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From the Deep. The Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000

From the Deep. The Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000

There are four authority dialects spoken in Switzerland, and you here and there get the inclination that Rolex doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the word for “speedy” in any of them.

When they suspended the much-adored Sea-Dweller in 2008 in the midst of incredible horror from the brand unwavering, it took them an additional six years before they at long last capitulated to crowd pressure and dispatched its substitution, the Sea-Dweller 4000 ref. 116600.

The Sea-Dweller is equipped for going down to 4000 feet submerged because of the innovation presented by Rolex.

In between, the languorous watchmakers delivered the Kraken, everything being equal, the huge extraordinary 44mm Deepsea . Affirmed to a profundity rating of 12,800ft, it was focused on a specialty gathering of superhuman jumpers with one particularly solid arm, and basically got rid of their requirement for a weight belt.

As much as it’s admired for its specialized ability, the Deepsea has never entirely captured the creative mind of perfectionists similarly as the Sea-Dweller, and on its to some degree calm renewed introduction at Baselworld 2014, the refreshed SD4K was welcomed back like a tragically missing friend.

The Submariner’s Bigger Brother

The Sea-Dweller involves that interesting center ground between the behemoth-like Deepsea and the incredible Submariner. Always failing to sell in as incredible a number as its younger sibling, any reasonable person would agree it has carried on with its life rather in its shadow.

As a genuine expert jumper’s instrument observe however, the Sea-Dweller is really the more proficient entertainer. It has consistently been harder than its more modest kin, even in its first emphasis from 1967. Having a similar 40mm breadth however with a thicker case and precious stone, the Sea-Dweller has delighted in a more prominent degree of waterproofness from the beginning, beginning at 2,000ft and multiplying that rating in 1978 with the creation of the ‘Triple 6’ (ref. 16660) the first of the Sea-Dweller 4000’s.

The Double Red Sea-Dweller, the primary emphasis, was fit for plunging down to 2000 feet.

It was likewise the primary model to be delivered highlighting Rolex’s licensed Helium Escape Valve (HEV). Created related to the US Navy and French profound jump experts Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises, or Comex, the valve takes into consideration the protected arrival of Helium particles that collect in the watch during long immersion dives.

While its looks were a lot of dependent on the Submariner, which appeared a decent 14 years before the Sea-Dweller made a passage, Rolex conservatives have consistently been part over the two watches’ appearance. Until its latest manifestation, the Sea-Dweller has never featured a Cyclops focal point over its date window, a staple on the Submariner since the mid-sixties. Albeit without a doubt making it simpler to peruse the numbers under, the focal point has separated fans since its consideration, with many inclination the Sea-Dweller stays the more smoothed out, balanced and, vitally, simpler to peruse without it.

The Cyclops on the most up to date Sea-Dweller truly parts opinions.

For proficient jumpers, discarding the Cyclops appears to bode well too. Feel aside, in the risky conditions where the Sea-Dweller was intended to work, an obviously readable dial is a higher priority than understanding what day it is.

The 50th Anniversary Sea-Dweller 4000

In a move that denoted a monstrous flight for Rolex, the comeback kid delivered in 2014 (ref 116600) has become the remainder of the variety to be offered without the amplifying focal point. Created for only three years, it brought the Sea-Dweller perfectly up to its 50 years. Its fresh out of the plastic new substitution, the ref. 126600 , amazed everybody when it dispatched with a bigger 43mm case and a Cyclops in the precious stone, leaving the Deepsea as the solitary date watch in the whole of the Rolex list without the lens.

The Sea-Dweller reference 116600 made its presentation at Baselworld 2014.

For authorities, that implies the 2014 Sea-Dweller has now become a critical piece, as demonstrated by the tremendous expansion popular for the watch on the used market.

True to custom, the Sea-Dweller has experienced a progression of alterations during its lifetime, with corrections both interior and outside. The development has changed a few times until we arrive at the present Caliber 3235. This new age of development, first utilized in the Pearlmaster 39 and furthermore discovered fueling the Datejust 41, packs in 14 Rolex licenses alongside the new Chronergy escapement. Lighter and more effective, it ups the Sea-Dweller’s force save from 48 hours to 70.

This fellow is the newcomer, the Sea-Dweller reference 126600, the most recent cycle of the Sea-Dweller.

The new model proceeds with the Cerachrom bezel from its predecessor, a conspicuous consideration for an immersion jumper’s watch considering its extra strength and impenetrability to seawater.

While there are immense wraps of the loyal seriously disappointed with the progressions to the Sea-Dweller’s appearance, Rolex has in any event gone some way or another towards assuaging them with a concise outing through a world of fond memories. The red content on the dial looks back to the watch’s first manifestation, the ref. 1665 ‘Double Red’.

Whether that will be sufficient to quiet the pundits stays to be seen.


The Sea-Dweller has consistently had a more grounded feeling of selectiveness than the omnipresent Submariner. Bound to be utilized for its unique reason than the Sub, it’s ragged with similarly as numerous wetsuits as business suits.

As a watch to live with consistently however, you’d battle to discover one harder or more sturdy. It will be a cat-and-mouse game to decide if the new greater size will get on with faithful devotees, yet since its commencement Rolex has never avoided a discussion—and what today qualifies as questionable generally becomes exceptionally collectible sooner or later down the line.

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