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Hands-On Hautlence HL Sphere 01 Review

Hands-On Hautlence HL Sphere 01 Review

The new Hautlence HL Sphere is a work of art.

I possibly found that out this previous month when I saw Hautlence the first run through in the metal. Obviously, since a couple of years now I visit H. Moser & Cie during SIHH and Baselworld just as different occasions. You could find out about their most recent manifestations they presented during SIHH 2019 here and here . Nonetheless, H. Moser & Cie isn’t the lone brand the Meylan family is engaged with. Our reliable perusers could’ve met the name Hautlence on the pages of Fratello a couple of years ago.  We covered probably the best in class of the brand before yet not as often as we ought to have maybe. This is going to change: Today we will discuss the brand’s 8th produce type and the watch that houses it. The Hautlence HL Sphere 01 and the HTL 501-1.


Hautlence is a youthful brand. It entered the watch plant scene in 2004 three years after the underlying thought of a watch has been arranged. After a year the principal type and the primary assortment showed up. The type was the Hautlence HL, an in-house, hopping hour development with a retrograde moment and second sign. 2 years after the underlying accomplishment of the HL another development and watch processing plant went to the market. A sportier reach got from the HL type; it was the HLC. In the following 12 years, 5 new types emerged from Scuderia Hautlence. At long last, in 2018 we showed up at the 8th and most recent development, the previously mentioned HTL 501-1. Another type must have another watch that will house it so for Baselwolrd 2019 Hautlence made outstanding amongst other looking watches, the HL Sphere 01. A watch plant that takes motivation from the primary Hautlence watch.

HL Sphere 01

The most striking element of the HL Sphere 01’s case is its shape. Clearly rectangular or as the brand calls it “television screen shape” cases have been around throughout recent decades. In the event that you are a devotee of Hautlence you may realize that yet they have delivered various watch industrial facility with round cases, rectangular was the state of their absolute first model. Along these lines, with this case plan, the brand returns to the mark model’s look. It is white gold with both cleaned and silk completed surfaces with a striking size of 39 by 46mm yet just with 12mm thickness. That is barring the arch that is important for the precious stone, so it’s each of the one piece. A need to have sufficient space for the titanium hour sphere that “stands out” of the generally level development. In spite of the tremendous case the watch plant sits comfortably on the wrist, fits under a cuff.


We can’t discuss the dial from an old style perspective when we take a gander at the HL Sphere 01. The front is semi-skeleton and part into two sections; the left side with the tremendous blue, sphere (the blue ball-shape pointer) and the correct side shows the retrograde minutes. The sphere comprises of two bits of PVD treated titanium shells. They have the hours from 1 to 12 laser engraved on them with white polish filling for simpler perceivability. This sphere pivots on itself through three tomahawks to show the right hour. While the pivot looks arbitrary, it is really not. There is a complicated framework behind it that includes four funnel shaped pinion wheels that move around two crossed axles bended in 21 degrees. This means the sphere turns 360 + 90 degrees each time it changes to the following hour.


We are discussing the correct side of the dial now. The hand goes from the 12 o’clock position down to the 6 – when the hour is over – and afterward hops back to the 12. The moment track is noticeable close by the dial opening from 12 (00) to 6 (60) in 10-minute parts. The files are applied silver with precious stone clean. Because of the skeletonized development, a piece of the stuff train is plainly obvious under the retrograde moment hand. From the start, the HL Sphere 01’s face looks rather occupied. However, pause for a minute to comprehend what does what and out of nowhere, the watch becomes an effectively comprehensible, practical horological wonder. On the off chance that we flip, it over and investigate the glossy silk completed and cleaned white gold back outlining a sapphire precious stone we can get another view point into the complexity of the HTL 501-1.

HTL 501-1

As I have just referenced it over, the new Hautlence HTL 501-1 type is the 8th make development in the brand’s set of experiences. We are discussing a hand-wound mechanical development with 38 gems and 3-days of force hold – because of that immense barrel spring that you can see at 6 on the back. The ticking speed is 21600vph. The turn of events, the plan, and creation of the HTL 501-1 were totally done in-house at Hautlence. It isn’t just outwardly engaging yet in addition furnished with a security component. This would forestall harm to the type if there should be an occurrence of off base control while switch time setting. I trust it is protected to say that the most recent Hautlence type satisfies the hopes and offer a specialized and visual guilty pleasure to each Haute Horlogerie fanatic.

Final words

Obviously, the idea through which the time is shown isn’t completely new. Hautlence previously introduced it a year ago in type of a clock, the Hautlence HL Kinetic Table Clock. There two spheres showed the time, one for the hours like you’d have with the HL Sphere 01 and a second one for the minutes. The watch industrial facility has an impediment of 28 pieces and has a sticker price of CHF99,000 Swiss Francs (about €88.000,- ). The brand has extremely high expectations for the puncture and which is as it should be. It isn’t just a watch that has a great time and astute method of showing the time. The HL Sphere 01 is additionally a completely in-house made Haute Horlogerie at its best structure. I genuinely trust that the watch manufacturing plant will surpass its assumption and ultimately discover its way to the autonomous watchmaking’s set of experiences book.


If you wish to visit Hautlence’s site, kindly snap .


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