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James Bond Wore His Submariner on a Leather Strap, And So Should You

James Bond Wore His Submariner on a Leather Strap, And So Should You

Is there another extravagance sports watch as unmistakable, pined for, and flexible as the Rolex Submariner? We think not. And keeping in mind that the Submariner absolutely looks fabulous on the standard Oyster wristband, Rolex’s notable jumping watch matches similarly too with pretty much any kind of tie. One of our #1 pairings is an exemplary dark Submariner with an exemplary dark cowhide lash. James Bond did it—enough said.

Sean Connery & Ursula Andress in James Bond Dr. No (Credit: James Bond Dr. No)

Although James Bond is maybe more celebrated for wearing a Submariner on a NATO-style nylon lash, in 1962’s Dr. No, 007 wears a Submariner ref. 6538 on a dark crocodile cowhide tie. Running indeed!

A close on the Submariner ref. 6538 on a hardened steel bracelet.

Ceramic Submariner With a Leather Strap

If you’re fortunate enough to claim a vintage Submariner ref. 6538 like the super covert agent himself, at that point caps off. If not, no issue, in light of the fact that basically any Submariner wears a calfskin lash well.

James Bond wore his Submariner on a calfskin lash. (Credit: James Bond Dr. No)

Take the most recent tempered steel Submariner ref. 116610LN with a dark dial and dark Cerachrom clay bezel for instance. Changing out the tough tempered steel Oyster wristband for an exquisite dark cowhide band adds a bit of polish to the renowned Rolex sports watch. Additionally, we essentially love the combination a ultra present day innovative material like Rolex’s Cerachrom fired with an outdated most loved material like leather.

While the vast majority may not manage the cost of the Submariner 6538, the 116610 is an incredible substitute.

Also, the white sewing on this specific Italian calfskin extra complements the Submariner’s white subtleties—from the bezel markings to the lume plots—consummately. What’s more, to wrap things up, the tempered steel tang clasp on the cowhide band coordinates the Sub’s steel development for a tight, very much organized look.

Aside from allure, wearing the Submariner on a calfskin tie additionally decreases the watch’s weight altogether—ideal for your next mission.

One Rolex, Plenty of Variety

Remember, changing out the lashes on your Rolex watch can give you a totally different style in a moment. Perhaps the most sleek characters at any point made, James Bond comprehended that well by wearing his watches on a combination of arm bands and straps.

The James Bond Submariner 6538, an authority’s watch, looks extraordinary on calfskin. (Credit: James Bond Dr. No)

If you haven’t as of now, have a go at wearing your Rolex watch on an alternate lash; you may simply be agreeably amazed. Milgauss on tan calfskin? Why not? GMT-Master II bothered earthy colored cowhide? Indeed please. Datejust on calfskin? Give it a go! One Rolex watch, limitless styles—what’s better than that?

Do you routinely trade out your Rolex arm bands for various ones? What’s your opinion about the Submariner ref. 116610LN on a dark calfskin tie? Leave us a comment (or picture!) in the segment below.

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