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Does Rolex’s Five Year Warranty Imply Longer Service Intervals?

Does Rolex’s Five Year Warranty Imply Longer Service Intervals?

Two or three years prior, Rolex broadened their guarantee from two years to five. The change date was July 1, 2015. Watches sold before that date had a long term guarantee. Watches sold after were justified for a very long time. Indeed, even watches sitting in the instances of approved vendors. Purchase a watch on June 30, get two years inclusion. Hold off for a day, purchase a similar genuine actual watch and get five years’ worth.

Rolex Sky-Dweller

But in the event that you’d bought a watch before the new guarantee kicked in, you didn’t miss out completely. You got an additional year, free of charge.

That, obviously, two or three points.One is, since clearly no assembling changes were made, Rolex’s trust in their items – figuratively flipping a switch and expanding the guarantee time frame by a factor of 2.5 – is reassuring.

Rolex Service


Another question inferred is whether watch proprietors would now be able to stand by longer to “replace the oil and flash attachments?” To push the auto similarity, when manufactured engine oils were presented, we vehicle proprietors could go from 3000 miles to 10,000 miles between recommended oil changes. Not an ideal relationship, but rather could we do likewise with our Rolexes?

Well, incidentally, indeed, Rolex knock the recommended administration stretch – from three years to ten. That is a HUGE bounce! Much the same as our vehicles on engineered oil. Just no genuine changes were made – to the watch, or to the ointments (to the extent we know).

So… can you actually choose to knock the assistance stretch on your respected Submariner  14060M from three years to ten? That specific model, for example, is a generally present day mid 2000s model. Is everything of an unexpected secure in general and over the top wear in the event that you sit tight ten years for administration rather than three?

Rolex Submariner

The straightforward truth is individuals have been holding up far longer than three years to support their watches for quite a while – regularly for no other explanation than to put off the foreseen administration and fix bill. At north of $500 for routine assistance, complete expense of responsibility for fine watch starts to be altogether over the buy price.

Have the watches come to hurt along these lines? No thorough information are accessible on that score. Everybody’s mileage fluctuates with recurrence of wear, how the watch is utilized, the climate it’s utilized in, etc.

Now, we at Bob’s won’t support rehearses that are outside of brand recommendations. In any case, one may infer that running your watch longer than the recommended administration stretch will not damage it as much as recently suspected – if it’s a Rolex, and a moderately current one at that.

That said, we’ll leave you with this straightforward expression – admonition emptor.

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