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Celeb Watch: Floyd Mayweather’s Limited Edition Hublot Watches

Celeb Watch: Floyd Mayweather’s Limited Edition Hublot Watches

its a well known fact that twelve-time, five division undefeated world boss Floyd “Cash” Mayweather feels weak at the knees over luxury watches. Indeed, we profiled his tremendous collection of frosted out watches worth millions of dollars last year before his prominent match against MMA champ Conor McGregor. As many expected, Mayweather vanquished McGregor during that battle in Las Vegas, sealing his 50-0 record.

The billionaire fighter has now transformed his fine watch enthusiasm into an undertaking, banding together up with Hublot on limited version Big Bang Unico TMT watches. Let’s get into the ring with this Mayweather and Hublot matchup.

Hublot and Mayweather have collaborated to release a dazzling pair. (Credit: CNN)

The Floyd Hublot Big Bang Unico TMT x 2

Alongside other luxury watches from the watchmaking monsters , Hublot is getting ready for Baselworld. While Hublot and Mayweather have had a relationship since 2015, the two Hublot Big Bang Unico TMT models are the primary watches made by the brand to pay tribute to the fighter. True to form, the watches are just about as flashy as Mayweather’s Hublot shorts that motivated the plan.

Floyd Mayweather and Hublot came out with this watch. (Credit: CNN)

Limited to only 100 pieces, the Hublot Big Bang Unico TMT Carbon Gold chronograph sports a 45mm case produced using a carbon composite that has gold powder manually embedded into the carbon fiber layers. The result is a special gold speckled black carbon material that almost looks like an extravagant camouflage design. To coordinate the gold and black details of the case, the skeletonized dial includes the TMT logo—”The Money Team”— in gold appliqué, along with gold hands, gold files, and gold encircled subdials. Carrying on the black and gold colorway is the black calf leather tie embellished with a piece of python leather and gold studs. Flip the watch around and you’ll see Mayweather’s mantra, “The Best Ever” truncated boldly with the letters TBE applied to the sapphire caseback, notwithstanding his mark.

Accompanying the carbon gold adaptation is the considerably more lavish Hublot Big Bang Unico TMT Yellow Gold Jewelry, this time limited to only 10 pieces. The 45mm case is created entirely in 18k yellow gold, set with 176 jewels . The jewel set bezel includes 48 loaf cut precious stones, while the skeletonized dial also sparkles brilliant with precious stones on the subdials, files, and TMT logo.

Here is another cycle of the Mayweather Hublot combo. (Credit: CNN)

A Watch for Mayweather Fans

Commenting on the new Hublot watches that bear his name , Mayweather expressed, “Everybody knows I’m wild about mechanical wonders, especially sparkling watches. So I’m truly pleased to see the letters TMT x Hublot glittering on top of my watch. This watch implies a lot to me, it symbolizes my vocation, my unbeaten 50-0 record and my last battle when I left a mark on the world!”

Fans of the champ will be delighted to realize that each watch comes with a boxing glove endorsed by the Money Man himself.

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