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Phillips Geneva One Auction: Highs and Low

Phillips Geneva One Auction: Highs and Low

Last week, we displayed our best 5 picks for the much-advertised Phillips Watch Auction in Geneva, a colossally anticipated event that incorporated various exceptionally uncommon pieces. Indeed, the outcomes are currently in, so how could we do with our forecasts? Peruse on beneath to see, however the outcomes are doubtlessly and seemingly noteworthy with a few records broken in the process.

The Phillips Geneva One Auction had a colossal turnout.


There was a lot of buzz over Phillips first watch activity last Sunday, however it appears to be nobody foreseen how huge it would really be—the deal procured $23.2 million, or a normal of $102,000 USD per watch. The bartering was hugely fruitful and we salute Aurel Bacs and his group at Phillips Auction.

While the sale world has for some time been a tip top one, in which rich purchasers fly everywhere on the world to go to barters in New York, London, and Geneva, the web has democratized the medium, permitting anybody and everybody to put an offer from the comfort of their own personal home. Likewise, the web has additionally made data promptly accessible to hopeful watch gatherers, adding to an all around flooding market for fine vintage collectible watches. Developing business sectors, in particular Asia, are quick to get into the uncommon watch game and have turned out in record numbers, pushing record costs higher.

While request has expanded throughout the long term, supply has remained moderately fixed, increasing costs and giving uncommon pieces, much more, panache. With such restricted inventory of excellent watches and truly expanding request, costs should keep on rising, however we’ve seen that some energetic authorities have taken a “trip to quality” method of late; knowing purchasers hope to reinforce their assortment with just the best grade conditions. As we as a whole know, “a rising tide lifts all boats.

Read on for our investigation of the sale’s highs and lows.


Patek Philippe Stainless Steel Mono-Pusher Doctors Chronograph

Patek Philippe Stainless Steel Mono-Pusher Doctors Chronograph Reference 130

Info: This watch was initially made for twin Argentine siblings in the 1927 and highlights a steel case, an area dial and a mono-pusher development. One of just two of its sort, it’s a definitive authorities’ piece in light of the fact that the companion watch must be found inside the Patek Philippe historical center in Geneva.

Our Take: We assessed this watch would sell above and beyond its high gauge at $3 million, yet it’s nothing unexpected that this uncommon Patek went for $4.3 million (closer $5 million, including commissions and expenses). The deal makes it the most costly stainless steel observe at any point sold and the third most costly watch, period.

Estimate: $1,020,000 – $2,050,000 USD

Result: $5 Million USD

Rolex Oyster Cosmograph “Albino” 6263

Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Albino 6263

Info: Formally part of the assortment of Sir Eric Clapton, this marked Rolex, case no. 2’874’334, was made in 1971 and is an uncommon stainless steel chronograph wristwatch with bracelet

Our Take: Eric Clapton’s madly uncommon Oyster Albino scored a cool $1.42 million, making it the most costly Daytona at any point sold. Be that as it may, breaking records isn’t new for this watch—it was recently sold at Sotheby’s New York in 2003 and broke the world record for a Rolex Cosmograph Datoya, selling for $505,000.

Estimate: 512,000 to $1,020,000 USD

Result: $1.42 million USD

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Triple Calendar Moonphase 6062 Black Dial

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Triple Calendar Moonphase 6062 Black Dial from 1995

Info: Made in 1951, this yellow gold Rolex highlights a triple calendar, black enamel dial, periods of the moon, and unique authentication, rating endorsement and guidance manual. First bought at an Air Force Exchange on July 14, 1955, the watch was given to U.S. General Sweeney not exactly a month later.

Our Take: One of just two models at any point made with a full calendar and periods of the moon, this watch has a staggering story to tell, ideal for American history buffs who additionally end up being watch gatherers. Clearly, it went for well over its assessed price.

Estimate: $307,000 – $600,000 USD

Result: $1.1 Million USD

Vacheron Constantin Reference 4178

Vacheron Constantin Reference 4178

Info: A quintessential Vacheron, this piece is dated 1947 and highlights a salmon dial, tear lungs, Arabic numerals and a crocodile strap.

Our Take: This 4178 is in incredible condition and is one of the most extraordinary we’ve seen, on account of its all around kept up all-steel case. It sold for more than $215k more than its gauge, a colossal upset.

Estimate: 32,000 to $53,500 USD

Result: $272k USD


Rolex Ref. 5510 Submariner

A dazzling 5510 Submariner with an astounding patina.

Info: Believed to be one of just 300 models at any point made, this Submariner was made in 1958, when Rolex created more modest characteristics of bizarre watches.

Our Take: Though this ref 5510 sold for higher than foreseen , it might have effectively bested $200k if the condition was vastly improved. The reference 6200 and 5510 are uncommon pieces to be sure, and offering would have been furious if the quality was better. As we said in the introduction, many segregating purchasers are searching for top quality pieces.

Estimate: $65,000 to $86,000 USD

Result: $94k USD

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