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Is the new Seiko5 a direct replacement of the SKX007?

Is the new Seiko5 a direct replacement of the SKX007?

Quick snaps

The new Seiko 5 can’t be called passage level any longer! They take a great deal from the Seiko SKX007 ; a comparably planned dial and case predicts every one of its goals and purposes. The SKX ; notwithstanding, didn’t have penetrated drags and show case back like this one yet indeed, the recessed crown. It’s the new reason for the SKX to be near and be felt; it lives on in the new Seiko 5 ,

A more profound look

The most certain improvement in the new Seiko 5 line is the utilization of a further present day Seiko development. The 4R36 programmed is ‘generations apart‘ from the past types 7S26 and 7S36, enhancing the internal parts of the past Seiko 5 and SKX watches. The 4R36, in contrast to 7S26 and – 36, offers hacking and hand-winding; holds 40 hours worth of running force, beats at 3Hz.(21,600bph) and all that outcomes in a generally speaking, improved precision, both for setting the time and keeping it. Furthermore, the 4R36 isn’t altogether a common development in Seiko’s ‘entry-levels‘ display. It has been utilized in a portion of the Prospex Field watches . The 4R36 is no extravagant development! It is a dependable, precise enough development for an all-bearing present day sports watch.

From standard to stealth

The new Seiko 5 has practically heap variants to look over! Simply kidding; it’s close around 30. You’ll discover more standard models on one hand and more limits and nearly stealths on the other. There’s the gold-tone Specialist model; vivid ones and some in unmistakable arrangement . Seiko observed that the folks simply love modding and saved them from the agony – and furthermore a portion of the delight – of making an alternate looking Seiko 5.

The new reach subsequently shows a wide scope of shadings and gets done with coordinating or differentiating ties and wristbands. Each gets its own character; not simply dark or white dials and large, striking files and wide hands.

New Seiko on the wrist

The feel is more like that of a SKX007 . Spot tall however fits and sits level for a truly pleasing carry to-haul distance. That is in any event, for to some degree more modest wrists yet best for 7 inches or above. The crown position saves you from chomps and burrowing ins.

The ties come in metal, elastic and silicone; immensely improved than previously. They are milder and more malleable with a more extensive feel for there is no tightening. The NATO ties are additionally much preferred in comparison over their past renditions, delicate yet hardwearing.


  • Orient Mako II:

    Any extraordinary passage level plunge watch rundown will have its name! This is the most standard adaptation dark dial Mako II yet think about what! It comes with a sapphire.



We’ve covered at this point not many a greater amount of the new Seiko 5 watches and their family members and competitors. Snap on the connects to see and purchase them.

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