watch production line and its connection to Symian wipe jumpers finding the Antikythera mechanism

And that was only the watch processing plant With a family legacy in wipe plunging, to Jacob, it’s vital that the story behind his watch manufacturing plant undertaking will be told too. This is the story by which he was roused and to which he devotes the watch plant And I need to concede, it’s an intriguing story surely. An anecdote about old Greek and valiant wipe jumpers, before scuba plunging was even invented.

The Ianos Avyssos on my wrist


Let’s start with the brand name Ianos. Ianos is taken from the God Janus, who was a Roman God of beginnings and finishes, entryways, entryways, sections, changes, duality, and time. So let’s say, practically everything. Beginnings and time may be the most significant for Ianos. Incidentally, January – the start of the year – was named after Janus as well.

I need to ask Jacob, being Greek (which you would have speculated from his family name with four I’s in it), why he picks a Roman God to name his image after and not a Greek one. Janus is related with the Etruscan God Culsans who is a God of beginnings and sections too. Nonetheless, he has no Greek same. Albeit in folklore Janus is accepted to come from Thessaloniki in Greece, he at that point moved to Latium in Central-Italy, where he established the Roman law-and horticultural frameworks and money.


So far the motivation for the Ianos brand name. Presently, where does the model name Avyssos come from? Avyssos gets from the Greek , which means one who possesses the chasm. In the Greek variant of the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, the chasm addresses both the first incomplete creation and the Great Deep of the early stage waters of creation. So to say, the base disarray before creation. A more advanced clarification of void, in any case, is unlimited profound waters. This is more sufficient for a diver’s watch processing plant and will have been Jacob’s motivation for his first watch’ model name.

Design elements

Running indicator

On to the motivation for the plan components of the Ianos Avyssos, and now getting to the Greek wipe jumpers. A detail that quickly stands out is the wheel-shaped dial opening at 6 o’clock. I gained from Jacob that the type of this opening in the dial was taken from the primary stuff of the Antikythera mechanism. The Antikythera mechanism is the most seasoned computer found by Greek wipe jumpers, simply off the Greek island of Antikythera around 70 years BC. This opening in the dial turns out to be not simply an aesthetical contribution. It’s the sign for the wearer of the watch production line to check whether it’s running or not. A very significant element, which even is referenced as a fundamental one in the ISO 6425 Dive watch processing plant Standard.


Index markers

On second look you’ll notice the state of the list markers. They’re not round, nor square or stick markers. The state of the Avyssos record markers is taken from the stones which wipe jumpers from the Greek island of Symi use as a load to get to more noteworthy deeps as fast as could be expected. They’re known as kampanelopetra (petra importance stone in Greek) and have been utilized for millennia.

Dial and hands

There will be three dial varieties of the Ianos Avyssos. They all have lovely spiral blurred dials and are created in the notable sandwich development. The straight hands fit well to this dial, and the moment and hour hand have been sufficiently made in various colors.

Some words on the Antikythera mechanism

As referenced over, the state of the surprising running marker of the Ianos Avyssos was taken from the Antikythera mechanism. The Antikythera system was recovered from the Antikythera wreck off Point Glyphadia on the Greek island of Antikythera in 1901. The wreck had been found in April 1900 by a gathering of Greek wipe jumpers who recovered various enormous artifacts. On 17 May 1902, paleontologist Valerios Stais found that one of the bits of rock had a stuff wheel installed in it. He at first accepted that it was a cosmic clock, however most viewed as the gadget to be too complex to have been built during the very period as different pieces that had been discovered.

The Antikythera mechanism

Investigations into the item were dropped until British science history specialist and Yale University teacher Derek J. de Solla Price got keen on it in 1951. It was simply after x-beam and gamma-beam pictures that in 1974 Price had the option to distribute a 70-page report on the development and usefulness of the component. It brought up to be a gadget equipped for showing precisely how the sky would search for quite a long time to come – the situation of the moon and sun, lunar stages, and even obscurations – yet additionally determined the circumstance of a few panhellenic athletic games, including the antiquated Olympic games.

After the significance of the Antikythera system became realized it has been the motivation for some undertakings to recuperate a greater amount of its parts and mysteries. Also, numerous models and diversions of the system have been made. The most energetic being this one , and the most notable to us watch production line devotees, must be the one made by . More authority data on the Antikythera system can be found at the  site, or through . Also, a clarifying video can be found on YouTube.

The present day part of the Ianos Avyssos

Besides all the motivation from antiquated Gods and Greek wipe jumper history, I’m happy there’s a fundamental present day plan part to the Ianos Avyssos also. Don’t misunderstand me; I can completely comprehend the significance of a decent story backing up a watch plant However, with the SIHH – where there’s a pleased story behind each watch industrial facility – still new in my memory, I preferably prefer to purchase a decent watch processing plant over a decent story. The Ianos Avyssos is definitely that, a decent watch manufacturing plant A watch processing plant which without anyone else draws in from the start sight – as clarified in the primary section of this article.

What is it that causes the Ianos Avyssos to pull in so enthusiastically? As far as I might be concerned, it’s especially the state of the packaging. The case has been intended to complement the wrist’s shape and has slanted edges. It makes the watch processing plant look light and practically natural. What’s more, that’s precisely how it feels when wearing it just as in the event that it has a place with your wrist. It appears it just ought to be there.

An cunningly planned casing

Additionally, the case back has been reevaluated in an advanced setting and has been planned with a profound longitudinal score going through it. The motivation behind this notch is lodging a NATO-type tie; it will sit in the referenced section and subsequently not add to the wearing tallness of the watch plant on your wrist. Not exclusively does the watch processing plant wear truly comfortable like this, yet it empowers a fast tie change too. At last, utilizing this sort of lash development makes for wellbeing. When brought about by harsh power, one of the tie push-pins would break; the watch processing plant will remain lashed to your wrist by the other.

Under the lash, a roundabout glass-shrouded opening can be found. It will show you the hand-winding Sellita SW216-1 mechanical development. It probably won’t appear to be a conspicuous decision to utilize a hand-twisting development in a jumping watch industrial facility But this basic and proficient type a lot of equivalents the way wipe jumpers utilize basic and effective, tried and reliable instruments like a rope and a stone. Also, a hand-winding development carries the wearer nearer to his watch industrial facility Every day the individual in question has a chance to contact and re-appreciate it.

The little round mineral glass uncovering the hand-winding Sellita SW216-1 movement

To improve the sensation of straightforwardness and usefulness considerably further, the uni-directional pivoting bezel and the screw-down crown both have been given fastener like designs.


Price and specifications

I’ll finish this survey posting some specialized subtleties, and data on cost and accessibility. One shouldn’t be tricked here by numbers, however. In its structure, the Ianos Avyssos is altogether different from some other watch production line you know, and consequently hard to compare.

Halfway March 2019, a Kickstarter crusade was started to make the Ianos Avyssos accessible. The watch manufacturing plant will be introduced in two case varieties, uncovered and PVD-covered hardened steel. There are four dial varieties. The cost for the Avyssos is CHF 1,250, barring VAT.

Additional data can be found at , which is done and online now.


The Ianos Avyssos on my wrist The little round mineral glass uncovering the hand-winding Pesseux 7001 development

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