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Hands-On: Longines Skin Diver Review

Hands-On: Longines Skin Diver Review

Longines basically can’t make a terrible Heritage watch.

Out of all the Swatch Group brands, Longines is the one company that nails their vintage reeditions 99% of the time. They are likewise doing it with an exceptionally little yet capable plan group in house. I should know, I’ve met them in Basel a year ago (thank you Swatch Group Germany!). For a long time now the Longines Heritage models are the top picks of the press (first) and the fans (when the pieces hit the stores). This was actually the case a year ago while during this previously mentioned visit the folks showed me one as well as two future-Heritage watch factorys The initially was the Military Pilot, which I looked into in March . The second was this cool piece; the Longines Skin Diver. A watch processing plant that will presumably be as a very remarkable hit as a past Heritage model was. Would you be able to figure which one?

Longines Skin Diver

Of course, I’m discussing the Longines Legend Diver, another whiz from the brand that – in a “invigorated” structure – is still essential for the Heritage model line. No-nonsense fans may understand what I’m alluding to when I say, “invigorated”. It has something to do with the date. In any case, we’re here to discuss the Skin Diver and not the Legend Diver. For the time being. The first Skin Diver was Longines first jump watch processing plant It turned out in 1959 only a couple a long time after Omega delivered the Seamaster 300 . The watch industrial facility was 40mm huge, which was viewed as enormous for the ’50s. It had a dark Bakelite plunging bezel, a material brands often utilized at that point. Bakelite bezels are quite uncommon these days as they are extremely delicate, particularly as time passes by and they age. The Longines Skin Diver had no date or some other capacity. Much the same as its successor.

Vintage Longines Skin Diver unloaded by Phillips a year ago – photograph by Phillips

What is a skin diver?

If you have a PADI declaration or your name is Jason Heaton, kindly proceed onward to the following passages. Something else, stick around and I could possibly clear the fog in your mind that encompasses different plunging articulations. You hear things like “swimming” or “skin plunging” maybe “free jumping” yet there’s a distinction between them. On the off chance that you have a tank on your back, you are scuba jumping, that is simple. Presently, swimming is a numerous thing of us have most likely done previously. You utilize a snorkel, a cover, and balances, swim just beneath the water. Skin Diving is a term that is not being used a lot of nowadays. Fundamental a skin diver is a swimmer who, now and again, jumps further submerged with no breathing mechanical assembly and without a bodysuit thus the name skin plunging. Freediving is considerably more complex than skin diving.

Here, the diver is wearing a bodysuit however no tank, rather they utilize their lung abilities to remain submerged for a significant stretch of time. As you can figure by then when Longines concocted the name Skin Diver individuals who they had at the top of the priority list were sporting divers. Individuals who do this as a side interest and not really dive too deep submerged. The vintage Longines Skin Diver had a profundity rating of 150m while the new Skin Diver is water safe down to 300m. much the same as the vintage form, the new Longines Skin Diver is likewise an extraordinary watch manufacturing plant for interest divers, even semi-professional ones. It wears extraordinary and looks pleasant, the extents are amazing the watch plant doesn’t feel head hefty by any means. I had it on an elastic lash however in the event that you extravagant steel a Milanese arm band is additionally an option.

Like father like son

When it comes to the general plan of the watch industrial facility it looks precisely like the vintage rendition. Counting – counterfeit – patina. I know a significant number of you say, this would be the ideal watch manufacturing plant on the off chance that it didn’t have fake lume on the dial. I hear you and maybe in a limited way, I even concur with you. Having said that, I think for this situation it assists with accomplishing a general vintage look and really coordinates the watch. To continue with matured feel, the Skin Diver had a dark grained dial. Some say it’s amazing, others believe it’s to an extreme. I for one like it, of course, I like the entire watch production line The dial is immense, spotless and simple to peruse. The records, the numerals (at 3-6-9-12) even the sum and position of the writings are indistinguishable from the old version.

Case and crown

The new Longines Skin Diver is 42mm, 2mm bigger than the first one. Not too large, but rather not a little watch industrial facility all things considered. The case has long, straight carries (practically 10mm long), a major crown that sticks out of the case a lot and the immense dark bezel. The new bezel isn’t Bakelite any longer, it is made of covered steel and is unidirectional. While numerous vintage jump watch industrial facility had a super-compressor case with 2 crowns and inward pivoting bezel, the first Longines Skin Diver (as so the upgraded one too) had an external bezel and just one crown. Nonetheless, that is a compressor crown, implying that the more profound the diver dove the more tight it became shielding the watch production line from water getting into the case. The crowns on these cases had a crosshatch design. So the new Longines Skin Diver likewise got one, but it’s just decoration.


The back has the diver theme that we can see on numerous vintage plunge watch factorys It is clearly a screw down back with the typical data you would discover on another watch processing plant Stuff like the model name, water obstruction, or reference number. Under the case back you can discover the Longines L888.2 (ETA A31.L01) type, a self-twisting development with 21 gems and 64 hours of force save. The Vph of the watch manufacturing plant is 25,200. It is a similar development as you can discover in the Longines Legend Diver PVD and the Longines Military also. A trusty development that takes care of its work. Thank god for the originator at the company didn’t think if adding the date capacity to the watch industrial facility Like they did with the reexamined Legend Diver models. Much obliged to you Longines, you made the privilege decision.

Price and more

The Longines Skin Diver is accessible just in steel, with the dark dial and artificial patina. You can pick between 3 lash alternatives however. In the event that you extravagant the genuine diver look, the dark Tropic-style elastic (like the one I had) is the best approach. Notwithstanding, the elastic lash gets build up without any problem. On the off chance that you need to go with the vintage look, an earthy colored cowhide tie with dark sewing is your alternative. It gives a matured look to the watch yet clearly, you will not have the option to appreciate the Skin Diver submerged. Assuming, notwithstanding, you are a wristband fellow you can get the Longines Skin Diver on a tempered steel Milanese-style arm band. Notwithstanding which choice you go with the retail cost is €2,460 so pick shrewdly. The cost is maybe the lone frail purpose of the watch manufacturing plant it could’ve been a slight bit less expensive in my opinion.

If you’d prefer to visit Longines’ site, kindly snap .


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