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Here Is Why Rolex Picked The Three-Pointed Star: Mercedes

Here Is Why Rolex Picked The Three-Pointed Star: Mercedes

Many Rolex proprietors peer down at their watches and see what has all the earmarks of being a Mercedes Benz logo in the hour hands of their watch. This component, presently an omnipresent trademark found on watches from a horde of various producers, first showed up on Rolex sport watches during the 1950s.

Three-Pointed Star

The genuine Mercedes Benz logo is a three-pointed star, with each point addressing an alternate strategy for transportation: land, sea, and air. Some accept that Rolex picked a comparable theme for the hour hands of their game watches to address the different  conditions that their game lines were planned to vanquish : Explorer (land), Submariner (sea), GMT-Master (air).

2014 Sea-Dweller 4000 Dial

Others accept that the Mercedes hour hand is a symbolic reference to British expert swimmer, Mercedes Gleitze . During her popular 1927 swim of the English Channel, Gleitze wore a Rolex Oyster on her wrist, which stayed in ideal working request all through the whole ten-hour long venture.

Rolex utilized Mercedes Gleitze’s endeavor of the English Channel as the focal point of a promoting effort that exhibited the prevalent water-obstruction of their Oyster case. At that point, many watch producers made cases of water obstruction; notwithstanding, Gleitze’s swim furnished general society with very much reported and undeniable verification of the Oyster body of evidence’s capacity to ensure against water intrusion.

Mercedes Gleitze swam the English Channel and her watch was in ideal working condition after her accomplishment. (credit: Rolex)

To this day, Rolex keeps on utilizing Gleitze’s name among the promoting materials for their watches, and there are some that accept that the Mercedes-formed hour hand on Rolex sport models is the company’s unpretentious method of respecting the British swimmer that holds a particularly significant spot in Rolex’s history.

Nothing Is Certain

Rolex still can’t seem to affirm any of these speculations; and no doubt, the state of great importance hand is essentially a useful plan component. The partitions that the “Mercedes” star makes in the open space of great importance hand makes a more steady territory where brilliant paint can be applied. Moreover, the three-pointed star inside the hour hand helps outwardly recognize it from different hands and hour markers in low-light settings.

Mercedes hands take into account a simpler method to decide the time in obscurity. (Credit: Rolex)

It is likely that the “Mercedes” style of hands found on Rolex sport models is really the regular development  models is really the characteristic advancement of a prior, yet comparable style of hands, known as house of God hands. Church building hands can be found on a wide assortment of watches from various makers that altogether pre-date Rolex’s presentation of the Mercedes hour hand. It is very conceivable that a church building handset was adjusted for readability purposes, and in doing as such, Rolex wound up with what we have come to know as the “Mercedes” hour hand.

Given that Rolex has not delivered any authority data with respect to the state of great importance hand and its set of experiences of birthplace, different speculations will proceed . In any case, the Mercedes hour hand is a foundation highlight among Rolex sport watches, and its pragmatic yet outwardly engaging plan has multiplied all through the whole watch industry.

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