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How To Spot a Fake Rolex – The Official Guide

How To Spot a Fake Rolex – The Official Guide

Rolex is broadly regarded as quite possibly the main watch companies ever. The sheer number of Rolex watches sold each year is a testament to their quality. A Rolex is in excess of a watch – it is a status image. For many, possessing a Rolex watch brings unadulterated bliss; and that euphoria, thusly, creates a gigantic demand for these extravagance watches. However, because of the widespread demand for Rolex watches, it’s nothing unexpected there are all sorts of Rolex Replicas in existence.

Sadly, the fakes are improving and better. Presently don’t can you can spot a fake Rolex from 20 feet away. Nowadays, a few fakes are acceptable to the point that they should be partially disassembled before they can be distinguished as fake and can trick even the most knowledgeable Rolex aficionado or expert!

Bob’s Watches has more than 30 years of authenticating used Rolex watches, so and want to share that experience with you in a guide on how to spot a fake Rolex. Read the guide and watch the video beneath, so you too can remove the replicas from the real deals.

Watch our video to learn how to tell if a Rolex is real

Great demand also attracts a roaring fake market, and unfortunately, purchasers can be fooled into handing over their cash for a fake Rolex, all the while believing it’s the real deal. In this way, in the event that you’ve concluded that you’re ready to put resources into a Rolex, it is important to take an opportunity to understand what you are purchasing.  See the information underneath from our Rolex master with more than 30 years of experience.  All of the watches on our site come with a guaranteed authenticity report upon request.

Real vs Fake Rolex Watches

How to Spot a Fake Rolex Watch

Rolex watches are perhaps the most desired extravagance things on the planet. Thus, therefore, there is an enormous market for replica (fake) watches. The majority of these fraudulent watches are made in China yet research shows that creation is spreading all through all of Asia and different districts too. These produced watches typically sell for $25 to $200, and the quality has improved over the past years.  The  present day Rolex Datejust assortment and Rolex Submariner are ideal objectives for these replicas.

Even experienced dealers can get tricked by fake watches. Some thump offs are easy to spot immediately, while other, more sophisticated, fake Rolex watches may be substantially more challenging to distinguish. So, it tends to be hard for a fledgling to realize how to tell if a Rolex is fake. To help shield yourself from exploitative venders and imitation merchandise, we have compiled a rundown of the hallmarks of a veritable watch. Read carefully to guarantee that you are not tricked by fake watches.

Before You Begin, Know Your Seller

The Lobby of Bob’s Watches

The easiest way to forestall the purchase of a proliferation or fake wristwatch is to purchase from a reputable and confided in merchant. There are a lot of reputable dealers, yet it never damages to get your work done to guarantee that you get a certifiable watch. Google does an awesome work of showing you the most established, confided in retailers to help safeguard against non-genuine models from entering the market.

Think’s sufficiently that? Reconsider. Your due determination ought not end there. Many of these reliable dealers, including however not restricted to Bob’s Watches furnish a guarantee of authenticity with each sale. Our in-house purchasers carefully review each watch in our inventory, and when necessary, the watches are restored and adjusted by our authorized assistance providers using just 100% authentic Rolex parts. Additionally, it is unquestionably recommended that you discover a dealer that specializes in Rolex watches.

Beware of eBay & Craigslist Reproductions

On the other hand, sites, for example, Ebay and Craigslist are notable, however they are just platforms that unite purchasers and merchants, and in this way are not accountable for what is being sold. Such locales are regularly plagued with fraudulent merchandise, and it’s hard to track down trusted and genuine Rolex merchants. It very well may be a dangerous place in the event that you don’t already have the foggiest idea how to distinguish a fake Rolex. Thus, we never recommend eBay or Craigslist.

Rolex Only Produces Quality Timepieces

Top 10 Ways To Spot a Fake Rolex

Rolex is perhaps the most desired extravagance brands on the planet, and is known for quality, durability, style, and eminence. The company utilizes the best steel on earth called “Oystersteel” (904L stainless steel), which is more rust and erosion resistant. Rolex also creates its own valuable metal alloys to guarantee the exact uprightness of each watch. Everything is crafted to absolute flawlessness, so take a more critical glance at the case, crown, hands, bezel, bracelet, and clasp – in the event that anything comes across as below average quality, you can be almost certain it’s not the real deal.

