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Important Figures in Watch History: Steve McQueen

Important Figures in Watch History: Steve McQueen

It abandons saying that Steve McQueen was a symbol. Otherwise called the ‘Ruler of Cool’, McQueen stormed the American acting scene in the 1960’s and immediately made his mark on the developing nonconformity of the famously tumultuous time. He proceeded to be one of the most lucrative entertainers ever featuring in movies like The Great Escape, and winning an Academy nomination for Sand Pebbles.

But next to the films, McQueen additionally left his mark on the watch world — frequently brandishing his top choices on the cinema. Today, his fashion awareness and famous adornments (like the notable Persols) are as yet the subject of discussion. Indeed, even a watch was named after him — the Rolex Explorer II . Despite the fact that, it’s as yet hazy on the off chance that he at any point even wore one.

McQueen had an Explorer II reference 1655.

But, similar to his exemplary watches, McQueen will consistently rise above time.

McQueen’s First, and His Personal Favorite

While many know McQueen for wearing extravagance timepieces, many don’t understand that his affection for watches most probably began a very long time before he was famous. As a kid, McQueen had a famously harsh childhood however was given a gold pocket watch by his uncle before he left to be brought together with his mother.

Much later on in his profession, McQueen was famously known for worshiping his Rolex Submariner ref. 5512. This watch made it to the movies like The Towering Inferno and The Hunter, yet, it most frequently was noted for showing up in more private shots of the movie star.

Steve McQueen Rolex Submariner 5512

Besides the way that the Rolex Submariner ref. 5512 sat on a legends wrist, this timepiece is a shocker all alone. A late 1950’s model, it was famous for its exactness and precision as tried by the Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. It was additionally much more uncommon and pursued than the ref. 5513, which wasn’t COSC endorsed. Obviously, the watch is likewise water safe, including a pure black face, and dazzling white hour markers and hands for simple perusing. At a closeout in 2009, McQueen’s Submariner 5512 was sold for more than $230,000 — a record for the reference number.

McQueen likewise wore a Monaco 1133.

McQueen’s Most Famous Film Watch

Before item placement was even a thing, Steve McQueen was enrapturing millions by wearing some unbelievable timepieces in his films. Indeed, McQueen was so notable for incorporating his watches into the movies, that you can’t discuss his films without raising which model he wore.

He’s known for the Rolex Speedking in The Great Escape, just as the Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox and a Cartier Tank Americaine in The Thomas Crown Affair. However, the watch that we’re all actually discussing is that 1970’s blue Heuer Monaco 1133.

The watch: Heuer Monaco 1133 The movie: Le Mans, 1971

The Heuer Monaco 1133 is doubtlessly the most famous watch McQueen at any point brandished in a movie. Supposedly, McQueen needed to wear a credible closet for his job and Jack Heuer, who was at that point working with Formula One drivers and Jo Siffert to promote the timepieces, proposed his. The day creation went to choose the watch, the Heuer Monaco 1133 was clearly the just a single Heuer brought a few examples of. Requiring a couple to make it through filming, the Monaco was picked, and a star was conceived.

By taking a gander at this timepiece you know it’s unique. The square frame and blue face are shocking, but at the same time it’s the principal ever square and waterproof automatic chronograph. McQueen’s own special Monaco 1133 sold at closeout for almost $800,000 back in 2012.

Keep Exploring

Check out what McQueen-motivated watches we have in the vault. In case you’re searching for the ultimate cool, you’ll need something remnant from this star.

Rolex Steve McQueen Explorer II ref. 1655

UPDATE: 2019

Since we at first distributed this piece, the boundless cool of McQueen has remained immaculate; anyway there are currently a number of people hoping to take advantage of the famous entertainer’s heritage. McQueen famously wore a Rolex Submariner 5512 all through much of his own life, and as we mentioned above, it sold for a striking sum at a 2009 closeout. Anyway from that point forward, another “McQueen Submariner” has surfaced, and was almost sold, before a debate from the McQueen family bequest in regards to its provenance constrained the sale house to pull the listing.

The full subtleties of the story have been covered finally somewhere else – including a number of prominent non-watch-explicit distributions like Forbes – so we won’t go into them a lot here, yet its abbreviated form is that another Submariner was purportedly given to my McQueen to his stuntman, before the watch was trapped in a house fire, which brought about by far most of its components being supplanted. The story gets much more odd from there, so in the event that you haven’t just heard it, be certain you find it since it is a wild one, and shows you exactly how amazing the tradition of Steve McQueen truly is today, even after all these years.

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