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Double Take — Rolex Two-Tone Ladies Watches

Double Take — Rolex Two-Tone Ladies Watches

Two-tone watches are making a comeback, in spite of the fact that, they’ve had a long history, particularly with Rolex. The well known watchmaker has been fusing steel and gold since the 1930’s, yet something about this combination has as of late come back stylish after a stretch of fame in the 1980’s. We’ve generally been a fanatic of the two tone-look, so we’re eager to see the comeback — particularly in ladies watches.

The blend of metals adds a tasteful measurement, yet a touch of dressiness to the always cool treated steel look. For ladies who like to blend metals in their other adornments also, a two-conditioned watch can be the ideal embellishment. For the one who needs the most amazing aspect the two universes, a two-tone watch is likely the answer.

A ladies Rolex with a precious stone dial.

Rolex Two-Tone Ladies DateJust 79173 with Diamonds

When you think about a two-conditioned watch, your brain presumably naturally drives you to this striking model. This Rolex Two-Tone Ladies Datejust ref 79173 is furnished with a gold stole packaging and a shocking stripe of gold down the steel Jubilee arm band. In the event that that wasn’t sufficient, the silver dial is sprinkled with precious stone hour markers. The combination feels new yet cleaned and will sit pretty on your wrist for pretty much any occasion.

Don’t fail to remember the Rolex Everose gold for the ladies.

Rolex Two-Tone Lady DateJust 179161 with Rose Gold

It’s another DateJust, yet this watch positively feels like a completely new plan. We venerate this piece for its particular Rolex everose gold that encompasses the dial and streams outwards down the steel Oyster arm band. The pink gold flies against the hardened steel and adds an unforeseen womanliness to the straightforwardness of this plan. Finished off with a coordinating rose gold face, it’s hard not to take a gander at this watch with rose-shaded glasses.

The Yacht-Master commonly raises a manly vibe, yet the ladies assortment is similarly as fantastic.

Rolex Two-Tone Ladies Yacht-Master 169623

Two-conditioned never looked so modern and common. This staggering piece of adornments isn’t simply worked to take on the vast ocean, it’s worked to dazzle any individual who gets an impression. Rolex has entirely combined 18k yellow gold with a tough 904L treated steel to make this exquisite ladies Yacht-Master 169623 with a shellfish arm band. The tough plan could undoubtedly sit weighty on a lady’s wrist, however we love that the two-tone splits it up — the brilliant tone adding a hint of lightness.

The blue dial truly makes the watch pop out.

Rolex Two-Tone Lady DateJust 79173 with a Blue Dial

Similar to the primary DateJust we highlighted over, this lady DateJust 79173 is equipped with a dazzling stripe of 18k yellow gold around the case and down the Jubilee arm band. However, what makes this watch exceptional is that blue dial. The blue differences delightfully against the yellow gold, upgrading the force of the tone and making it contrast the tempered steel substantially more. This watch looks rich and exquisite, and we’re nearly hypnotized by the combination. Another watch in the line-up that ladies couldn’t want anything more than to find in their watch collection.

Interested to perceive what other two-tone watches we have? Head over to our business page and peruse our options.

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