Six Red Flags

Before you start the way toward authenticating a watch, there are some essential tips and tricks to always remember that will assist you with spotting the undeniable fakes:

  1. The weight: real Rolex watches typically gauge more than most fakes.
  2. The swiping movement of the second hand: there ought to be no unbending developments (barring Oysterquartz watches).
  3. The Cyclops focal point on the crystal: the date on authentic Rolex watches with be magnified inside the Cyclops focal point on the crystal and it ought to almost top off the whole bubble.
  4. The crown on the crystal: on fresher Rolex watches, there is a small coronet insignia laser-scratched on the 6 o’clock side of the crystal.
  5. The model and serial number: on all Rolex watches, there is a model (on the 12 o’clock side where the band meets the carry) and serial number (on the 6 o’clock side where the band meets the drag, or on the inward bezel on fresher Rolex watches). You also want to search for the engraving “Original Rolex Design” above the model number. To perceive how to eliminate your Rolex band and discover the watch’s serial and model number visit our “How to Find the Serial Number and Model Number on a Rolex” video.
  6. The details: everything about Rolex watches, regardless of whether they are new or utilized, is awesome (that’s exactly how Rolex gets things done). Make sure the lettering and the details are crisps on each aspect of the watch.

The Top Ten Ways to Spot a Fake or Counterfeit Rolex

1. Serial & Model Number Engravings 

Fake vs. Real Rolex Serial Numbers

One of the most ideal way to assure a Rolex is certifiable is to allude to the serial and case reference numbers. The serial and model numbers on a certified Rolex are profound and completely marked in strong, barely recognizable differences that will focus in the light at an angle like a diamond cut edge. Then again, the numbers on many fake, or replica watches, are typically made up of faint little dabs because of a lower quality marking measure. In different cases, these numbers on fake watches will have a sandy-like appearance from being “acid scratched” as shown in the photo above on the left.

Additionally, another point worth referencing is that forgers regularly utilize the same reference and serial numbers on many watches of various styles. All certified Rolex watches ought to have reference numbers that relate to their particular models and configurations, and each one will have its own one of a kind serial number.

2. Markings

Real vs Fake Rolex Stampings

Replica watches come in various grades, and the really bad quality fake ones may not try to put the Rolex name or famous crown logo on the watch. This, obviously, is a dead giveaway that you are dealing with an inauthentic piece.

3. Movement

If you open up a watch, the developments ought to be a dead giveaway.

The development that controls a Rolex is an activity in master watchmaking ability. A replica watch cannot match the craftsmanship, dedication, accuracy, and information on a genuine Rolex caliber. Each real development will always have “Rolex” engraved on it, and of the individual parts will be immaculately completed (as you would expect) which you can possibly check whether you open up the watch.

Something else to consider is that the majority of Rolex’s watches have mechanical developments, so in case you’re taking a gander at a quartz, that could be a warning since just an extremely restricted quantity of quartz watches since their commencement have been produced.

Additionally, with the utilization of current advances, for example, optical scanning and 3D printing, forgers are improving at duplicating Rolex’s plans, with the absolute most persuading fakes in any event, venturing to such an extreme as to “clone” the development of a real Rolex. These watches (frequently called “super fakes”) will have a development that mirrors the plan and appearance of a certified Rolex development; however under nearer examination and magnification, the cloned development will lack the ultra-fine accuracy completing of the authentic development (along with its reliability and precision).

4. Dial, Hands, & Finishing

You can tell the watch of the left is fake because of the distinction in quality

When it is first manufactured, the dial of an original is pretty much great, so in the event that you see any lopsided textual styles, conflicting spaces between the lettering, smears, and/or incorrect spellings on the watch then that is a major warning, and unquestionably a sign to start looking further into its authenticity.

Additionally, Fake Rolex have less refined watch details and features. From the imprinting on their dials to the completing on their hands and hour markers, everything about a fake Rolex won’t be as first rate as on the real thing. This is the reason it important to carefully contemplate official photos of the exact model of watch you are aiming to purchase. On certain watches the hands, dials, and bracelet clasps will vary considerably.

