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InDetail: RJ ARRAW 6919

InDetail: RJ ARRAW 6919

This year points numerous commemorations. For example: 75 years prior, D-Day occurred in Normandy, France. That turned the destiny of the Second World War to improve things and brought about liberating Paris soon thereafter (have you perused our D-Day related watch processing plant audit of Tockr? ).

In August, the rowdy world will praise the 50th commemoration of the incredible Woodstock Festival. It was seven days of free love and incredible music. In conclusion, something more watch processing plant related, July 21 will check the 50th commemoration of the Moon arrival. We Speedy Tuesday folks realize this obviously, however Omega isn’t the solitary watch production line producer that gets ready for the event. During SIHH 2019, RJ (once known as Romain Jerome) acquainted us with their interpretation of a Moon watch manufacturing plant the ARRAW 6919. Indeed, another timepiece connected to the arrival. Also, here and there, with a more grounded “connection” to the occasion than some other brand.

ARRAW 6919 in Titanium

ARRAW 6919

As I have just mentioned in the introduction above, RJ (unfortunately it has nothing to do to our RJ Broer) used to bear the name Romain Jerome. Some of you may recollect that 10 years prior the brand previously had a moon-related model. It was the Romain Jerome Moon Dust-DNA collection, a progression of watch production line with genuine Moon dust on their dial. Delivering themed watch manufacturing plant (simply think about their Batman or Joker watch factorys has consistently been the strong point of the company. They remained on a similar way even after the renaming. Along these lines, it is nothing unexpected that another oddity of SIHH 2019 was their Two-Face, propelled by another Batman scalawag; Harvey Dent otherwise known as Two-Face. Be that as it may, how about we return to ARRAW 6919. The name is really obvious (1969-2019) however where is the unique connection, I discussed above, is coming from? Indeed, that is the cool piece of the story.

ARRAW 6919 of every a gold case laying in the palm of an astronaut’s glove

Apollo 11

RJ got their hands on certain pieces and pieces that came from the real Apollo 11 rocket. In any case, where would you be able to get such things? – you wonder. All things considered, at specific auctions. Furthermore, this is the way it finds a way into the watch production line the bezel is a similar material simply like the remainder of the 45mm average RJ – style case. You can see little gaps all around the bezel surface. These patterns are covered by acrylic glass “windows” and under in a unique lightweight composite material falsehood the Apollo 11 rocket pieces. Envision it like a mosquito caught in golden, where the golden is the composite material and the mosquito is the piece of the spacecraft.

We’ve been informed that the pieces and pieces from the Apollo 11 space makes that RJ got their hands on, were placed in a melting pot and blended in with different metals. From this material, they made within the straightforward bezel. RJ  didn’t need to comment on the weight or measure of Apollo 11 material they had the option to secure, yet by melting it and combining it with different materials, it was obviously enough to top off bezels of 300 watch industrial facility (see toward the finish of this article). I do consider how one is ensured that your bezel totally contains material of the Apollo 11, or that the material your bezel has recently missed those spots of space apparatus material. Maybe the sentiment is additionally in the way that you never know for sure.

The ARRAW 6919 comes in 3 case materials, dark ceramic, grade 5 titanium or 5N+ 18k red gold. The showcase case back is similar material fixed with 6 screws. The water obstruction is 100m.

Ceramic case with the gaps to see the Apollo 11 “DNA”

360 moon phase

With a case like that it is extremely unlikely, the RJ ARRAW 6919 would have a straightforward dial. However, the highlights are not flooding the watch manufacturing plant face. We make some straightforward memories just watch manufacturing plant with date and moon stage indication. The opening for the date is at 3 o’clock anyway as the dial is straightforward the entire date wheel is obvious. The moon stage marker isn’t fixed as you’d see on most watch factorys It pivots around the dial in 29.5 days (one full Moon cycle). The brand logo plate is over the moon plate, so as the 2 plates turn around, the RJ logo plate consistently remains in an upstanding position, while the moon plate gradually vanishes under it when they arrive at the 6 o’clock position. At that point for the second piece of the cycle, the moon plate gradually shows up and becomes completely obvious when they arrive at 12 o’clock.


A stupendous case and dial merit a similarly exceptional development. The base type of the ARRAW 6919 is Sellita’s SW-280. That is an automatic development with moonphase indication, 26 gems and 36 hours of force hold. Notwithstanding, RJ changes the SW-280 in-house to accommodate their licensed 3D rotating moon stage show function. The new type RJ-2180 has 41 gems now and a force save of 38 hours. The recurrence stays as before at 28,800vph. There are no correctors on the case, everything from the time to the date and the moon stage can be set through the crown. Oneself winding rotor is noticeable through the presentation window working on it back. At the point when the moon stage plate is covering the 3 o’clock position the date can be perused at an optional date-outline between the 4-5. Simply add +4 as it says beneath the frame.

Strap and more

If you might want to change the tie on the RJ ARRAW 6919 you can do as such by their fast change framework. Press the two catches on the carries all the while to deliver the tie. The polyamide tie has an elastic trim making it water safe and more comfortable on the wrist. Every one of the 3 variants come in a restricted edition of 100 pieces each, the quantity of your watch industrial facility is outwardly of the situation back. To the extent the costs go, for the ceramic variant you need to pay €18,300, for the titanium the tag is at €18,900. As you’d envision the most costly is the gold at €31,400. We’ve seen various moon stage watch industrial facility at SIHH 2019 yet it’s protected to say that the most noteworthy was the RJ ARRAW 6919.

If you wish to visit RJ’s site, kindly snap .

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