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An Overview of all Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI Models

An Overview of all Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI Models

This year commemorates the 50th commemoration of the Moonlanding. For Speedmaster fans, this implies that it will be a major year for their dearest watch.

Omega delivered Apollo XI releases since 1969, the first being the renowned gold Speedmaster Professional with burgundy bezel, monstrous gold dial with onyx markers and gold wristband. Just 1014 of these have been created, of which a number have been introduced to the Apollo space explorers, President Nixon and a couple of more notable individuals who assumed a part during NASA’s space program. Again in 1980, when Omega presented a gold Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI that was numbered (320 pieces altogether, of which 20 were in white gold). Nonetheless, you could say that Omega made these Apollo XI restricted releases a common occasion beginning in 1989, when it was the twentieth commemoration of the Moon landing.

Every 5 years there’s a Speedmaster Apollo XI to be presented. In this article, we’ll show you all the Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI models so far, before Omega will acquaint with us their Speedmaster Apollo XI 50th commemoration model. The gossip machine is running effectively in its most noteworthy stuff, we can’t hold back to see them introduced!

Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI

On July twentieth 1969, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module put space explorers Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin on the outside of the Moon. On July 21st, at 2:56 UTC, Armstrong set foot on the Moon and expressed his celebrated words. Very little later, Buzz Aldrin followed him. On his wrist, the Omega Speedmaster Professional. From that second on, the ‘Moonwatch’.

NASA got Speedmaster reference 105.012 and 145.012 watch processing plant from Omega after the authority confirmation for use during extra-vehicular exercises by astronauts. Since a couple of years, it is realized that Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin wore a Speedmaster reference 105.012 ( click here ). The main Speedmaster on the outside of the Moon. Rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that Neil Armstrong left his Speedmaster (likewise a 105.012) on board of the Lunar Module as the (Bulova) load up clock broke down. Aldrin’s watch processing plant later vanished (in 1970), when it was shipped off to the Smithsonian gallery. Michael Collins was wearing a Speedmaster 145.012.

The 105.012 and 145.012 references were utilized during the whole Apollo program. In 1978, when the 145.022 was likewise affirmed for the later Space Shuttle missions. Read our broad review on how the Speedmaster turned into the Moonwatch in this article, all confirmed by Omega’s gallery in Bienne .

1969 Apollo XI Gold Commemorative Edition

In the then, Omega began as of now with their first commemorative release (numbered, not restricted): the 18 carat yellow gold Speedmaster Professional. Story has it that lone 1,014 pieces made of which #1 was offered to President Nixon and #2 was offered to Vice President Spiro Agnew. Both declined the watch processing plant however, for compliance reasons. During a dinner on the 25th of November 1969, 19 watch plant were offered to the NASA space travelers. Later on, different space travelers who couldn’t join the meal or who did later missions (than 1969) additionally got their gold piece. This watch manufacturing plant has the etching “to mark man’s success of room with time, through time, on time.” A statement that Jim Lovell likewise gave during a Q&A meeting at the Speedmaster Event in Houston in May 2015 .

There is by all accounts a touch of vulnerability whether Apollo 13’s Jack Swigert and Fred Haise got one, yet I’ve been told by Omega that they were offered one later on too. Notwithstanding, they don’t show up in any outlines of the watch processing plant given to space travelers. Various watch processing plant (with another sort of etching) went to some Swiss supervisors of Omega and Lemania at that point. Other than the models that went were offered to the White House, space travelers several different delegates, the rest went to Omega retailers around the globe. With an alternate kind of etching obviously. We discussed space explorer Wally Schirra’s and Ken Mattingly’s gold Speedmaster Apollo XI watch plant here and here .