5. Cyclops

The cyclops on the left doesn’t magnify the date enough. A real Rolex would magnify the date by 2.5 times

The Cyclops, in Rolex parlance, is the magnifying focal point (on the crystal) above the date window on the face of their watches. On a certified watch, the Cyclops is curved and magnifies the date 2.5 occasions for increased readability. In the event that, on the watch you’re thinking about, the magnification focal point is flat and the date isn’t magnified as such, at that point you are likely dealing with a forgery.  To spot fake watches you need to pay close attention to each detail.

6. Water Resistance

A Rolex Submariner going through a water test

Rolex wristwatches are worked to be waterproof, while produced forms won’t withstand a legitimate water pressure test. However, we unequivocally discourage utilizing a water test on the off chance that you question that the piece is real, since it will probably demolish the watch, keeping you from having the option to bring it back. Additionally, if a watch is old and needing repairs or administration, there is a decent chance it may not pass a water pressure test – regardless of whether it is authentic, so it is ideal to make an effort not to do this without anyone else’s help. On the off chance that you trust you have a non authentic watch, have it examined by a reputable professional.

7. Weight

Real vs Fake Rolex Weight

A certified Rolex will have some weight to it because they are solely manufactured from the best materials without any corners cut in their creation interaction. A fake watch will feel lighter and unstable because of a cheaper development and lesser materials. In the event that your watch doesn’t have any weight to it you are likely dealing with a counterfeit.

8. Clear Caseback

Fake Clear Caseback vs Real Rolex Case Back

With the exemption a few extremely rare vintage models delivered during the 1930s, Rolex doesn’t outfit their watches with clear casebacks. Many fake Rolex watches frequently feature clear casebacks that allow for you to see within the watch and into the various parts that make it work. Subsequently, beware of replica watches that have a clear window with a perspective on the development on the back of the watch’s case.

9. Caseback Engravings

A real Rolex will almost never have engraving on the back. Engravings on the back almost always mean the watch is a forgery.

Except for only a couple rare instances, similar to the Rolex Sea Dweller, Milgauss, COMEX, Military watches, and some more established rare models, Rolex doesn’t engrave the outside of their casebacks with words, logos, or pictures (a majority of the time). In the event that the watch you’re taking a gander at features engravings on the back of the watch’s case – and they are not the personal engravings from the past proprietor, at that point chances are you have a fake Rolex or imitation replica watch.

It ought to be noticed that some authentic more seasoned lady Rolex Datejust models like the 6917, 69173 and 69174 do have “Stainless Steel” and “Enrolled Design” on their casebacks. However, generally, veritable Rolex casebacks are always smooth and never engraved or clear.

10. Miniature scratched Crystal

Micro Etched Crystal

In 2002, Rolex began miniature scratching a small crown logo at the 6 o’clock position on the crystal that secures the dial. In case you’re taking a gander at purchasing a Rolex made in 2002 onward, search for this marking for evidence of authenticity. Since it’s so small, it is hard to see with the naked eye without the assistance of a magnifying glass, and some of the time requires the perfect lighting to appropriately view.

The accuracy of this detail makes it hard for fake watches to replicate, and ought to always be something that you search for when purchasing a cutting edge Rolex. Search for the crown logo, and in the event that you don’t see one visit a Rolex confirmed Rolex dealer for their professional opinion.

Authenticating a Rolex

In addition to the top tips for spotting a fake, it’s also important to remember a couple of things to guarantee you’re purchasing authentic Rolex watches. While that won’t ever be a worry when purchasing from Bob’s,  it’s as yet helpful to arm yourself with some information. So we’ve compiled a fast overview of the anatomy of authentic Rolex watches in light of some basic rules to keep. Please note that these principles are simply applicable to Rolex watches made after 2002.


As expected, Rolex just uses the best materials for its watches. For instance, Rolex watches solely use 904L stainless steel and 18k gold. Moreover, Rolex also utilizes a patented rose gold alloy with some platinum blended in that the brand calls Everose. For Rolex platinum watches, just 950 platinum will do, which comprises of 95% unadulterated platinum. The term Rolesor alludes to the utilization of both gold and stainless steel on a particular model. Then again, Rolesium alludes to the utilization of both platinum and stainless steel on a particular watch.

