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Perfect His & Hers Rolex Watch Pairings

Perfect His & Hers Rolex Watch Pairings

What’s superior to a Rolex watch? Two of them obviously! Nothing says, “I love you” like a couple of coordinating extravagance watches on one another’s wrists. Truth be told, it’s an incredible present for the two parts to commemorate a commitment, wedding, or commemoration. So with that, here’s our gathering of the absolute best his and hers Rolex coordinate ups.

Watch Pairings: Rolex Yacht-Master

For a lively stylish vibe, the Rolex Yacht-Master is a top decision. As far as he might be concerned, there’s the Yacht-Master ref. 16623 and for her, there’s the comparable Yacht-Master ref. 168628. Both extravagant yet still easygoing, this pair of Yacht-Master observes gladly flaunts a nautical flair.

The Yacht-Master ref. 16623 is a moderate size watch that is ideal for those with a little wrist.

The men’s Yacht-Master ref. 16623 is a two-tone Rolesor model that sports a 40mm hardened steel with a 18k yellow gold bezel. Carrying on the two-tone style are the 18k yellow gold place joins on the predominately steel Oyster wristband. Housed inside the case is a dark blue dial alongside the trademark round radiant hour-markers and date window at 3 o’clock.

Here is a Yacht-Master that sets well with your critical other.

Though the women’s Yacht-Master ref. 168628 additionally includes a blue dial, this time it sits inside a strong 18k yellow gold Rolex model. The fair size case estimates 35mm and like the men’s model, also incorporates a yellow gold rotatable bezel with curiously large raised numerals. Polishing off the Yacht-Master ref. 168628 is a full yellow gold Oyster bracelet.

Watch Pairings: Rolex President

For a definitive power couple nothing beats Rolex’s complete status watch, the President. For him we’d recommend the white gold Day-Date II ref. 218239 while for her, we propose the white gold Datejust ref. 179179 with a President bracelet.

The men’s Rolex President ref. 218239 is from the currently ceased Day-Date II assortment with a huge 41mm case. This specific model has a blue wave-design dial that sets a lavish foundation to the notorious pair of day and date windows alongside the white gold Arabic numerals. Combined with the white gold case and fluted bezel is the mark President wristband likewise in 18k white gold.

41mm of white gold on this Day-Date. Who could say no to this?

The women’s Rolex ref. 179179 isn’t a Day-Date, yet rather a Datejust model as shown by the date window at 3 o’clock amplified by a Cyclops focal point. In any case, what makes it a women’s President is the notorious strong gold semi-round three-connect wristband named the President arm band by Rolex. For much more luxuriousness, this specific Lady-Datejust Presidential ref. 179179 is decorated with a full jewel bezel notwithstanding precious stones on the mother-of-pearl dial.

While this isn’t a Day-Date, this Datejust combines well with its Day-Date partner for its jewels and mom of pearl dial.

Watch Pairings: Rolex Daytona

For a coordinating team of extravagance chronographs, the Rolex Daytona is the undisputable champ. A strong decision for him would be the yellow gold Daytona ref. 116528 and for her, it must be the Everose gold Daytona ref. 116505.

Does this watch help you to remember anyone?

With its tri-shading dial, this particular model of the Daytona ref. 116528 is a cutting edge accolade for the most acclaimed Rolex Daytona wearer of all, Paul Newman . The dark dial with champagne registers and red accents looks particularly incredible encased inside the strong yellow gold case. Obviously, joined to the 40mm Oyster case is the fixed tachymeter engraved bezel unmistakable to the Daytona, similar to the pair of chrono screw-down pushers flanking the winding crown.

While the Daytona appears to be a watch for men, there have been numerous female big names wearing a Daytona.

Despite the way that the Everose Daytona ref. 116505 is delegated a man’s watch, ladies have been shaking this specific Daytona model throughout recent years—particularly in big name circles. Smart ladies appreciate the juxtaposition of the Daytona’s intrinsically manly plan made in refined rose gold. Additionally, the dark dial of this specific Daytona ref. 116505 chronograph is an exemplary decision that won’t ever leave style.

Watch Pairings: Rolex Datejust

At 41mm this Datejust will ordinarily be worn by men.

The Rolex Datejust has been the quintessential ordinary extravagance watch for rich couples for above and beyond 50 years. Furthermore, the two-tone renditions offer an engaging combination of polish and liveliness. An incredible pair of his and her two-tone Datejust models incorporates the 41mm Datejust II ref. 126333 for him and the Datejust ref. 116233 for her.

At 41mm large, the Datejust II ref. 126333 is a contemporary interpretation of the exemplary two-tone Datejust. The fluted yellow gold bezel is an exemplary Rolex detail while the middle yellow gold connections add more dressiness to the tough steel Oyster wristband. Besides, the white dial with mallet hour-markers is delightfully understated.

Aesthetically very much like, yet a touch more refined for her, is the two-tone Datejust ref. 116233. Once more, much the same as the Daytona, the 36mm Datejust was at first made with the gents in mind, yet the women wear it comparably well. This edition is specific agile with its gold fluted bezel, two-tone Oyster arm band, and ivory dial with an unpretentious pyramid-theme dial.

Give the pyramid dial a try.

Watch Pairings: Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Finally, the Oyster Perpetual 39 ref. 114300 is an ideal model for couples searching for a young and current Rolex watch that will not burn up all available resources. It is the present passage level Rolex watch.

The Oyster Perpetual has a smooth design.

The most amazing aspect is, given its appealing clear plan, adaptable tempered steel, pragmatic 39mm size, and scope of dial tones, the Oyster Perpetual ref. 114300 is a Rolex that suits both him and her.

From red grape to blue to olive green to rhodium, each picks his and her #1 shading then both can wear precisely the same Rolex—style simpatico at its finest.

Stylistically, regardless of whether you see yourselves as a lively, easygoing, or dressy couple, there’s the privilege Rolex blending out there for you. Likewise, it doesn’t hurt that purchasing your better half a coordinating Rolex is simply the ideal pardon to get one for yourself too!

The Oyster Perpetual 116400 has 3 primary tones: flat, grape, and blue.

Which Rolex watches would you pair up for a definitive his and hers team? Leave us your recommendations in the comment segment below.

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