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EQS-1100DB: The Tough Solar Chrono

EQS-1100DB: The Tough Solar Chrono

Chronographs ain’t no biggie for Casio; they are building them for a long while. Up until now, there have been large numbers of them in both advanced, simple and in the ana-digi designs, yet when EDIFICE (Casio’s line of multifunction, metal watches) released the EQS arrangement, the double layer dynamic plans knocked some people’s socks off all around the world. Casio’s Tough Solar framework currently gets a lovely house. Investigate every one of them here.

The EQS catch speed and knowledge in their plans and bring out sensibilities to genuinely detect the intrinsic soul of speed and energy of the engine sports. The rich capacities and champion face plans make the EQS mainstream for an enormous age range, from youthful grown-ups to those in their late-thirties.

The common highlights are:

  1. Sporty metal case with unmistakable edges.
  2. Instrument board propelled watch faces.
  3. Sleek, auto machine-inferred appearance.

That communicates some great exactness without compromising on speed.

The double layer dial plans underline an allover multi-dimensional look with five autonomous engines under, their variegated, powerful development designs estimating time from different various points. Its wellspring of force is a tiny sunlight based board. It’s an exceptionally productive, electrical force age unit that interfaces with a huge putting away battery. The EQS are outfitted with moderate highlights like full-auto backdrop illumination to cutting edge wizardries, like temperature/barometrical pressing factor/bearing sensors. For EQS-1100DB , it will likewise be estimating 1/1000 of a second with its two circle markers that acquire from vehicle haggles brakes.

But they are power guzzlers. Thus, TOUGH SOLAR watches re-energize powerfully even on stormy days; it doesn’t make any difference how dull the light is. Along these lines, a faint sunshine or splendid fluorescent lighting, the two manages your work. The re-energizing rate; notwithstanding, fluctuates with the power of the light. Like, on a bright day, the outside are by and large 50,000 Lx and the sunlight based battery can fire up shortly enough ability to continue to labor for 24 hours at a stretch. Yet, underexposure to light may even evaporate its battery, so an openness to a solid light hotspot for an hour once seven days will keep it charged endlessly. When the battery is full up to its edge, it will run for 150 days regardless of whether it’s in complete obscurity. What’s more, should you stress over cheating, the cheat anticipation work will chop down any evil impacts of exorbitant openness to light.

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