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Bob’s Spotlight: Daytona Paul Newman Ref. 6239

Bob’s Spotlight: Daytona Paul Newman Ref. 6239

In vintage watch gathering circles, 2017 will always be known as the time of Paul Newman’s Daytona. It was just two months prior that Phillips declared that Paul Newman’s genuine vintage Daytona ref. 6239 will be offered at sell off. Truth be told, it will be the feature of the upcoming WINNING ICONS – Legendary Watches of the twentieth Century occasion, booked to occur on 26 October 2017. So write in your schedules for what will definitely be quite possibly the most energizing watch occasions in late history! To pay tribute to all the energy developing for the offer of Paul Newman’s Daytona ref. 6239, we’re devoting this edition of Bob’s Spotlight to our own personal Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6239.

There are a couple of reasons that make the Paul Newman Ref. 6239 a collectable timepiece.

But What Exactly is a Paul Newman Daytona?

Starting during the 1960s, Rolex started offering a dial variety for Daytona chronographs. Named the “colorful dial” by Rolex, it was a serious stylish takeoff from the customary Daytona dials. Lamentably, during its time, the outlandish dial was not a famous decision. All things considered, Daytona purchasers for the most part selected the standard dial plans. Therefore, Rolex delivered less of these extraordinary dials, in this way they are commonly more hard to track down today. Additionally, combined with their popularity, sourcing a true vintage Daytona Paul Newman in great condition is certainly not a simple task.

These intriguing dials later got known as the “Paul Newman” dial because of Italian sale houses bringing up that Paul Newman himself wore one. Paul Newman Daytona watches are the most sought-after vintage sports watches in the present optional market. Also, after the free for all that will clearly occur at Phillip’s upcoming occasion, we are sure that interest for Paul Newman Daytona watches will just proceed to rise.

Under the hood, there is no distinction between a four-digit vintage Daytona and a Daytona Paul Newman. The truth be told, (over the top expensive) contrast is its dial plan. Here’s a simple agenda to go through to decide whether a vintage Daytona is a Paul Newman Daytona.

This Daytona is nicknamed the “Paul Newman”.

Daytona Paul Newman Dial Features

  • Found just on the accompanying six manual-injury Daytona references: ref. 6239, ref. 6241, ref. 6262, ref. 6263, ref. 6264, and ref. 6265
  • Trio of registers have Art Deco textual style which is likewise thicker than ones on normal Daytona dials
  • The hash blemishes on the threesome of registers have square tips
  • The triplet of registers have cross hairs
  • The running seconds subdial at 9 o’clock incorporate 15/30/45/60 numerals while normal Daytona dials just have 20/40/60
  • The external moment track sits on a differentiating tone to the fundamental dial
  • Black dial with differentiating light subdials or light dial with differentiating dark subdials

Bob’s Watches’ Paul Newman Ref. 6239

For the present Bob’s Spotlight, we’re featuring a similar Daytona reference Paul Newman wore—the Daytona ref. 6239. This specific model, which we are glad to offer in our stock, even has his equivalent white Panda dial with dark registers combination, alongside the red moment track and red “DAYTONA” print.

With a chronic number that dates it from 1968, this specific Daytona ref. 6239 with the Paul Newman dial was bought in 1970. It stayed in the group of the first proprietor for every one of these years. Accordingly, for a watch that is one year short of being 50 years of age, it’s in brilliant condition. To such an extent that even all the lume plots are still intact.

The Paul Newman Ref. 6239 has a wonderful dial.

The hardened steel instance of the Daytona ref. 6239 games the trademark steel bezel engraved with the tachymeter scale. Moreover, in light of the fact that this is an early Daytona model, it has the chronograph siphon pushers as opposed to the later screw-down pushers.

Beneath the steel caseback of the Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6239 is, obviously, the Rolex Valjoux 722 manual-injury development with 17 gems. Consistent with its time, ensuring the essence of the Daytona is an acrylic gem. It is introduced on an USA oval-connect Jubilee arm band with 22 connections and 49 end joins. Because of its age, the arm band has some stretch to it. Complete with the first box and papers, this is an attractive vintage Rolex Daytona ref. 6239 Paul Newman indeed.

Don’t let this Paul Newman Ref. 6239 slip away.

Reserved for the most genuine of vintage Rolex authorities, the opportunity to claim a perfectly saved Paul Newman Daytona ref. 6239 is a chance not to be missed. The actual apex of vessel watch status.

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