  • 904L Stainless Steel
  • 18k gold
  • Everose rose gold alloy (18k)
  • 950 platinum
  • Rolesor: gold and stainless steel (available with all 3 shades of gold)
  • Rolesium: platinum and stainless steel
  • Good to know: the fluted bezel is just ever in strong gold

This authentic Rolex watch features a Rolesium development with a strong platinum dial and bezel.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches are obviously famous for their water resistance. In fact, Rolex made history in 1926 by creating the primary waterproof wristwatch. Today, Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches have a base water-resistance of 330 feet (100 meters). However, Rolex jumpers’ watches have a lot further water resistance. The Rolex Submariner is water-resistant to 1,000 feet (300 meters) while the Sea-Dweller is water-resistant to 4,000 feet (1,220 meters). Finally, the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea is water-resistant to 12,800 feet (3,900 meters).

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Minimum Water Resistance: 330 feet
  • Submariner Water Resistance: 1,000 feet
  • Sea-Dweller Water Resistance: 4,000 feet
  • Sea-Dweller Deepsea Water Resistance: 12,800 feet

To achieve this water resistance, the cases of authentic Rolex watches have certain hallmarks. Right off the bat, they have a strong center case. Besides, they have a fluted screw-down caseback. Additionally, the cases are furnished with screw-down twisting crowns to keep the water out. Contingent upon the model, there’s the Twinlock or Triplock screw-down winding crown, with two or three sealed areas, respectively.

  • Twinlock: Day-Date, Datejust, Oyster Perpetual, Sky-Dweller, Pearl-Master, Explorer II, Milgauss, Air-King, GMT-Master II (pre-2008)
  • Triplock: Yacht-Master, Yacht-Master II, Submariner, Sea-Dweller, Daytona, GMT-Master II (post-2008)


Modern authentic Rolex watches are equipped with a scratchproof sapphire crystal to secure the face of the watch. What’s more, on Rolex date watches, there’s a magnifying focal point on top of the date window to amplify the number for greater decipherability. This focal point, named the Cyclops, is also made from sapphire crystal and it magnifies the date 2.5 occasions. Up until as of late, the solitary Rolex date models that didn’t have a Cyclops focal point were the Sea-Dweller and Deepsea. In any case, that changed at Baselworld 2017 when Rolex presented the new Sea-Dweller with a Cyclops focal point. Presently, the solitary Rolex date watch without a Cyclops focal point is the Sea-Dweller Deepsea.

As of 2002, Rolex started including a minuscule miniature carving of the Rolex crown, aka the “coronet”, on the crystal at the 6 o’clock position. Amazingly hard to see without a loupe and almost difficult to replicate appropriately, this smaller than usual marking is a hallmark of authentic Rolex watches. Another marking of authenticity sits under the sapphire crystal on the rehaut, which is engraved with “ROLEX” all around, along with the serial number engraving at 6 o’clock.

On authentic Rolex watches, the ‘GV’ Milgauss models will have green-colored sapphire crystals.


As much a part of the overall look of a Rolex watch is the bracelet that it is introduced upon. Today, there are many various sorts of bracelets and straps to browse contingent upon the model. Here’s a snappy cheat sheet:

  • Oyster bracelet: flat three-piece interface development. Available in steel, gold, platinum, or Rolesor.
  • President: semi-circular three-piece interface development. Available in gold or platinum.
  • Jubilee: thrilling five-piece interface development. Available in steel, gold, or Rolesor.
  • Pearlmaster: adjusted five-piece joins (solely on Pearlmaster watches)
  • Leather: alligator leather. Available with gold collapsing clasps.
  • Oysterflex: nickel and titanium metal blade coated with black elastomer. Available with gold collapsing clasps.

The most current Rolex bracelet choice is the Oysterflex. It previously made its introduction in 2015 on the Everose Yacht-Master and later became available on gold Daytona models. We trust that you locate this fast manual for the anatomy of authentic Rolex watches to be helpful. However, while searching for veritable Rolex watches, nothing beats purchasing from a reliable source since all the schoolwork has been done on your behalf.

Eliminate Risks When Buying Authentic Rolex Watches

While there are endless individuals who are unbelievably happy with their watches, there are a few proprietors who are looking to sell a Rolex. When you’re in the market for a used wristwatch you want to be absolutely certain about your decision prior to making it final, so eliminate the danger of winding up with an imitation watch by confiding in Bob’s Watches. You will not discover fake watches on our site.  That is because our specialists have done the schoolwork for you, so you can relax realizing that any watch you purchase from us is guaranteed to be 100% certifiable. We are also always available to answer any inquiries you may have regarding the models we have in stock, and we encourage you to connect with us should you have any questions.

