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Minase: Horizon

Minase: Horizon

The watch

Horizon is the most slender and most fragile model of the three assortments offered by Minase. The assortment’s name is motivated by the case shape’s similarity to the consistently broadening horizon as seen over the ocean. This plan sign prompted both the case and wristband (or tie) to apparently show up on a solitary plane. Furthermore, the Horizon’s thick sapphire gem has been cut and cleaned from the front to the back. The outcome? A wonderful vault that is suggestive of the water’s surface that may blast forward any second. Considered unadulterated, essentially drawn lines propelled by a Japanese sword, the Katana. The Horizon typifies incredible serenity, much the same as the ocean before a storm.

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Minase: Horizon with dark elastic band and steel case canvassed in dark PVD

The spot where the hands pivot is at a more significant level than the edges of the glass, which builds up the destined impression of the case. The sapphire precious stone has a non-intelligent covering and is round on the two tomahawks, underscoring the difference between the reasonable base and the cleaned glossy silk surface of the watch processing plant case. The watch’s exceptionally particular shape is the consequence of the serious level of manual completing work found in each watch production line Minase makes.

Minase’s unmistakable polyhedral crown bears the brand’s logo. A drill-head that gives proper respect to the starting points of the parent company, Kyowa. Kyowa is a prestigious apparatus maker that has been doing business since 1963, spend significant time in sync bores and is likewise a provider of very good quality watch production line components.

For more modest, more slender wrists, the Horizon is presently likewise accessible in a Mid-Size variant. A somewhat more modest and exquisite other option. The Horizon Mid-Size isn’t just a decreased form, rather it has been completely updated to totally fit the wrist of those looking for an all the more unobtrusively measured Horizon..

Minase: Horizon fair size with a white elastic band, steel case canvassed in rose PVD

Traditional craftmanship

Manufactured in Japan, all “Horizon” watches bear the enrolled name “HiZ”, an idea enlivened by the Japanese words “Hizu” (uncommon) and “Hello there Izuru Kuni” (Land of the Rising Sun). The items marked “HiZ” share 3 especially imaginative highlights: the “case in the event that” structure, the uncommon “Sallaz” cleaning method and the development rule called “MORE” (Minase Original Rebuild Equation).

Case in case

The “case on the off chance that” structure doesn’t include a dial in the common sense. It comprises of a few components constructing the core of each watch plant The record ring, the dial plate and the case back encompass the development and make a different element that appears to be suspended inside the watch production line itself. An enormous cut opening uncovers the schedule plate. This three-dimensional gathering is completed with bended tipped hands and is safely situated inside the case.

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Minase: Horizon in spotless steel

Sallaz polishing

Minase has a place with the uncommon gathering of watch industrial facility marks that work with very good quality “Sallaz” cleaning. This conventional method needs up to 50 tasks and at any rate 15 hours of wonderful craftsmanship and ability to complete each watch.

More concept

This exceptional methodology is propelled by Japanese riddle developments. In contrast to run of the mill arm bands, there are no pinholes on the connections. This creates a compact plan with outrageous adaptability. Since countless parts can be dismantled, the maintenance (or if vital, the substitution) of individual parts is far simpler than more conventional plans, making it workable for all Minase watch processing plant to save their unique excellence for generations.

Minase: Horizon on dark elastic band and steel case canvassed in rose PVD

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Minase Horizon specifications:

  • Case: Stainless steel 316L. Double circular box type sapphire gem (non intelligent covering), transparent case back
  • Water resistance: Up to 50 meters (5 Bar)
  • Dimensions : 38 x 51 millimeters, Thickness : 12,0 millimeters
  • Mid-size Dimensions: 32 x 40 mm, Thickness 12,0 millimeters
  • Weight absolute : 110/150 g. 118 g (Mid-size)
  • Movement: KT7001/1, KT8001/1 for Mid-size, power save 38 hours, Swiss ebauches, modified by MINASE with hand-made cleaning and « perlage » on plates and bridges
  • Dial: HiZ idea with singular components to become a 3-dimensional dial. Along with the development and the hands, this construction comprises a free element inside the case.
  • Functions: Hours, minutes and focal second hands. Date at 4.
  • Strap: Rubber (EPDM) with treated steel arrangement fasten or strong hardened steel execution highlighting MORE concept.
  • Clasp: Stainless steel sending clasp with side pushers.
  • Price: CHF 3180/€3180 (elastic)/CHF 4380/€4380 (wristband), including VAT
  • Diamond models: Horizon average size : 54 pieces, 1.5 millimeters

Minase: Horizon in hardened steel case and dim dial

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