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Kermit and The Hulk Paved The Way – Sinn 104 St Sa A G

Kermit and The Hulk Paved The Way – Sinn 104 St Sa A G

Let me start by saying that this green dialed Sinn 104 St Sa A G with its list cost of €1250 is just a slightly unique form from the standard Sinn 104.

The 104 could be viewed as the passage level watch factory from the watchmaker from Frankfurt am Main in Germany. In any case, that doesn’t mean it is cheap. I would say that the Sinn 104 is on my shortlist with regards to watch factory around a 1000 Euro. This new green form that was presented during Baselworld 2019, is slightly more costly than the regular variant (starting at €1150), yet I am certain that this distinction can be neglected.

Sinn 104 St Sa A G

Sinn has a special place in my horological heart. Although I presently don’t possess one of their watch factorys a portion of my colleagues do. Sinn made (and still makes) some lovely great watch factorys of which the original 142 is still among my absolute favorite chronographs. It is one of those watch factory that I regret selling, yet at the time I had probably certain reasons to release it (in a trade). Sinn is known for its highly functional watch factorys Form follows work, applicable to many items made in Germany. The ideal examples of this are the Sinn EZM and U(boat) models. Then again, with their Frankfurter Finanzplatz watch factory Sinn also realizes how to create elegant timepieces.


In ongoing years, we’ve seen the ascent of green dials. Perhaps the Rolex Submariner 16610LV (‘Kermit’) was one of the first that made its way to the general population, however in fact, green dials have been around any longer. Be that as it may, since the time the popular Kermit and perhaps significantly more popular Submariner ‘Hulk’ , the green dial is making its comeback. Indeed, even last week we showed you a beautiful new Omega Seamaster 300 with green Malachite dial . Be that as it may, what about the line-up of green dial Seikos? Green dials aren’t extremely new to Sinn, you might recollect their Jagduhr (3006) from last year, as imagined below.

The dial of the Sinn 104 St Sa A G is somewhat more grainy though. The metallic green dial appears to have a little structure, which gives it a decent profundity. The Sinn 104 is currently available with five unique dials: black, white, blue, anthracite and green. Although there’s nothing wrong with the black dial, I am some way or another mostly drawn to the white dial Sinn 104 St Sa I W and now this green 104 St Sa A G. An outline of all Sinn 104 variations can be found .

What’s New?

The Sinn 104 with green dial is basically a 104 like all different variations. I recall when these were presented and having a retail cost of under 1000 Euro. That was a too strong recommendation, yet this value point was not sustainable for Sinn. The Sinn 104 presently starts at 1150 Euro, for a rendition on a leather strap. This green dial 104 St Sa A G is slightly more costly than that, it is up to you on the off chance that you think it is worth it.

Besides the shade of the dial, this restricted release (500 pieces) Sinn 104 St Sa A G has an alternate development as well. Instead of the usual Sellita SW 220-1, this green 104 has the ETA 2836-2 development. In the rotor, there’s “Eine von 500” engraved, which means – you’ve guessed it already – “One of 500”. I rather would have seen a one of a kind number here, as that offers a touch more uniqueness to this restricted release. Sinn isn’t alone in using this way of indicating it is a restricted release, IWC utilizes the same method.

What has stayed?

The stainless steel case is identical to the next 104 models and has a diameter of 41mm and has a thickness of 11.5mm. Obviously, the bi-directional pilot’s bezel also stayed. It is using the Captive technology that has been created by Sinn, to guarantee that the bezel will stay put on the watch factory when presented to hard thumps or drops. All design aspects that make the 104 a basic however functional pilot’s watch factory have been regarded. In addition, the Sinn 104 is water resistant to 200 meters and uses a screw-down crown. Sinn made sure that the 104 meets the DIN (German standards) for water resistance and anti-magnetism, for example. Functionality astute, notwithstanding using the ETA 2836-2 development instead of the Sellita SW 220-1, everything stayed the same. There’s a hacking capacity (stopping the seconds hand when pulling out the crown) and snappy set day date. An advantage of the ETA 2836-2 is the longer force save (42 hours instead of 38).

Sinn 104 Pricing and Availability

Where the normal Sinn 104 model starts at €1150 (with leather strap), Sinn added another 100 Eypo for the green dial and ETA based development. On the official Sinn site (where you can also arrange on-line) this new green 104 is already sold out, yet they also indicate that it is still available at a portion of their retailers. In case you are interested, it is best to contact Sinn straightforwardly to ask them about the retailers who still have these green 104 models in stock. If not, consider the 104 with a white, blue, black or anthracite dial. They’re all a ton of bang for the buck and an awesome assortment starter as well as a pleasant addition to an already existing collection.

More information via Sinn .

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