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Grand Seiko: A perfect match to business suits?

Newsletter : $215 only for Seiko Solar Diver Chronograph 200m Watches !

This week we have on promotion three radiant sunlight based watches from Seiko. These are the diver’s 200m Seiko Solar Chronographs SSC015P1 , SSC017P1 and SSC019P1 .

Every every so often Seiko discharges a model that makes certain to scratch your ledger. In any case, for the most part they don’t your imprint financial balance by that amount and at the cost the quality you get is unrivaled. These Solar Chronographs are generous watches – when you wear and feel it on your wrist you will understand what I mean. They are 200m water safe with screw down crowns and a unidirectional pivoting bezel. One of selling point is that they are sun oriented fueled, so disregard evolving batteries. The energize holds for a decent a half year once completely energized and since these wonders will get a great deal of compose time they will likewise be charging in the day on your wrist!

And now the most awesome aspect – these are accessible just during the current week at an incredibly minimal effort of US$ 215! (the Retail cost of this watch is US$ 500+ and our cost until now was a decent $20 more). For $ 215 this is an unquestionable requirement have!

What’s more, it comes with free overall delivery as always!

Get them here while stocks last:

Seiko SSC015P1

Seiko SSC017P1

Seiko SSC019P1

Or look at them all together in one spot here: Seiko Solar 200m Diver Chronograph Watches

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