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Fall 2013 Watch Trends

Fall 2013 Watch Trends

Take a signal from the fall design shows when looking for your new watch this season. These five must-have watch patterns are the ones to add to your assortment—stat!

Going Gray

Black is regularly the “It” shading for fall yet this season, it’s about dim. Oscar de la Renta, and Proenza Schouler were only a portion of the fashioners who accepted the tone in their fall assortments. Add a hint of dim to your group with this Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch.

Bigger is Better

The “acquired from the young men” look is as yet a hot style pattern for ladies, particularly with regards to watches. This  gold Rolex Presidential Day-Date watch is an exemplary watch that accepts that look. To make it much more style forward, take a stab at stacking arm bands and bangles in the middle of your loved watch. A Hermes arm band, Tiffany bangles or exemplary pearls add that additional hint of glamour.

This Rolex Day-Date ref. 118238 is in high demand.

Rose Gold

Not sure if your outfit would look better with gold or silver? Attempt rose gold! A modest piece like this Ladies Rolex DateJust in Rose Gold is an extraordinary one to add to your assortment and looks sleek for one or the other day or night. The “nonpartisan” shading makes it simple to combine with any of this present season’s fall design trends.

A Ladies Rose Gold Datejust is the ideal watch for ladies to get throughout this Fall season.


While matching gold and silver together used to be a style violation of social norms, this season the metal combo is one of the most sultry design patterns. Get the look with this mens two tone datejust . Jewel hour-markers and a Mother of Pearl foundation make this an exquisite choice.

Feminine Touches

The menswear pattern has for quite some time been stylish however this fall, womanliness is making a comeback. From pretty swingy skirts to cultured cowhide, it’s tied in with accepting the gentler side subtlely. It’s the ideal chance to add this Rolex DateJust , which includes a precious stone studded bezel and botanical foundation, to your collection.

This is for the ladies: A Rolex Datejust ref. 179173 with silver concentric dial.

What’s your #1 watch pattern of the period?

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