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Certina Argonaut Vintage Chronograph

Certina Argonaut Vintage Chronograph

Awesome vintage watch processing plant often come in odd packaging.

Whether it is a clever shape, similar to the Zenith El Primero Big Blue with its TV Screen case. Or on the other hand a family unit watch production line brand’s bizarre model, for example, Tissot’s Wood-and Stone watch factorys also a calm looking watch hiding a magnificent development, as any Junghans chrono from the ’50s with their astonishing J88 development. Imagine a scenario where every one of the 3 comes in a single watch plant In a watch that is from an easily recognized name from the business. A chronograph maybe, with an unbelievable development. To finish it off in a peculiar rectangular case. Indeed, I know at any rate one such watch industrial facility yet I’m certain there are numerous out there. Even better, I have this watch processing plant in my assortment and I’m glad to discuss it. It’s the Certina Argonaut chronograph first execution from the finish of the 1960s with a Valjoux 23 inside.

A little bundle doesn’t mean the content can’t be grand

Certina Argonaut

The Argonaut line comprises of a lot of various models from straightforward time-just watch processing plant to chronographs with Valjoux 72 inside them. As this article is about the Certina Argonaut chronograph I will zero in on these as opposed to giving you a summary in general model family. In the event that we needed to sort them, we would have to recognize 2 sub-dial and 3 sub-dial adaptations. The 2 sub-dial models had Valjoux 23 – or its subsidiary like the 236 – inside them. While the 3 sub-dial models had the notable Valjoux 72(6) as their “motor”. Argonauts likewise turned out in one or the other dark or white dials for either development varieties. The dials were a panda and converse panda (white dial, dark subdials and the other way around) however there was likewise a dark dial just form by the name of Certina Argonaut 200m. As the name recommends it was watertight up to 200 meters.


To summarize it; Certina Argonaut chronos were either dark dials with white subdials or white dials with dark subs. There were 2 or 3 subdials, in light of what development was inside them. At that point there was this one model which was dark just, the 200m. It’s fascinating to comprehend the appearance of the watch plant since the reference numbers truly had neither rhyme nor reason. Everything began with the reference 8401 001 (like my watch processing plant and a Valjoux 23 inside. Certina’s name for the 23; type 29-053. Later models that had the improved Valjoux 236 developments (Certina 29 063) bore the reference 8401 501. The 200m’s ref was 8401 002. These models had one subordinate of Valjoux 23. Argonaut chronograph watch processing plant with Valjoux 726 had reference numbers beginning with 8501. The 2 distinct adaptations were; 8501 001 and 8501 501. Straightforward, isn’t that so? Wrong. It’s a mess.


Now that we realize the essentials we should take a gander at the watch manufacturing plant that I procured some time prior. It is the Certina Argonaut chronograph reference 8401 001. You can locate this number outwardly case back, simply over the chronic number. It has a case shape that is a blend among rectangular and pad where the drags are really continuations of the case as opposed to whatever else. The Argonaut estimates 41.9mm from carry tip to haul tip, the width is 38,6mm excluding the crown.  By these numbers, you can see that the Certina Argonaut chronograph isn’t especially enormous watch production line yet it wears extraordinary and somewhat bigger than its size. The as the dial is round you have huge level metal surfaces around it, with vertical brushing. The remainder of the case is cleaned from the finish of the carries aside and the case back.


Speaking of which, the case back is screw-in and, as I said contains the reference and the chronic numbers. The reference is over, the sequential beneath (I eliminated the last digits from the photographs). We are discussing a 7-digit sequential, that dates the Argonaut to 1968, which was the main year they came out. Argonaut chronos had a fairly short run regardless of an enormous number of watch processing plant you can in any case discover today. Certina made them somewhere in the range of 1968 and 1972 or somewhere in the vicinity. In light of this similarity 7.5million chronic numbers and higher are from 1969, 8million is 1970, etc. While the sequential would give you the unpleasant creation year, the reference can disclose to you the real watch manufacturing plant particular. Initial 2 digits allude to the type, the subsequent 2 are the case material, the last 3 are the model number. Which means 84 (Certina 29-053, 29-063) 01(stainless steel) 001(model number).


I gabbed about the different dial varieties previously, so I don’t go into that once more. All things considered, we should take a gander at the dial in detail. The Certina Argonaut chronograph dials are really lively with a ton of little subtleties and shadings. On mine, the base tone is dark for the dial and the tachymeter scale, painted outwardly. On the while dial forms it’s dark and on later dark dial variants (8401 501) it’s white, giving an agreement to the entire watch plant The records are steel and applied, the remainder of the dial is painted. At 3 o’clock you can locate a white subdial with minimal red subtleties. That is for the 30-minute counter. At 9 o’clock you can see another white subdial. That is the proceeds with seconds hand. the chrono focus hand is red, the enormous white stick hands have Tritium on them.


When it comes to Argonaut chronographs, at any rate the ones I think about, Valjoux developments went into them only. Since my watch production line is one of the most punctual Argonaut chronos it has a Valjoux 23 inside. That is a manual breeze, chronograph development with 17 gems, 48 hours of force hold and 18,000 Vph. The 23 is an intriguing type for some reasons. To begin with it was generally utilized by various brands from Certina, to Doxa, Nivada, Vetta, Heuer and so forth It is additionally the base for the notorious Valjoux 72 that you can discover in vintage Rolex Daytonas for instance. As I referenced above, later Certina Argonauts (8401 501) had Valjoux 236 developments inside them. The 236 was a move up to the typical 23. It has a Vph of 21,600 rather than the 23’s 18,000. Aside from this anyway the two types are identical.

Higher vph (vibrations each hour) implied better exactness consequently the overhaul. It is not difficult to check if your watch industrial facility has the right type. You should simply to open the rear of your watch industrial facility Whether you have a prior Valjoux 23 (Certina 29-053) or the “update”, the Valjoux 236 (Certina 29-063) the type number is on the extension simply under Certina. On the off chance that you don’t have it on the extension it is presumably an assistance substitution, as unique scaffolds all contain this number. If it’s not too much trouble, allude to the photograph beneath. The development doesn’t just contain the Certina type number yet the real Valjoux number too. You can see it engraved into the base plate simply under the equilibrium wheel.

Final words

This article ended up being more specialized as I initially expected to compose it. Nonetheless, I didn’t delve into the subtleties of the Certina Argonaut excessively profound. In the event that you have such a watch production line or wanting to buy one soon ideally this review will assist you with confirming the watch industrial facility being referred to. Clearly, there are huge loads of other data in regards to this and numerous other vintage Certina models (Have you known about their jumper’s watch factorys j/k) and maybe gradually we will get to those as well. Meanwhile, I’d prefer to welcome you to visit the  , a site I expounded on a short time prior . On the off chance that you have a Certina and you need to find out about it or simply want to do some exploration on the brand it’ the best spot to begin. You’ll ideally do it with a vintage Argonaut on your wrist.


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