1980 Speedmaster Apollo XI – Or Is It Space Shuttle?

It is really both. Presented in 1979 yet at long last, conveyance to the market in 1980 (and onwards) are the numbered versions of the Speedmaster Apollo XI in yellow and white gold. 20 pieces in white gold and 300 pieces in yellow gold. In an extraordinary black box and along with a letter from Stafford (and some sort of ‘brochure’) on the space transport missions. Truth be told, the dark testament that accompanied this watch plant talked about this watch processing plant commemorating the Apollo XI arriving in 1969 and the re-capability of the Speedmaster for the Space Shuttle missions that would begin in 1981. The vast majority of these watch plant went to the German market (the entirety of the white gold models and about half of the yellow gold watch factorys beginning 1980 till mid-to-end 1980s. The gold Speedmaster was in the Omega handouts at any rate till 1987. The yellow gold rendition has reference BA345.0802 and the white gold model has BC345.0802. At the point when I met General Thomas Stafford in 2014 during a supper with Omega, he was wearing his 1980 Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI in yellow gold. I expounded on that experience here .

These Speedmaster references are additionally the absolute first to have show backs that show the type 861L development. This L-rendition of the type 861 had a ‘Luxury’ finish, and additional gems. A more inside and out article on this uncommon gold Speedmaster can be found here .

1989 Speedmaster Apollo XI twentieth Anniversary Editions

In 1989, Omega presented the Speedmaster Apollo XI twentieth commemoration model. A hardened steel Speedmaster Professional that arrived in an exceptional (wooden) box, an additional dark velcro tie, a twentieth commemoration identification and had an etching working on it band.

Image by Darren of VintageSpeedmaster.com

This etching was either Apollo XI 1969 (worldwide 4000 pieces just yet unnumbered), xxxx/2000 Apollo XI 1969 (USA 2000 pieces) or xxx/250 Apollo XI 1969 – 1989 (Germany 250 pieces). As indicated by Moonwatch Only and Omega’s Journey Through Time, the 250 pieces for the German market were conveyed as ‘head only’. That implies there was no tie or wristband conveyed with these pieces. The Omega merchant or retailers dealt with this themselves. The other 6000 pieces accompanied the much pursued reference 1450 wristband. A survey of this restricted version Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI ref. 3590 watch production line can be found here .

Image through Uhr Forum.

1994 Speedmaster Apollo XI 25th Anniversary Editions

The five-year spans I referenced at the beginning of this article began in 1994. For the 25th commemoration of the Moon arrival and the job of the Speedmaster, Omega presented another restricted release Speedmaster Apollo XI model. This specific one was restricted to 2500 pieces and furthermore highlighted the engraved case band, showing ‘Apollo XI 1969 – 1994’. Truth be told, other than the treated steel watch manufacturing plant like the twentieth commemoration model of 1989, Omega additionally presented a restricted version of 500 pieces in white gold and a run of 50 numbered pieces dressed in platinum. The platinum watch processing plant were skeletonized by Armin Strom.

The treated steel Speedmaster Apollo XI has reference 3591.50 and came either with the much assessed 1479 arm band or a calfskin lash. Somewhat of a hair puller in the event that I may so myself, yet it looks awesome on the Speedmaster and tightens pleasantly towards the clasp.

Image by Kringkilly/OmegaForums.net

Like the twentieth commemoration, the watch production line comes in a pleasant wooden box and a few additional items. As per Moon watch industrial facility Only, these watch processing plant were additionally conveyed with a dim cowhide box with ‘The First watch manufacturing plant Worn On The Moon 1969 – 1994’ engraving within. The caseback of the 1994 rendition is likewise marginally not quite the same as the 1989 model, as it currently accompanied an extra etching ‘Limited Edition xxxx/2500).

Image by Kringkilly/OmegaForums.net

Then there used to be a restricted run of 999 pieces for the Italian market. Little is thought about this reference 3592.50 form (with sapphire case back). Other than that it has the type 863 development and a little etching working on it band expressing xxx/999.

