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Newsletter : US$ 145 only : Citizen Diver 200m Automatic Watches on sale!

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US $145 as it were! Click for details.

This week we have on promotion an extraordinary scope of automatic Diver watches from Citizen – the Citizen Automatic Diver’s 200m NY2300 arrangement .

These watches are very under-rated and relatively few watch enthusiasts think about these. Which is rather amazing since they are a standout amongst other incentive for cash diver automatic watches we have at any point come across. For just US$ 145 you get a completely automatic 200 meters water safe diver watch. And let not the low price fool you – these are top quality watches from Citizen. In fact, they are exceptionally rugged and the automatic development is amazingly dependable and accurate throughout quite a while. We seldom receive any complaints about these watches from our customers, even after long periods of utilization. The iridescent paint on the hands and markers is extremely bright and the elastic tie is of a solid make that will withstand underwater excursions for quite a while. And in particular these are wonderful looking diver watches with the perfect size (39mm diameter without crown), dissimilar to the enormous curiously large watches that appear to be the fashion these days.

With FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING as usual and Free DHL/Fedex Express shipping to most countries! And our deal price is the most reduced you will find on these watches anywhere, just while this stock lasts!

Get them here: Citizen Diver Automatic 200m NY2300

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