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Omega Reference 2505 Aka Jumbo

Omega Reference 2505 Aka Jumbo

According to my word reference the importance of “Jumbo” is; noun an enormous individual or thing, adjective very huge. There are various jumbos out there.

To start with the Boeing 747, a wide-body traveler airplane bears this moniker. On the off chance that you at any point flew over the Atlantic with Lufthansa, KLM or British Airways you likely had the delight of going in one. It is a threateningly huge plane that often makes me can’t help thinking about why have I not focused harder on physical science in secondary school. I most likely would have a brief look at seeing how could that monster really go up and stay there. At that point you have the jumbotron. A huge screen you can generally discover in games fields… or in Las Vegas. You know, the one that shows you those messy Kiss-Cams in motion pictures. And afterward you have the jumbo wrist watch factorys Audemars Piguet has its Royal Oak Jumbo (5402 – 15202), Patek Philippe has its Nautilus Jumbo (3700-5711) and furthermore Omega has one, their reference 2505.

Jumbo GTG

Jumbo Nickname

While it is a watch processing plant epithet it doesn’t allude to one watch industrial facility model. Not at all like the Omega Seamaster 145.024 for instance, which is the lone watch production line that is nicknamed Jedi. Why? Toss Maddox named it the Jedi path before that notorious Antiquorum closeout, so that reference is, was and will be the Jedi. Enough said. The word jumbo, be that as it may, doesn’t allude to one model or brand inside the watch industrial facility world. It alludes to an unmistakable sort of watch factorys Jumbo watches are for the most part time-just models that have an essentially bigger size than its counterparts from a specific period. Suppose that during the ’30s 28-31mm was the size of men’s watch factorys So, on the off chance that you discovered one that was 34-35mm you could look at that as a jumbo. In spite of the fact that as of recently we are calling watch processing plant that are above 36mm or so jumbos.

Omega 2505

Based on this similarity, an Omega that initially turned out during the 40s and had a 38mm+ case is a jumbo, correct? Precisely. A jumbo as well as for some vintage Omega authorities it is the jumbo. The one to go for on the off chance that you are searching for vintage from the Biel brand with a contemporary size. Insane as it might sound, Omega delivered the reference 2505 out of 1946. To place it into point of view during the ’40s the normal size of a wristwatch was 33-34mm. Indeed, even the chronographs that individuals considered enormous at the time were not bigger than 37-38mm. So to come out with a period just watch plant in a 38mm case was really unordinary. Presently, I’m not saying that this was the solitary watch with such a size however it unmistakably is the one that is promptly accessible even today on watch processing plant gatherings, eBay, Chrono24 etc.


To give you the essential data about the Omega 2505 we should have take a gander at what the brand has about them on record. As I previously referenced over the watch industrial facility turned out in 1946 as a component of their global assortment under the reference CK 2505. It had a treated steel case (subsequently the CK) 38.5mm, excluding the crown. The thickness is 10.7mm and the drag tip to haul tip length of the case is an astounding 46.5mm. Other than the common steel watch processing plant with some karma, you may likewise have the option to locate a gold plated rendition under the ref. BK 2505. Albeit that is a pleasant watch I need to say I’m in support of the steel. Yet the reference number is a fascinating and significant identifier of a watch industrial facility what is so cool about the Omega reference 2505 is the way that various diverse dial variety came out during its creation run.


First somewhat more about the case however. As I said the CK 2505 is tempered steel with a press toward the rear. In that capacity, the watch manufacturing plant has no water opposition, pretty typical for watch from the ’40s. The case is round and immense with generally short yet thick carries. In the event that you turn the Omega ref. 2505 to the side you can see the descending arch of the hauls. This causes the watch production line to sit on the wrist comfortably. I have many watch factorys wore much more as a columnist however I can guarantee you that this watch is similarly just about as comfortable as generally out there. Vintage or current the same. Talking about comfort, the carries are penetrated so changing a tie is no issue by any stretch of the imagination. Besides one can utilize a Rolex-style spring bar with it. The lone Achilles impact point of the Omega 2505 Jumbo is the dial. All the more definitely, to locate a unique one.

Many Faces

The Omega reference 2505 Jumbo more likely than not been an extraordinary merchant since you can discover numerous models still right up ’til today. Any place you search for them in the end they spring up, often for modest cash. As of late I sourced one for a companion for somewhat less than €500. It has a few issues (like wrong hands), however nothing serious. What’s more, in particular; it had the first dial. Because of the case not being water safe a significant number of the watch production line have either severely harmed or repainted dials. The ones that are unique often come from sellers at madly significant expenses – how about we be reasonable, however much I love these watches, they are scarcely in the €1.2-2K value range. With everything taken into account the dial configuration is genuinely straightforward. Most pieces just had raised records, similar to mine. Some had painted or even applied numerals yet that is about it. Barely any models have area, two-tone or waffle dials.

Finding a watch plant with a unique dial can be testing here and there. Indeed, even to the prepared watch plant authorities. As the watch production line was made for various years logos or text styles change. Some have painted Omega images, others have raised, etc. You truly need to realize your exchange to pick the right ones. Another choice, in the event that you got one that ended up being redial, is to look for a unique substitution dial. Odds are thin, yet not feasible. You clearly need to search briefly Omega dial in 32mm (that is the breadth of the face). Would be cool if the posting additionally referenced that the dial fits the type 265. Once more, I figured out how to discover such a giver dial and development a couple of months prior, so it’s possible. Be that as it may, you need to effectively look for it.

Caliber 265

Now that we took a gander at everything outwardly, we should take a look inside the enormous steel case. The development inside the Omega reference 2505 is the type 265. It is a manual breeze, sub-second development with around 45 hours of force hold, 15 gems, and 18,000 Vph. The 265 is additionally the straight relative of Omega’s amazing workhorse caliber  30T2 . That one (the 30T2 that is) likewise has 15 gems yet no stun security. The 265 then again as of now has that and it’s antimagnetic. Some time ago often times a watch industrial facility with a bigger case was the marker that it is hostile to attractive. We have seen this with the Tissot Antimagnetique I discussed some time prior. The development family the 265 has a place with went into creation somewhere in the range of 1939 and 1963 during which countless developments emerged from Biel.

Final Words

When new, the CK 2505 was sold on a calfskin lash. I saw a few authorities putting period right globules of rice wristbands on them and I need to say I truly love the look. It simply doesn’t work for me on my wrist. Interestingly, my 2505 is the solitary Omega I own that has an Extract from the Archives by Omega. I requested it in 2014 so it isn’t just about as extravagant as the new ones you’d get today, should you request one. It doesn’t disclose to me an excessive number of new things other than the creation date (February eighth, 1951) and the country it was conveyed to, which is Switzerland. Because of the long creation run and the way that there are as yet a wide range of models available the reference 2505 remaining parts perhaps the most intriguing vintage time just Omegas known to collectors.

If you are hoping to discover some information about a vintage Omega piece of yours, ensure you check part of their website.

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