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Black and Gold Rolex Watches for Him and Her

Black and Gold Rolex Watches for Him and Her

With the design for ever bigger watches proceeding with unabated, the lines for what comprises a man’s and a lady’s watch are becoming progressively obscured, especially with regards to the vintage market.

While Rolex have customarily thought most of their endeavors on the male wearer, with their women’s reach comprising by and large of downsized forms of a portion of the brand’s huge hitters, the more modest sizes of men’s pieces from a previous time has seen them enhancing increasingly more female wrists.

A 34mm or 36mm case, thought about the ideal male size for a long time, is currently similarly prone to be searched out by ladies. It’s a pattern that opens up an entire slew of new entryways, as a portion of the famous models from Rolex’s set of experiences books locate a new audience.

As well as the size issue, plan plays a central point in a watch’s allure across the genders. There are various shading plans in the brand’s list that figure out how to suit both manly and female tastes at the equivalent time.

Black and gold is one such combination. The glow of a yellow gold argument against a rich black dial makes a look of calm extravagance, paying little mind to the wearer. Here at Bob’s, we have a wide determination of dazzling Rolexes completed in black and gold, appropriate for him and her. Beneath, we’ve chosen a couple of our favorites.

The Mid Size Day-Date is a unisex watch that is black and gold.

A Black and Gold Rolex Day-Date ref. 18238

Take a glance through the ladies’ watches area on the authority Rolex site and you’ll discover a scope of models shifting in size from the 26mm Oyster Perpetual to a 39mm Pearlmaster. In the middle, you’ll find the Datejust 36mm, presently being intentionally focused at both the male and female market.

Strangely however, a similar size of the Day-Date is missing, an observable oversight made considerably more befuddling by the arrival of the determinedly red-blooded 40mm edition in 2015.

Only accessible as a 36mm watch for the most amazing aspect of 50 years, what currently qualifies as a medium size Rolex makes a sublime choice for people. The President we have here, a ref. 18238 delivered toward the finish of the eighties, is an especially fine example.

With a case made from impeccable yellow gold and finished off with a fluted bezel, the watch’s textured black dial gives the face a finished, three-dimensional effect.

Inside, the Cal. 3155 gives the force—the twofold Quickset development that is as yet utilized in the most recent emphasis. Fittingly got by the President wristband with its disguised Crownclasp, the 18238 is as yet the quintessential Rolex for the administrator or lady of the board.

Here is a black and gold Datejust just, with a jewel bezel.


A Black and Gold Rolex Datejust ref. 68278

The 31mm Datejust is certainly a female watch, however one with somewhat more edge than the conventional women’s sizes. While it holds a delicacy that sets well with a thin wrist, it’s sufficiently huge to inconspicuously cause to notice itself and its wearer.

Our ref. 68278 from the beginning of the nineties goes above and beyond in guaranteeing it doesn’t go unnoticed, with its 18k yellow gold case outlined by a precious stone adorned bezel, alongside jewel hour records on its matte black dial.

It gives the piece a look of preeminent extravagance without violating into the self important; a watch for those with dazzling taste and no compelling reason to yell about it.

Sitting on this Datejust is a 18k yellow gold President arm band , the semi-round, three-piece joins give simply some additional hint of restrictiveness and comfort.

The Datejust has been one of Rolex’s unsurpassed most famous models, in both the men’s and women’s forms, accessible in such a befuddling number of various flavors they are difficult to tally. Especially flexible, there’s a piece to suit everybody, and our lovely black and gold model is a sparkling showstopper.

This two-tone Daytona rocks a 18k yellow gold tachymeter.

A Black and Gold Rolex Daytona ref. 116523

There isn’t a shading plan in which the world’s #1 chronograph wouldn’t look dazzling. The imperishable plan that has remained essentially unaltered since its presentation in the sixties loans itself impeccably to pretty much any combination of metal and dial configuration.

The ref. 116523 here at Bob’s carries an additional component to our subject, coordinating a perfect black dial, complete with gold bordered stopwatch readouts, with a steel and yellow gold Rolesor case. The 18k gold engraved tachymeter bezel gives it a proudly excessive air, while the differentiating treated steel adds the necessary measure of machismo.

From the original to be graced with Rolex’s own in-house chronograph development, the Cal. 4130, the Daytona has consistently been the ideal mix of good looks and perfect usefulness. Regardless of whether on the track or in the workplace, it’s a watch that opens doors.

Currently the most sizzling property in the horology world, the Daytona is building a steadily growing female fan base. Superstars, for example, entertainer Charlize Theron, style originator Victoria Beckham and socialite Paris Hilton have all been spotted shaking the watch, a curiously large adornment that makes a major statement.

The GMT-Master 1675/3 is another black and gold masterpiece.

A Black and Gold Rolex GMT-Master ref. 1675/3

Hear the name GMT-Master and your brain quickly moves to one of the mark shading plans that made the pilot’s watch so appropriately well known. However, away from all the two-tone Pepsi, Coke and Batman bezels of the world, the seventies saw Rolex discharge an all-black rendition with a Rolesor case, an alternate kind of bi-shading game plan with a sleeker, all the more top of the line look.

The ref. 1675 had one of the longest creation runs of any of Rolex’s games models. Initially dispatched in 1959 , it was in the long run ceased in 1980. Our variety, one of a few during the 21-year life expectancy, is ordered the 1675/3.

Along with the novel bezel with its brilliant numerals, it was likewise recognized by its cone-molded hour markers, prompting its black face being named the ‘areola’ dial. Outfitted with gold hands, the huge bolt besting the GMT pointer is right for the time frame, just like the Jubilee arm band it sits on. Just accessible with an Oyster initially, Rolex began offering a decision of band in 1968, and the complexities of the Jubilee, with its three 14k gold community joins, echoes the sumptuous idea of the remainder of the piece.

While its unique USP might be missing, the two shading bezels being utilized by explorers and pilots to separate among night and day as they crossed time regions, the quintessence of what made the GMT-Master quite possibly the most well known arrangement in the Rolex group is still a lot of alive and kicking.

A no nonsense expert apparatus watch, its lavish black and gold variant is a genuine go anyplace, do anything companion.

Bob’s Watches highly esteems loading the best scope of real used and vintage Rolexes for him and her. To see our wide choice of black and gold models, head over to our online store.

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