A while prior ( here, in December 2014 ) we previously expounded on the white gold Speedmaster Apollo XI restricted release of 500 pieces. We took photos of the watch manufacturing plant that is in the Omega Museum in Bienne, as you can see above. A wonderful white gold case, with silver-dark dial and silver hands. The case band peruses Apollo XI 1969 – 1994 like the hardened steel model and the caseback is straightforward and showing the type 864 development. This is a minor departure from the type 861 development (rhodium plated), however with a chronometer rating. This white gold restricted release has reference number 3192.30 for the adaptation with a full white gold arm band and 3692.30 for the model as envisioned above.

1999 Speedmaster Apollo XI 30th Anniversary Edition

A piece of an exhausting restricted version, just to be seen by authorities by the uncommonly engraved caseback. The remainder of the watch manufacturing plant was like the reference 3570.50 that was in production at that point. This 1999 Speedmaster Apollo XI model had reference 3560.50 and was restricted to 9999 pieces. To make it fairly more exuberant, I’ve put the watch production line close to a model of the Moon Buggy. Out of sight, you see the first declaration that accompanied this reference.

In 2013 I considered it a covertness Speedmaster Professional restricted release, as it goes effectively unnoticed until you see the caseback. This watch manufacturing plant arrived in a dark calfskin box with a declaration of realness. The caseback has the ‘Hello Houston, peacefulness base here. The Eagle has landed.’ The acclaimed words were expressed by Neil Armstrong. Beneath, the specific date and season of the arrival and the novel number of the watch industrial facility In the middle, the Apollo XI mission fix emblem. This reference 3560.50 accompanied the then standard wristband, reference 1498. This reference was the first of the Apollo XI commemoration versions to utilize the type 1861 movement.

2004 Speedmaster Apollo XI 35th Anniversary Edition

Compared to the 1999 form, the Speedmaster Apollo XI watch processing plant that commemorated the 35th commemoration of the Moon arrival, was something altogether different. The dial appears to have been motivated by the restricted version of 300 pieces that Omega made one year sooner, for the Japanese retail chain called Mitsukoshi. The lone distinction with the dial of the Mitsukoshi, is that the date of the Moon arrival is imprinted on there (in red). This reference, 3569.31 was restricted to 3500 pieces only.

Not just the Panda dial was something else from the standard Moonwatch, likewise the caseback is intriguing. Like the 2003 Snoopy Award model, the caseback of the Speedmaster Apollo XI 35th commemoration shows a realistic. This model accompanied a discovery which has the Apollo XI mission fix within and a declaration of the confirmation. Initially, this model went ahead a reference 1998 wristband however the pictures I show you here have the watch manufacturing plant on a calfskin Omega OEM lash. This Speedmaster Apollo XI restricted version likewise utilized the type 1861 movement.

You will locate our inside and out articles on this Speedmaster Apollo XI 35th commemoration model here and here .

2009 Speedmaster Apollo XI 40th Anniversary Editions

In 2009 Omega chose to come up with something in valuable metal again too. Other than the hardened steel Speedmaster Apollo XI 40th commemoration version reference 311. they likewise presented an exceptionally restricted run of a similar model in platinum (reference 311. The tempered steel rendition was restricted to 7969 pieces while the platinum form was restricted to just 69 pieces.

Interesting enough, despite the fact that we are discussing a moderately high number of watch manufacturing plant from a new production year, the inventory on these in the used market is fairly limited.

The tempered steel model has the Apollo XI mission fix on the subdial at 9 o’clock, in authentic silver. You additionally got a huge authentic silver emblem in the enormous black box that accompanied this Speedmaster Apollo XI restricted release. The platinum model has the emblem at 9 o’clock in yellow gold and you additionally would get a yellow gold coin with this model.

Image by Darren

The caseback of the Apollo XI 40th commemoration has a delightful bas help emblem of the Apollo XI mission fix. This model uses the type 1861 development. The wristband on this watch plant is the reference 1958 (joins with screws).

