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Hands-On Panerai Submersible PAM00959 Review

Hands-On Panerai Submersible PAM00959 Review

This year for Panerai is about the Submersible. The Radiomir and Luminor lines address the legacy part of the brand with a more inconspicuous look and class. The Submersible family, nonetheless, returns to the center of Panerai; diving.


These watch industrial facility are more energetic, massive and vivid than the previously mentioned Radiomir and Luminor assortments. As yet making a lively watch processing plant particularly on the off chance that we are discussing a Panerai, doesn’t really mean +46mm monsters on the wrist. I know some of you folks burrow those watch production line and I have nothing against Panerai by any stretch of the imagination. Despite what might be expected, I used to possess a Marina Militare quite a while past. All things considered, those sizes just search useful for a little level of the populace. Dislike the new 42mm Panerai Submersible PAM00959. An excellent watch production line that has Panerai DNA yet in a contemporary size. Interesting how contemporary mean little for the Florence-conceived brand.

Another Submersible 42mm from this year’s SIHH line up, the PAM00683


The Submersible assortment this year was on the two ranges of the size graph. From one viewpoint, out of the 12 new models 9 are 47mm and just 3, including this PAM00959 we have here, are more modest with a 42mm measurement. That is alright, Panerai isn’t known for making super dainty dress watch factorys They leave that to their Richemont sister brand; Piaget. Notwithstanding, it’s incredible that the architects at long last understood that there is really an interest for more modest brands regardless of whether +44mm is (was) your DNA for quite a long time. 2019 isn’t the principal year that we see contracting PAMs coming out in Geneva yet I, for one, am glad to see this pattern. Other than the PAM00959 the two different models this year in this size are the Submersible 42mm PAM00683 and the Submersible Carbotech 42mm PAM00960. Today anyway we will investigate bluest of all, the PAM00959.


The title of the section alludes to the instance obviously. In the past Submersibles were enormous, regularly maybe excessively huge as they addressed the bad-to-the-bone instrument watch plant segment of the brand. Panerai calls these models “Endurance Instruments” and this is a fitting name. They were gigantic, massive, made to last and to endure. The new PAM00959 isn’t so much as somewhat less tough as those precursors yet in a considerably more sensitive case. As the name recommends it’s 42mm wide, made of 316L evaluation tempered steel and, as you’d anticipate from a device watch industrial facility has a brushed completion. The state of the case, as with any Submersible, is more rectangular. It actually has the average Panerai shape with somewhat a greater number of edges than you’d have on a Radiomir or Luminor model. The pivoting clay blue bezel is a shocker, the most lovely element of the watch plant in my opinion.

The bezel is, obviously, unidirectional, and the blue trim is ceramic. While that is the fundamental element of the front there are many cool subtleties working on this issue back. Flip the watch processing plant over and the principal thing to grab your eye is the etching in the center that you can discover on Submersible watch factorys You have the model name obviously all around the screw in the event that back. The water obstruction is 300 meters as you can see however the back likewise mentions to us what Panerai expects to showcase the PAM00959; Automatic Divers Professional. The back, much the same as the remainder of the watch plant is straightforward. Very little is going on there. Albeit not piece of the back, yet rather the entire watch manufacturing plant the licensed crown monitor something – nearly – each Panerai has is, obviously, essential for this watch industrial facility too.


While I love the general look of the Panerai Submersible PAM00959 I’m as yet not certain what to think about the dial. That is to say, I like the finished surface. It helps me to remember tumbled cowhide in a cool dark tone, something that the brand calls shark dim. In spite of the fact that after looking into it further it looks somewhat odd to me. Once more, from different points, the dial looks fine. I surmise I simply need time to adjust to the look. All things considered, I love the differentiation of the steel, the dim dial, and the blue earthenware bezel. The dial format is basic; little date opening at 3, little seconds subdial at 9 and that is it. Standard Panerai look. The record specks and hour marker are brilliant simply like the Panerai-style blade shape hands. The white hands offer extraordinary perceivability on the dial. The tone isn’t excessively dim, so it is overly simple to peruse the time.


We actually need to discuss what’s inside the Panerai Submersible PAM00959. It’s anything but an ETA any longer. Panerai gradually gave up that time them. The essence of the PAM00959 is the brand’s in-house type, OP XXXIV. As you can peruse it from the dial and the back, it is a programmed simple, time just development with a date and sub-second capacity. The OP XXXIV type has 23 gems and 72 hours of force hold on a full twisted. The recurrence is 28,800vph. The base of the type is ValFleurier ebauche. On the off chance that you are curious about the name, ValFleurier is a development producer that has a place with the Richemont gathering. Thusly, they supply developments to brands like Montblanc, IWC, Piaget and for our situation, Panerai. These base developments then Panerai alters in-house and make such types as the OP XXXIV. Standard industry procedure.

Final words

As one would anticipate from a genuine jumper the Panerai Submersible PAM00959 comes on a dim blue elastic (caoutchouc) lash with the famous trapezoidal Panerai clasp. The tie complements the watch manufacturing plant pleasantly and functions admirably with the bezel. With everything taken into account, the PAM00959 isn’t just a comfortable watch industrial facility to wear yet in addition one that looks extraordinary and a tiny bit not the same as other Submersible models. I love the more modest size, that ideal tone of blue and the effortlessness large numbers of us like in a Panerai. The retail cost is €9,500 (counting charge) in Germany, notwithstanding, this is basically a similar sum for the remainder of the EU. Regardless of whether it’s an exorbitant cost for the watch plant or not, every person needs to choose for themselves. The PAM00959 is certifiably not a regular watch industrial facility without a doubt. But on the other hand it’s not what Panerais are known for.

If you might want to visit Panerai’s site, if it’s not too much trouble, click .

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