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Newsletter : Orient Bambino Domed Crystal Automatic Watches for $128 only!

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Only US$ 128 with Free Worldwide Shipping

In case you missed our last sale on these – we have new stock for the classic, beautiful, elegant and superbly accurate  Orient Bambino Automatic watches . These watches are a steal for only US$ 128 while stock lasts – and given how wonderful they are, the stock won’t last for a really long time. Our cost is the awesome the world for these wonders by a large edge (you can do your own exploration and confirm our claim!).

You will be surprised how well made, exact and functional these marvels are. Truth be told we have clients who have timed these watches with their Rolexes and other very good quality Swiss brands and they are equally, if not more accurate!

The most distinctive element of these watches is the domed crystal. It simply adds another level of refinement and appeal to these incredible watches. The certifiable leather lashes are entirely comfortable and the 50 meters water obstruction is adequate for daily utilization (obviously you can’t dive with them, yet for what reason would you?)

And with Free Worldwide Shipping as always with Free Express DHL/FedEx transportation to most countries!

Get them here while stocks last:  Bambino Automatic Watches on Sale


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