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Lamborghini Life with the Classic Rolex Daytona 6263 “Big Red”

Lamborghini Life with the Classic Rolex Daytona 6263 “Big Red”

Prices for Paul Newman Daytonas, as we’ve examined various occasions, have gotten so stratospheric that they’re past the span of a ton of gatherers. They are, obviously, likewise very uncommon. There are anyway various exceptionally alluring Daytona models, frequently with a similar reference number, that vary from the Newmans just in the “intriguing” subtleties, the most significant being the Art Deco style sub-dial numerals. You can save a huge number of dollars by buying a vintage Daytona that is barely short of a Newman, yet very cool, and perhaps a superior venture to boot since Newman costs are in something of an air pocket. Which carries us to our most recent experience with a piece from the individual assortment of Bob’s Watches organizer Paul Altieri.

A current show-stopper from Lamborghini, the Huracan.

Vintage Daytona 6263

We’re discussing the collectible Daytona 6263 “Major Red”, quite possibly the best vintage Daytonas in presence , which initially appeared in 1967. This model highlights a considerably more desired dark dial with white sub-dials and obviously the famous “DAYTONA” legend in red which gives this piece its moniker. The 6263 is additionally furnished with screw-down chronograph pushers, which Rolex presented in 1965, just as a waterproof screw-down crown which provoked the option of the word OYSTER among ROLEX and COSMOGRAPH. The main thing to think about Daytonas of this vintage is that they run significantly more modest than current models, making them fundamentally more inconspicuous on the wrist. Regardless of their high worth they are a long way from flashy.

The Daytona 6263 “Major Red” is a collectible timepiece.

Road Trip

The same couldn’t be said of the wheels we brought up for our vintage Daytona excursion . The Lamborghini Huracan is the quintessence of an advanced games vehicle, and addresses a genuine development for the Italian marque. Indeed, even a particularly contemporary looking vehicle is permeated with Lamborghini’s DNA, nonetheless, and as such there are sure equals to be drawn between Rolex’s indecent Daytona models and the Lamborghini stable. Furthermore, for great measure, we requested the Huracan in hot red – Rosso Mars the company calls it – to coordinate the watch’s unmistakable element, with dark inside. Completely prepared the vehicle runs $220,000 and change, which gets you a V10 motor with 572 hp and all the head-turning Italian style you can handle.

Modern or Vintage? That is the question.

Vintage or Modern?

Turning heads is by and large what happened when we thundered up to Bob’s Watches HQ in the Lamborghini Huracan to get the watch. Fortunately there was a spot directly out front – close to an exemplary 1960s Porsche 912 having a place with a Bob’s customer who’d come to get a vintage Submariner. Another ideal matching for the Big Red, it was painted dark. Being of generally a similar vintage as the watch, some may contend the Porsche was more fit to the watch than the Lamborghini. We would contend there’s a case for both. While some would pick an advanced Daytona to wear while driving the Huracan , the vintage piece shows you have some appreciation for Lamborghini’s legacy. In a perfect world, obviously, you’d need both…

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