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Omega Gets Into the Strap Game With a Cool New Collection of 8 NATOs for Your Speedy

Omega Gets Into the Strap Game With a Cool New Collection of 8 NATOs for Your Speedy

Omega is hoping to spruce things up in the hottest times of the year of summer with a cool new assortment of NATO lashes. The famed brand is dispatching a choice of 8 distinctive NATOs alongside an online configurator that allows you to perceive what they look like with your Speedmaster or Planet Ocean.

Get an OMEGA Nato Strap for your watch. (Credit: Omega)

The new OMEGA Nato Strap

The assortment incorporates three five-stripe texture lashes with treated steel clasps and fitted attendants. Three nylon texture ties with dark, orange or red boundary. An earthy colored “Novonappa” leather tie and an all-black coated nylon texture tie with fitted black managers and cleaned clasp. The NATO lash originated with the British military, who previously gave them in 1973. Omega takes its inspiration for the new assortment from the first British military NATOs, which were initially produced for security reasons. With an assortment of lashes gave from Omega, you can in a split second change the look and feel of your watch.

There is a leather OMEGA Nato Strap in the event that you incline toward that look and feel. (Credit: Omega)


Traditional watches and ties utilize removable spring bars, a risk in combat situations. Fixed bars for NATO ties were regularly bound and in this manner less inclined to break, prompting the deficiency of the watch, frequently a basic instrument for missions . The plan of the NATO with its additional texture and guardians likewise fixes the case in position. Unexpectedly, the term NATO for these lashes didn’t originate with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, yet rather alluded to the NATO loading number utilized by the British military for the ties, G10. A few perfectionists like to allude to them as such. Omega’s online configurator permits you to essentially try out the lashes with an Omega watch. Omega is likewise offering apparatuses to assist you with changing the ties on your watch.

These ties can in a split second change the vibe of your watch contingent upon your mood. (Credit: Omega)

Omega recently offered a dark and black NATO lash on its Seamster 300 Spectre Limited Edition, worn by Daniel Craig in the Bond film of the same name. The NATO was, indeed, Craig’s thought, enlivened via Sean Connery, the first James Bond. Anyway what has all the earmarks of being a NATO on the Rolex “Large Crown” Submariner on Sean Connery’s wrist in Goldfinger, isn’t; an undeniable point as the film pre-dates the NATO’s creation by quite a long while. While it is a nylon lash in regimental tones, it’s a customary one-piece clasped tie and not a NATO. Along these lines, truth be told, Craig was the initial 007 to wear a NATO lash on screen. Off screen, when not legally obligated to wear an Omega, he’s likewise been known to don one on a unique Big Crown Sub, part of his broad Rolex assortment. Along these lines, would you add any of the lashes from Omega to your watch collection?

This Biosteel Omega NATO Strap may be the most developed NATO tie yet. (Credit: Omega)

2019 UPDATE: Omega Biosteel NATO strap

Since we initially distributed this article, Omega has reported that they will cooperate with German company, AMSilk – the world’s first provider of engineered silk biopolymers to create a front line NATO tie. After over a time of innovative work, AMSilk has delivered Biosteel fiber, which has been mixed with polyamide to create a unique Omega NATO strap.

Biosteel is particularly solid, just as hypoallergenic and hostile to bacterial. Also, Biosteel is naturally breathable, making it the ideal (yet expensive) material to incorporate into a watch lash. To become familiar with the Biosteel Omega NATO lash, you can find out about it when we initially covered it before this year.

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