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Hot Take: Seiko Prospex LX Collection

Hot Take: Seiko Prospex LX Collection

At least in our district of the world (Europe that is), the Prospex assortment does really well. Hell, even half of our own team chose to pull the trigger on a Marinemaster 300 or other Prospex model.

This year, Seiko makes it considerably harder on us by releasing another Prospex range, the Prospex LX assortment. Three new models, each in a ‘Black Edition’ as well, so six altogether. How about we have a first look.

Seiko Prospex LX

Let’s start with the LX, according to Seiko a clue to a Latin word for ‘light’. It has nothing to do with the weight, although there are models in titanium as well, but with the way that light is considered the broad, flat surfaces of each Prospex LX case. As you can see, Seiko applied a beautiful combination of satin-brushed and cleaned surfaces. The cleaning is finished according to the Zaratsu method.

The new Seiko Prospex LX is planned by Ken Okuyama, who has also worked in the automobile business as planner. For example, he chipped away at the plan of the Porsche 911 (996) and he dealt with several Ferrari plans (counting the Enzo, 456M and California) during his time at Pininfarina. He also worked with watch factory before, or better said, utilized a TAG Heuer Carrera watch factory as inspiration for the dashboard of his own K.O.7 Spider idea car. Presently, he collaborated on this new Seiko Prospex LX, on which he stated: ”My aim was to take the special inheritance and respectability that Seiko has built in games watch factory throughout the long term and to bring them alive in a plan that has effortlessness, harmony, force and presence. The Prospex LX is a genuine Seiko with a completely contemporary feel.”

As you can see, Seiko and Okuyama regarded the original plan of their 1968 Professional Diver.

Case and Bracelet

All six Prospex LX watch factory have a titanium case with a diameter of 44.8mm, of which three are treated with black coating. Those three come with silicone and leather straps (calf and alligator), where the titanium watch factory come with a titanium bracelet. It very well may be interestingly that I am really enthusiastic about the plan of a Seiko bracelet, they look quite lively. No cleaned joins this time. The models are as follows:

  • SNR025 – Titanium case and bracelet, compass bezel (GMT hand)
  • SNR029 – Titanium case and bracelet, plunging bezel
  • SNR033 – Titanium case and bracelet, GMT bezel (GMT hand)

The black coated renditions are similar to the ones above, resp. SNR027 (calf strap), SNR031 (silicone) and SNR035 (alligator strap).The jumper’s references (SNR029 and SNR031) have a water resistance of 300 meters, the land forms (reference SNR025 and SNR027) a water resistance of 200 meters and the GMT watch factory (reference SNR033 and SNR035) 100 meters water resistance. All Seiko Prospex LX models have a screw case back and screw-down crown. Instead of Hardlex crystals, Seiko chose to utilize sapphire crystals for these models.

Spring Drive 5R Caliber

Perhaps the biggest news is that the Seiko Prospex LX assortment will be utilizing the 5R Spring Drive caliber. We’ve composed many occasions on this innovative mechanical mechanism combined with an IC and quartz crystal, giving an accuracy of max. 1 second deviation each day. The references of these watch factory all start with SNR, meaning they are controlled by a Spring Drive development. The Seiko Prospex LX assortment utilizes two diverse Spring Drive developments, the caliber 5R66 for the models with a GMT hand and the caliber 5R65 for the models without. All models have, obviously, a force save indicator, as this is the case with (almost) all Spring Drive controlled watch factorys These self-winding calibers have a force hold of 3 days and have 30 gems inside.

Pricing And Some Thoughts

I believe that this makes the Prospex LX actually a cool buy, combined with its spectacular completed case and bracelet. The SNR029 is probably my favorite reference, a straightforward plunging watch factory with Spring Drive development and clean dial. The valuing may come a bit as shock to individuals who aren’t that familiar with the Prospex (and Marinemaster) watch factorys The European retail costs are €5100,- (SNR025, 027), €6100,- (SNR029, 031), €5600,- (SNR033, 035). The diameter of the watch factory (44.8mm) is something I need to attempt first (and I will have done as such at the time this article is published), so we will address this in a subsequent hands-on article with one of these watches.

More information via Seiko .

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