Fake vs Real Rolex Watches


You Can Find The Original Version of This Page Below

If you’re searching for a real quality watch to purchase that will last you in excess that should not be taken lightly, there is really no more excellent decision than a Rolex. Throughout the long term, the brand has withstood the trial of time, and has demonstrated to be durable, however a great speculation too. A few people purchase a brand new model from an authorized Rolex dealer and in this way don’t should be worried about purchasing a watch that may not be 100% certifiable Rolex. Yet, for those hoping to save cash by purchasing a used Rolex watch, or utilized Rolex, or even a vintage Rolex watch, we have created this speedy tutorial rule to assist you with your purchasing choices. A decent utilized Rolex watch can last a lifetime and is a great asset to pass down to people in the future. However, fake Rolex watches are improving and becoming increasing more hard to distinguish. So we at Bob’s Watches, settled to compile a rundown of the ten most ideal ways to spot a fake Rolex. Make certain to watch our video here on how to spot a fake Rolex.

1. The Price

If you’re taking a gander at a Rolex and it is being sold for 300 dollars or less, at that point its is almost certain to be a fake Rolex. The basic truth is that sumptuous Rolex watch models are not cheap things, and almost everybody is aware of the Rolex brand name, so if the deal sounds too great to be valid, it usually is. Be careful. An easy way to check is to locate a similar model watch on our site and reference their costs. You can also visit eBay to perceive what similar things have sold for. Real, veritable, 100% authentic watches, even utilized, start in the thousands of dollars, not hundreds.

Fake Rolex Way Turn Here

2. The Location

Just like in real estate, “location, location, location” is extremely, important with watches. In case you’re purchasing a Rolex on a side alley or at a local swap meet, the chances are much higher that the watch is a fake. You are vastly improved purchasing a watch from a reputable business that has a decent reputation to maintain. Indeed, even eBay can be questionable, as merchants can appear and then disappear rapidly, leaving you with fake watches. We don’t recommended eBay to individuals since you are not really purchasing from eBay; you are purchasing from the vender that is simply utilizing eBay like Craigslist to sell their watch. As we as a whole say in the business, “Purchase the vender, at that point the watch”. This means that the dealer, or merchant, is a higher priority than the actual watch. It is his guarantee behind the watch that matters most. You want to purchase your Rolex from a business that you can consider accountable for their actions. Prior to requesting your Rolex on the web, we energetically recommend that you call the merchant and ask questions. You want to make sure you are dealing with a “real watch store” and one that is preferably located in the United States. All of this should assist you with guaranteeing your Rolex is 100% authentic.


The right magnification of a Rolex

3. The Magnification

Once you have the Rolex before you where you can see it with your own eyes, there are significantly more ways to tell if it’s real or fake. On Rolex watches with a date (Datejust, Submariner, and so forth… ) the date has to be exceptionally small to work appropriately and so Rolex adds a magnification focal point (known as a Cyclops) to the crystal, to allow the wearer to see the date all the more easily. On all Rolex models the magnification is 2.5X so the date really leaps out at you. On fake Rolex watches, the magnification is frequently much lower, so the date looks small and is more hard to see. This is a gigantic indication of a fake Rolex.

4. Water Resistance

Although Rolex Submariner timepieces (along with the Sea-Dweller assortment) are the lone watches intended for remote ocean plunging, all models like the Rolex Yacht-Master are water resistant and totally sealed. When you have the watch dunk it in some water for a couple of moments and take it out. Prior to doing this, PLEASE make a special effort to be certain that the crown is safely fixed/tightened. On the off chance that there is any leaking of water into the watch on the dial or anything the watch is unquestionably a fake. All Rolex watches are 100% water tight and many fake watches are definitely not. However, it ought to be noticed that a veritable Rolex watch that needs administration or repairs may not be water resistant, so this is certainly not a guaranteed way to distinguish a fake, and should just be done on present day Rolex watches, not vintage models or those that are obviously damaged.

