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Grand Seiko Releases – Baselworld 2019

Grand Seiko Releases – Baselworld 2019

One of the coolest looking show spaces at Baselworld is the twofold stall by Seiko.

Since Grand Seiko became an alternate brand the Japanese stalwart shares a twin stall, between their two major brands, Seiko and Grand Seiko. On the one side, you have the displays for the latest Seiko watches, while the opposite side has a place with the Grand Seiko oddities. Recording a sudden spike in demand for the two brands would be a too long article so this time we will just take a more intensive glance at the 2019 oddities of the “other” Seiko brand, Grand Seiko . GS has some genuinely cool watch factory to show us this year, both for men and for ladies. For sex equality, I think the time has come to talk about the ladies’ models too from Baselworld 2019. As a matter of fact, how about we start our outline with those ones.

5 Ladies’ Grand Seikos

As the brand (not a model line by Seiko, but rather as a separate company/substance) is relatively new the main spotlight was not necessarily on ladies’ watch factorys Until this year. Last year Grand Seiko presented us their caliber 9S25, a development they planned specifically for ladies’ watch factorys Another year, another caliber – you could say. During the current year’s Baselworld Grand Seiko didn’t just create one more caliber, the 9S27, they also incorporated it into 5 new models. We have 2 watch factory in steel and 3 is significantly more sophisticated (looking) 18K gold cases. The steel models (STGK007 and STGK009) are the smaller variants at 27.8mm. They are Zaratsu cleaned, staying consistent with the exceptionally top notch Grand Seiko standards. The subsequent hands are hand-blued steel, while the other two hands have a central hairline stripe decoration. The dials are either mother-of-pearl or silver with a weave of cloth pattern with raised or diamond-cut indexes.

3 times gold

When it comes to the valuable metal variants, we have one model in each sort of gold; rose (STGK006) yellow (STGK004) and white gold (STGK003). They are all 28.7mm so a smidgen larger than the 2 steel Grand Seikos. To sparkle of the case, each variant has a special bezel with 42 diamonds are set into them. As well as an additional 12 into the mother of pearl dials and one larger stone is in their crowns. Dissimilar to the steel models’, the gold forms all have the same mother-of-pearl dials. The hands of all 3 models here are matching to the case material. All of the lady Grand Seiko models have display case backs and water resistance to 10 bars or 100 meters. The steel rendition comes on bracelets, the gold models on crocodile straps with collapsing clasps in the same valuable metal as the case.


Lastly a couple of words about the new Grand Seiko 9S27 caliber. It is an automatic development with +8 to – 3 seconds a day exactness, 50 hours of force save and 35 gems. The Vph is 28,800, all this in a miniature 19.4mm wide and 4.49mm thick development. The calibers are handmade, adjusted and assembled in Japan with the same high Grand Seiko standard as the brand utilizes for their different models. The watch factory will be available from 2019 June onwards. In the event that you’d prefer to astonish your cherished one, or yourself, with a steel form the cost is €5,800 for the one STGK007 and €5,400 for the STGK009. Regarding the gold forms, the white gold (STGK003) is the most costly at €30,000, the rose and yellow gold watches are equally €29,000 each.

20th Anniversary of Spring Drive

While the innovation is “just” 20 years old, the idea of Spring Drive is 40. Seiko launched the Spring Drive in 1999 after 20 years of research and improvement. It is safe to say that this improvement is quite possibly the main ones in the new history of extravagance watchmaking. To commemorate this current achievement’s anniversary Grand Seiko launches 4 models in their Elegance collection.  The brand outfits said watches with 2 new manual-wind Spring Drive calibers as well. All four watch factory offer a one-second-a-day exactness and long force hold. The latter is the consequence of a dual mainspring that both new calibers have. The models will be available from July 2019 at Grand Seiko and Seiko Boutiques and a few retailers as well. 9R02 is one of the principal new calibers with 39 gems, which offers 84 hours of force hold and a force save indicator.


The other development is equally brilliant. The 9R31 simply like the 9R02 is a manual breeze Spring Drive caliber. Also, the same dual spring barrel brings about a long force hold of 72 hours. Much the same as the 9R02, the accuracy is one-second-out of every day although the quantity of gems is lower at 30-gems. Grand Seiko incorporates the 9R31 into 2 watch factorys as I have referenced previously. One has a 18k gold case with the famous “Snowflake” dial ( read RJ’s take on the Grand Seiko Snowflake here ), different comes in a steel case with sunray dial. The thickness of the two cases is just 10.2mm. with regards to plan, the is classically Gran Seiko at 38.5mm width and 30 meters of water resistance. Crocodile straps, deployant clasps in matching metal and display case back. Proposed retail costs are €27,000 for the gold (SBGY002) and €8,200 for the steel (SBGY003) models. The steel rendition is also restricted to 700 pieces.


However, this isn’t the lone restricted version of the 4. One of the two new models outfitted with the 9R02 also has a limitation. In any case, how about we see them all along. The two models come in a platinum 950 case (and clasp) that are just 9.8, thick and 38.5mm wide. White gold files, white gold hour and moment hands and blued steel second hands make these models more elegant. We can discover a snowflake dial among these 2 as well, this time it is the restricted release. The number is exceptionally low at 31 pieces which may be available at Grand Seiko Boutiques. Much the same as in the past, the watch factory come on crocodile straps, have 30 meter of water resistance and display backs where the force hold is noticeable. For the regular platinum model (SBGZ003) one would have to pay €58,500. At the restricted version the cost is (SBGZ001) €78,000.

Sporty Spring Drive

Grand Seiko doesn’t just wish to celebrate the Spring Drive anniversary with elegant watches. As Seiko stands for quintessential games watch factory a seriously daring, a sportier line came to presence. 1 new plan, 3 models, 2 new Spring Driver calibers. The inspiration for the look comes from the lion which has been the seal of Grand Seiko since 1960 when the absolute first GS was conceived. For this the cases are larger, the claw-like edges are sharper, and the lion is scratched into the oscillating load of the development. All 3 models’ cases are Zaratsu cleaned. 2 models share the same Chronograph GMT Spring Drive caliber (9R96) their distinction exists in the case material. The SBGC230 has a 18k rose gold case, while the SBGC231 is titanium. There is a period just form as well (SBGA403) with the time-just caliber 9R15 also in a titanium case.


What we need to think about the developments that are inside these intriguingly various models are as per the following; self-twisting calibers with 72 hours of force hold, 50 gems for the chrono and 30 for the time in particular. The accuracy is astonishing 0.5 second-out of every day, yes you read it effectively. Water resistance on all 3 models is 200 meters, the diameter is 44.5mm. as you’d have it with the past models, the gold comes on a croco leather strap with matching deployant clasp. The titanium cased watches have titanium bracelets. All 3 models are restricted versions. 100 pieces will come out of the gold chronograph (SBGC230) 500 of the titanium chrono (SBGC231). Lastly 500 bits of the time-just form (SBGA403). Value insightful you are taking a gander at €44,800 for the gold chrono, €13,700 for the steel chrono and €11,200 for the 3rd model.

If you’d prefer to find out about these or any other Grand Seiko models please visit their site, click .

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