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Newsletter : $179 only: Seiko Original Monster Diver Auto Watch on Sale !

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$199 just while stocks last!

We have quite recently received in stock what is potentially our last parcel of the Original Seiko Orange Monster watches – the metal strap SKX781K and the elastic strap SKX781K3 . In the event that you have not heard of the Seiko Orange Monster, you should have no idea what watches are. It is perhaps the most notable Seiko watch – substantial, hefty, rugged, functional and a genuine head turner. It’s simply a hair underneath the Swiss wonders, however comes at not exactly a-10th of the cost. Starting from just US$ 179 with us! That’s an unbelievable value, quality and workmanship in a tight package. First class components, including the rotating bezel delivering the exactness feel. After breaking it in, you may expect +1 sec accuracy, as much as the exactness quartz developments (Seiko rates it as +15 sec yet the greater part of our clients say theirs is accurate up to +1 usually!). Orange and chrome and being vibrant just turned easy!

Seiko has discontinued production of these watches (what a shame!). They were replaced by a different model with a different development – which are great as well however come at a greater cost tag. However, the original is the original – and in the event that you don’t have one in your assortment currently is the an opportunity to get it. It may (actually no doubt will) go up in value a couple of years down the line given how popular this watch has been.

Stocks are probably going to be sold out soon (and conceivable always failing to come back for these models) so get yours soon!

And with Free Worldwide Shipping + free Express transportation to most nations as usual.

Get the elastic strap form here for just US$ 179: Seiko Orange Monster Diver Auto Rubber Strap Watch

Get the metal strap rendition for just US$199: Seiko Orange Monster Diver Auto Metal Strap Watch

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