5. The Model Number Compared to the Metal

Often times fake Rolex watches will attempt to cheap out by making a normally costly model in cheaper metals to gain more benefit. You ought to always check the model number of the Rolex you are purchasing on the web to make sure that it matches up with sort of metal in the watch you are purchasing. A dependable guideline with the commonly forged Rolex President: All Rolex President watches with the day (Monday, Tuesday, and so on… ) and the date (21,22,23… ) are made out of strong platinum or 18k gold; not stainless steel and not two tone. On the off chance that somebody attempts to sell you a stainless President they are likely cheating you.

Check this composition for anything however perfection.

6. The Writing on the Dial

Everything on a Rolex is made flawlessly. Without having to open up the watch it is easy to see this from the composition on the dial recognizing the model and different features. With a magnifying glass, examine all the lettering on the dial. The composing ought to be neat and curved (outward), and there ought to be no foaming. It ought to be relatively perfect. In the event that the composing is far from awesome (or on the off chance that there are any incorrect spellings) you realize you are not dealing with a real Rolex.

7. The Case Back (the part of the watch inverse to the face)

Another easy way to spot a fake Rolex is that many have case backs that are made out of glass, plastic, or crystal so you can see the inward activities of a watch. Almost all Rolex watches don’t have clear case backs and the solitary reason we have to say almost is there are two very rare models or Rolex from the 1930s that did in fact have case backs made of glass. So on the off chance that you are purchasing a relatively present day Rolex with a clear case back it is almost certainly a fake. Also Rolex doesn’t engrave anything looking into the issue back’s outside. However things are engraved on the interior.

Your Rolex engraving should look like this.

8. The Engraving

Again, everything on a Rolex is great – there are no wreck ups, incorrect spellings, or anything. The engravings are an ideal example of this. The engravings are somewhat harder to reach some of the time. (This is the reason this is number 8 on the top 10 ways to spot a fake Rolex). There are usually some on the inside of the band of the watch towards the actual face, yet to see the engravings for the serial and model number you have to take off the band. Taking off the band is relatively straightforward, you simply need a pushpin with which you can push in the joints holding the band to the watch through the openings on the watch, or the bottom of the watch if there are no openings. When you have it open, you ought to examine the engravings with a magnifying glass. They shouldn’t appear sandy or misshapen. They ought to be totally cut. Also you should utilize this model number when you look into the watch to check if it’s the correct one. The model number is on the 12 o’clock side of the watch, while the serial number is on the 6 o’clock side.

9. The Inner Workings

You need special tools to see this one. With special Rolex tools, you can unscrew the case back and see the gears and inward activities of the watch. Everything ought to generally be various tones and again everything ought to be basically great. There ought to be an engraving within the watch that says something like “Geneva, Switzerland” the metal kind and the model number. This engraving ought to be wonderful as well. View the photos underneath to perceive what within should look like.

The within your Rolex should look like this!

10. Ticking

Listen intently. On the off chance that you can hear a noisy ticking (happening once consistently) coming from your watch, at that point there is a solid chance that the Rolex is a fake. The vast majority of Rolex watches utilize completely mechanical developments (no battery) and don’t make the traditional ticking commotions common with different watches that are controlled by quartz movements.

Since mechanical developments are more costly than quartz developments to deliver, many forgers depend on quartz developments for their watches. Thus, many fake Rolex watches have an uproarious, once-per-second ticking coming from the development, and the seconds hand ticks in a single second intervals, rather than appearing to be a smooth sweep.

Misconceptions: One the greatest misinterpretation is that the second hand of Rolex watches is an ideal breadth. This isn’t accurate – most models of Rolex tick at eight ticks or developments each second so it’s anything but a nonstop compass. Also a few models move at more slow paces (around six ticks each second), while others, (for example, Oysterquartz watches) actually use quartz developments made by Rolex, and will tick once each second – much the same as a fake Rolex with a quartz development. Additionally, a portion of the really persuading fake Rolex watches will even utilize completely mechanical developments, so the ticking test isn’t always a guaranteed way to spot a fake watch.

If you want a real Rolex you can always discover them at the main used Rolex Exchange Bob’s Watches where you can trade, sell Rolex, or purchase used Rolex watches at great costs. On the off chance that you have any inquiries or want to know whether your Rolex is fake or real call us at 1(800)494-3708 and we’d be glad to help you out.

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