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Important Figures in Watch History: Elvis Presley’s Collection

Important Figures in Watch History: Elvis Presley’s Collection

A style symbol, the King of Rock and Roll was additionally a watch sweetheart. Over his renowned profession, Elvis possessed many various watches — going from custom precious stone clad looks for performing to Omegas. It was uncommon to see Elvis without a watch, as he decorated them on pretty much every event. The renowned specialists dealt with them significantly more like a gems piece or frill than a watch — all things considered, he had a company to mention to him what time it was, all things considered.

Over the years, Elvis was additionally known for removing his watch and simply offering it to any individual who said they cherished it. Here, we’ll take a gander at a portion of the King’s generally well known and darling watches — some similarly as notorious as Elvis himself. How about we start with a yellow gold Rolex .

The Rolex Midas can be seen on the correct side. (Credit: elvisinfonet.com)

The Rolex King Midas – Ref. 9603

When Elvis brandished the King Midas it was the most costly Rolex on the planet. Obviously, Elvis’ yellow gold King Midas was considerably more extraordinary. Skilled to the King back in 1970, his King Midas was a badge of appreciation for playing six days of sold-out shows in Houston. On the back it read, “To Elvis Presley From The Houston Livestock Show Officers 1970.” Today, it sits at the Graceland domain.

The appearance of this watch is unmistakable from the start. Planned off of the antiquated Parthenon sanctuary in Athens, just as the legendary Greek lord Midas who transformed all that he contacted into gold, the watch looks lofty and not at all like whatever else. It was made not normal for whatever else, as well, being cut right out of a square of 18k gold (white or yellow contingent upon the model) and came out weighing anyplace somewhere in the range of 150 and 200 grams. The square-colored watch must be hand wound, and wasn’t an Oyster, which therefore permitted water to get into the substance of this popular watch — we like to think from a type of big name clad pool party.

This Omega will be on the bartering block. Don’t hesitate to make it yours. (Credit: Forbes)

Elvis’ Omega

This spring, the King’s Omega, given to him by RCA Records to stamp selling 75-million records, will hit the sale blocks in Geneva. The watch was retailed by Tiffany & Co. furthermore, is furnished in white gold that is engraved with the conclusion, “To Elvis, 75 Million Records, RCA Victor, 12-25-60.” The watch is a 33mm with a 44-round precious stone clad bezel, the face is spotless — with hour markers. This Omega worn by Elvis , himself, additionally includes an optional dial at 6 o’clock. Inside, you’ll locate the manual type 510.

The watch was isolated from the Presley domain years prior, in a to some degree recognizable story. Supposedly, Elvis exchanged the Omega with a fan who appreciated it and had a precious stone set Hamilton. It’s assessed the watch will sell for anyplace between $54 to $100-thousand.

What are your musings on Elvis Presley’s assortment of watches? Comment underneath. (Credit: Elvis-Collectors.com)

The Famous Hamilton Ventura

The Ventura is another striking watch, and presumably the most renowned watch related with the King. Elvis fell head over heels in love for the watch, thinking back to the 1960s subsequent to featuring in Blue Hawaii, where he wore the watch as item situation in the film.

The Ventura is the main electric watch , now and then nicknamed the ‘granddad’ of the quartz. Its cutting edge tech was matched with a similarly modern look — the three-sided face becoming a brand name of the brand and Elvis himself. He had his unique re-grouped with a wristband, and later on went to purchase a second model which was equipped with a dark dial, radiant markers with lines accentuated with specks and that heavenly flex arm band that embraces the three-sided edges and folds over the wrist. Right up ’til today, the Presley home actually embraces the Ventura, Elvis’ number one watch.

See further insights about Elvis’ Omega that will be sold by Phillips in their article ” Elvis Presley’s Omega Comes to Auction This May “

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