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Life in the Fast Lane: Vintage Rolex Daytona Collecting

Life in the Fast Lane: Vintage Rolex Daytona Collecting

If you’re similar to me, you get a kick out of seeing an uncommon vintage Rolex observe advertisement from the 1960s and fantasizing about what it must’ve been similar to pay $195 for a sharp crown watch Submariner or what about $240 for a GMT-Master with a bakelite bezel… Now, I don’t pummel myself about passing up this great opportunity on these. Hell, I wasn’t even alive back then.


Rolex Daytona ref. 116500LN


My relationship with watches, Rolex specifically, didn’t come to fruition until the mid ’90s. I wound up purchasing my first Rolex, a stainless steel Datejust, in 1998. Which carries me to the subject of this article: In April of 1992, just a brief time before I bought my first Rolex, Antiquorum Auctioneers held a wristwatch deal that included 131 – for the most part vintage – Rolex watches. Of these parcels, 56 were Daytonas, all things considered, and measures…

Stainless Steel Cosmograph Daytona with Discolored Dials

In 1992 I was eleven years of age. The farthest thing from my brain was going to a watch auction – in Geneva for sure. I was too bustling gathering baseball cards… I just found out about this auction a couple of years prior, when I found the list at a swap meet. As of late, I chose to tidy it off and envision what it would’ve been similar to be in participation that end of the week in April – to bring an oar up in the Hotel des Bergues and offer on a vintage Rolex…

Judging by the part portrayals, it’s protected to expect that 24 years prior nobody was worried about – or paying a premium for – those little subtleties we aficionados go insane for now. You will not locate a solitary notice of a dial depicted as “tropical.” The lone differentiation among Daytonas is the “purported ‘Paul Newman'” variety. Numerous blunders can be discovered imprinted in the inventory, for example, “Ref. 6239, with steel bezel, delivered from 1961 to 1988… ” Many of the parcel depictions are simply reordered, including the appraisals. To say this time-frame was the temporary peace before a violent upheaval in watch gathering would be an understatement.

Vintage Rolex Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6239

Which drives me to impart to you the outcomes… I ventured to change over the mallet costs, revealed in Swiss Francs, into US Dollars according to the conversion scale back in 1992. I additionally decided to zero in exclusively on the Daytonas – the most-collectible Rolex model today. Ensure you’re plunking down before you read any further – these costs even incorporate the purchaser’s premium…

49 Daytonas were sold that end of the week. The normal cost was $7,285.

Of the 49 Daytona parcels, 14 were the “supposed ‘Paul Newman'” assortment. Overall, a “Paul Newman” went for $9,724.

7 stainless steel Daytonas sold for $4,991. None of these were present day – they were all vintage, manual wind.

You may be shocked to realize that the Daytona accomplishing the most noteworthy outcome was not a “Paul Newman,” yet rather was a tie between a strong 18ct. yellow gold ref. 6265 and a strong 18ct. yellow gold  ref. 6263 (parcels 340 and 342 individually). The two watches sold for $18,428. The auction complete from the offer of each of the 49 Daytonas was $356,973. For comparison,  Christie’s “Exercise One” Daytona auction in November 2013, which included 50 excellent Daytona parts to commend the 50th commemoration of the model (1963-2013), understood a sum of $13,248,167.

To top things off, simply a year ago Paul Newman’s own personal Vintage Rolex Daytona  was sold for more than $17 million. Costs are soaring, and there’s no indication of it easing back down whenever soon.

Christie’s Watch Auction

I’ll surrender it to you to theorize on the variables at play throughout the last 20+ years that have caused the worth (and cost) of a Rolex Daytona to soar… Over the following 5, 10, 20+ years, do you figure costs for Daytonas will keep on taking off, level off, or come back to earth? Will it be a wise speculation or not ? Tell us your contemplations in the comments below!

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