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Christies to Auction Rolex Watches May, 12 in Geneva

Christies to Auction Rolex Watches May, 12 in Geneva

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Christie’s will hold an auction on May 12, 2014 in Geneva, based on and including numerous fine and uncommon instances of watches. Rolex is very much addressed among their numbers, offering numerous vintage and uncommon finds.

Christie’s May 14, 2014 Auction Catalog

Estimated to go for $12,000-$17,000 the principal Rolex to be included is an uncommon 18k white gold programmed chronograph wristwatch with shooting star dial, complete with box. Including 44 gems, this watch is a fine illustration of extravagance craftsmanship.

Another excellent model available to be purchased is a fine and uncommon 18k gold triple schedule chronograph wristwatch. Around 1953, this early model highlights a calfskin wristband, just as 17 gems and a silvered matte dial, complete with gold numerals and a gold case. Beside its lavish materials, the “Dato Compax” is a very much protected model, including a triple schedule chronograph. This specific watch is relied upon to get between $140,000-$200,000 dollars.

Other uncommon finds incorporate a Rare 18K gold chronograph, reference 6241. It is all the more commonly alluded to as the “Paul Newman” watch, as the well known entertainer was frequently imagined wearing his Rolex. This specific model highlights a staggering champagne dial just as three motor turned dark auxiliary dials for estimating speed. This watch is relied upon to go for $89,000-$130,0000.


18k Gold Automatic Wristwatch with Sweep Center Seconds, Star Numerals, and Cloissone Enamel Dial. Picture Courtesy of Christie’s

One of the most seasoned and most extraordinary models introduced at the auction is a 18k gold programmed wristwatch with clear focus seconds, star numerals, and Cloissone veneer dial. The finish dial was made by acclaimed Geneva craftsman Marguerite Koch. It includes a coastline subject, complete with boat, whale, and waves. Fabricated in 1949, this vintage watch is perhaps the most outwardly engaging and extraordinary things offered at this auction. Considered perhaps the main pieces at any point made by Roles, this watch is required to go for $560,000-$1.1 million. This piece would unquestionably be the crown gem for some collections.

Stainless Steel Automatic Wristwatch with Sweep Center Seconds, Date and Bracelet, Made for the Sultanate of Oman. Picture Courtesy of Christie’s

Some things available to be purchased are incredibly remarkable. For instance, one Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea Dweller model was initially made for the Sultanate of Oman. His mark is found in the dark dial. This uncommon expansion makes this specific watch very uncommon and significant. It is relied upon to go for $120,000-$220,000.

The wide assortment of watches offered at the May 12th Christie’s auction will top of the interests of numerous gatherers. For those looking for something extraordinary, exceptional, and uncommon to add to their assortment, they will surely discover numerous choices at this auction.



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