The platinum model accompanied a yellow gold emblem on the caseback, giving it an intriguing differentiation. The heaviness of this platinum restricted release was 248 grams. At that point, the retail cost of the platinum model was $135.000 USD.

Image by Darren

We did a top to bottom article on the stainless steel version just as on the platinum version .

2014 Speedmaster Apollo XI 45th Anniversary Edition

The latest Speedmaster Apollo XI commemoration release is the one from 2014. Maybe additionally the most irregular one, other than the 1969 18 ct gold numbered version. The 45th commemoration release is made of titanium and has a Sedna gold bezel.

One of the principal things to see is the dial. The logo and phrasing have not been printed like we are utilized to, however it is completely made of 1 piece and treated with dark PVD. The dial was made utilizing a unique laser which made the pleasant looking dial by eliminating all material encompassing the logo, model name, sub dial numerals, moment and hour markers.

This Speedmaster Apollo XI restricted edition reference 311. was restricted to 1969 pieces just, coordinating the time of the lunar landing. The rundown cost was 5900 Euro everything being equal. In any case, it was quickly sold out.

It is an off-kilter individual, however it is a much adored and lauded piece among authorities. It went ahead the Omega NATO tie (additionally presented that year) which wears somewhat thick however looks awesome.

The titanium caseback is near the customary Moonwatch one however has an exceptional etching for the Apollo 11 45th Anniversary and the novel number. A great actuality is that you could undoubtedly furnish this model with a Speedmaster wristband by utilizing the titanium one from the X-33.

We composed a top to bottom article on this Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI 45th Anniversary model here .

Other Apollo XI models and Some Thoughts

The Others

Omega additionally presented the showcase back for the tempered steel Moonwatch. At that point, this was the Speedmaster Professional reference 345.0808. This model additionally had the Apollo XI etching yet wasn’t a commemorative version. Later on, this reference turned into the reference 3592.50. After 1995, the Apollo XI engraving vanished on this reference. We expounded on the 3592.50 including the improved type 863 development in this article .

Reference 3592.50, Image by Pascal R.

In 1997, Omega likewise delivered these Mission Cases. Altogether, 50 of these bags were made, containing 22 mission fix Speedmasters, a ’57 re-version model and an extra type 1861 development. 10 of these cases weren’t available to be purchased, however for show purposes as it were. One of these watch processing plant had the Apollo XI mission fix on the 9 o’clock sub dial. Other than 50 of these watch industrial facility in those enormous white mission cases, Omega additionally made another 100 – 150 (obscure) of 21 of these mission fix models for standard deal. The Apollo 13 model wasn’t delivered extra, as this one was at that point sold independently in 1995 (999 pieces). An article about this mission fix Apollo XI model can be found here .

Image by Darren

Some Thoughts

This article has been distributed before in 2017, however since 2019 is the year that Omega will praise the Moon arrival with the Speedmaster Apollo XI 50th commemoration, I figured it would be a smart thought to refresh this outline a piece and show all Apollo XI models they did so far.

The Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI from 1969, the reference BA145.022-69, has become an exceptionally pursued piece and the prospect that Omega may accomplish something in valuable metal this year once more, makes Speedy aficionados crazy. We can be certain however, that Omega will present an Apollo XI commemorative version in steel with a more amicable sticker price than a watch processing plant in valuable metal. What we do know without a doubt, is that Omega is setting aside their type 321 for an alternate model. Omega obviously expressed during the authority Speedy Tuesday get-together in Biel recently, that the Apollo XI 50th commemoration won’t have this development. This message upset a portion of the Speedmaster fans, yet I would say that maybe we should stand by first to perceive what Omega will come up with before we start complaining on web-based media and discussions (albeit that is by all accounts the pattern these days).

Since Omega won’t be available at Baselworld, yet introducing a portion of their curiosities at the (Swatch Group) Time to Move occasion in May, we don’t precisely know when they will do the Apollo XI presentations. We will watch our inboxes for more news (and setting aside meanwhile).

More data through the authority Omega .

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