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Raymond Weil Reprise: Toccatas in subtle shades

Raymond Weil Reprise: Toccatas in subtle shades

Toccata: A ornate musical composition (ordinarily for a keyboard instrument) with full harmonies and rapid expand runs in a musically free-form. The word has an Italian inception and in a real sense signifies ‘to touch’.

Raymond Weil ‘s impact upon the general extravagance horology faction and culture can be felt pleasantly, as opposed to vigorously, without troubling the wrist too much.

It’s not obscure among watch-mongers that RW has consistently held music in amazing privilege; it has been a wellspring of inspiration for a large number of the models, set apart by exemplary and clean plans. Their Toccata assortment is tribute to music and emphasizes upon its different aspects including styles and composers. Inspirations come flourish from whatever identifies with music; even the implement of the orchestra director, among all others! Just like the melodic compositions, each Toccata model shows the mastery of the hands that make them, much indistinguishable the expert abilities in a performer’s fingers. The name aptly resounds, as each Toccata is a composition in itself – a masterpiece!

The scarcely discernible differences and clean dials additionally embrace contemporary contacts and their thin case profiles (8mm) are the first displays. They are not very present day, not very old fashioned; rather, blends that balance the plan to accomplish the status of current classics.

What you promptly notice while taking a gander at the Raymond Weil Toccata watches – men’s or ladies’ – is their perfectly even completion. The material – which is stainless steel – comes with a specific level of consistency, in some cases laid with PVD gold plating. It makes an impact of congruity all through the timepiece that has been accomplished beautifully.

The Raymond Weil logo on the stainless steel crown of the Toccata acquires prominence for the amazingly perfect dials, offering nothing more to be removed to improve their pristineness any further. This makes the Toccata a sure thing for a work of art, complementing all your formals to light easygoing apparel appropriately and enormously. At a section level portion, you will not locate another Swiss watch competing with the Raymond Weil Toccata excessively well. For Toccata-s come at prices that appear to be a steal! Take instance from the following:

  • Raymond Weil Toccata Geneve Quartz (Gold/arm band): A cutting edge exemplary with a bit of warmth, it’s rich and immortal in its quality and artistic and melodic in its appearance. The respect towards custom and legacy is all around portrayed in this model.
  • Raymond Weil Toccata Geneve Quartz (Gold/Black cowhide strap) : Refined and ageless, it’s an impressive piece as a conventional business wear. Rich and beguiling, it follows the footsteps of the custom of the RW family and is established in the legacy it has preserved.
  • Raymond Weil Toccata Geneve Quartz (Steel/Classic earthy colored cowhide strap): Beautiful, spotless and cleaned up, it features the exquisite and immortal, stylistic simplicity, exemplifying the strength in refinement in an extremely innovative way.
  • Raymond Weil Toccata Geneve Quartz(steel/wristband) : Blending an exemplary style to a contemporary appearance with much precision, RW made this excellence through staggeringly well designing procedures to relate with men with a distinctive taste and dismal attitude.


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