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How to See Which Rolex Crystal Your Watch Has

How to See Which Rolex Crystal Your Watch Has

While it’s characteristic for the greater part of the regard for go the case, arm band, dial, and material of a Rolex watch, the gem securing the face likewise adds its own pizazz. Contingent upon the time, your Rolex observe either has an acrylic (plastic) precious stone or a sapphire gem. In case you’re uncertain about which one you have, read on to discover the contrasts among acrylic and sapphire to perceive what gem your Rolex watch has.

The Rolex Crystal on this vintage is an acrylic crystal.

Acrylic versus Sapphire Crystal

Vintage Rolex watches remember acrylic gems for them and keeping in mind that many may accept that sapphire precious stone is naturally better, the plastic glass has its advantages as well. For one thing, numerous vintage Rolex watch authorities basically like the appearance of acrylic over sapphire. Acrylic is less sparkling and loans a cool retro vibe to the watch. Regarding common sense, acrylic gets scratched effectively, but at the same time it’s easy to buff out the scratches shortly utilizing cleaning glues. Fortunately acrylic is tough and very strong to breaking. Besides, in the event that it breaks, it does as such in a spotless way instead of breaking. Another favorable position of acrylic is that it is a lot less expensive to supplant than sapphire.

Synthetic sapphire precious stone has a lot sleeker look and offers heavenly straightforwardness to see the dial. Additionally, since sapphire positions so high on the Mohs’ size of mineral hardness, it is substantially more scratch-safe a gigantic advantage for watch wearers. Notwithstanding, due to its hardness, a sapphire will likewise break or chip whenever hit at specific points. On the off chance that this occurs, not exclusively does the watch need another expensive sapphire gem substitution, the development additionally should be taken a gander at to check whether any shards arrived in there.

While acrylic and sapphire both have upsides and downsides—and their own fans—today, most present day extravagance observes solely utilize sapphire crystal.

With better innovation, Rolex changed from Acrylic to Sapphire Crystal.

When Did Rolex Introduce Sapphire Crystal?

In genuine Rolex style, as opposed to acquainting sapphire precious stone with every one of their watches for the time being, the brand presented it gradually. Truth be told, Rolex originally utilized the sapphire gem on their first quartz watch, the Rolex ref. 5100 (in view of the well known Beta 21 type) in 1970. It’s fitting truly since during that period, quartz watches were seen as cutting edge wonders. Along these lines, normally current sapphire would be the ideal choice.

Rolex at that point utilized sapphire gem again on the Rolex Date ref. 1530 and the Rolex Datejust ref. 1630. While these two models had a similar rakish case shape and incorporated arm band as Rolex’s quartz watches, they were really programmed watches. At the point when Rolex delivered the Oysterquartz assortment fueled by in-house quartz developments in 1977, sapphire precious stone was utilized again.

Finally, in the mid 1980s, Rolex utilized sapphire gems on the Submariner ref. 16800 and at last started furnishing every one of their watches with it. Today, all contemporary Rolex watches utilize sapphire crystal.

In short, to perceive what precious stone your Rolex watch has, you can either inspect what it looks like or discover the date of the watch. Pre 1980s, your Rolex will probably have acrylic gem and from the 1980s onwards, it’ll in all likelihood have a sapphire crystal.

Which precious stone do you like? Offer your considerations in the comments segment below.

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