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The Grand Seiko – Not just an expensive timekeeper

Looking for a quality watch? Watch your steps!

I‘m perhaps biting the old fat once more. Pin it on the Ignoramus (or possibly someone posing as an Ignoramus) who mailed me yesterday whose idea about a Seiko isn’t anything different from a Casio digital (I never said Casio-s are bad; it’s just that some individuals neglect to see the difference between the types) and wanted to realize how might he know whether a watch he is taking a gander at (of course, with the purpose of purchasing) is a quality one. Not that he has not come across specific names (yet it will be better in the event that he is enlightened) however I’m sure stuff like the Hamilton or Tissot are Greek to him. Yet, one thing is clear; this individual has cash. So right away, I led him towards specific examples many will watch with jealousy and save up one small step at a time prior to snatching one. FYI, this individual is in his lesser year at University, or so he claims. That unquestionably makes him someone who is not yet fit to admire a Rolex Speed King (unless for the name) and would pass it up as a cold and powerful piece of metal, neglecting the designing wonder behind it. So let him start with the Jap stuff.

We might dare to dream he escapes the multiplication of mobile phones and starts thinking watches are outdated novelties as well as a status symbol and accessories for occasions. Sure, he needs more opportunity to think them as investments and presumably a lifetime to declare his possession an inheritance. Paying attention to timepieces is either in your blood or you need a lot of time to obtain the taste and it starts with knowing the five sure-shot points that make a quality watch.

First is definitely the weight, however dislike you make the whole watch out of lead will slice through the hindrance. Heaviness is definitely good and dependable (same with my other passion, guns) however it should come from the sum and nature of the pieces making it. To lay it out plainly: Mechanical complexity is corresponding to the weight.

The sweep comes straightaway and it is opposite to the tick-tock. You don’t need to go to a Cartier (or a Chopard) for that, even this Orient Automatic Sun & Moon is a fine model. The seconds-hand must glide effortlessly, which shows the inner mechanism is both very much constructed and finely tuned to set up a flawless sweep.

The easy way out is definitely following the name (and the tradition that runs it) however that is more similar to being spoon-fed. That also takes care of the exactness and unwavering quality factors, so I figured it will be safer for this individual. I suggested him the Grand Seiko Automatic , the   Hamilton American Classic Jazzmaster  and the Orient Star Automatic , how about we see what how the individual responds.

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