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Rolex and National Geographic Celebrate 125 Years of Pushing Boundaries

Rolex and National Geographic Celebrate 125 Years of Pushing Boundaries

2013 marks the National Geographic Society’s 125th commemoration – and it’s not simply the general public that has been pushing limits, testing hypotheses and investigating the Earth. Rolex has been there at all times/

Here are the absolute greatest crossroads in investigation history – the number of did you know?!

Rolex Achievements

1947 – Breaking The Sound Barrier

No one could reject that Chuck Yeager is an advanced activity man. Back in 1947, he set off in a fixed-wing plane to endeavor to break the sound wall, and check whether people could endure the force.

He was a legend among WWII military pilots for flying the X-1, and propelled another age 50 years after the fact in a F-15 contender stream. Throw is currently an Aviation legend, and his accomplishments propelled the GMT-Master II Rolex assortment .


Here is an accomplishment! Congratulations on breaking the sound barrier.

1953 – Rolex Climbs Everest

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay are notable for their first rising of Mount Everest , yet did you realize that they were wearing Rolex watches?!

The climb’s prosperity was the motivation behind the Rolex Explorer, which has immediately become the favored watch among mountaineers.

The Explorer was worn when the Sir Edmund Hillary and Norgay as they rose Mt. Everest.


1956 – Rolex engineers the Milgauss.

It’s no big surprise that this watch is known for it’s perfect time keeping, after it turned into the principal watch to be tried at CERN, the world’s greatest molecule material science laboratory.

The Rolex Milguass was made those researchers who were presented to solid attractive fields.

1960 – The Deepest Ocean Descent

Rolex watches aren’t simply ideal for scaling, as a Rolex Deep Sea Special demonstrated in 1960, when it slipped into the most profound profundity of the Ocean.

The Rolex Deepsea Challenge watch was planned 52 years after the fact, and accompanied James Cameron’s memorable performance plunge into the Mariana Trench.


James Cameron as he gets ready for a profound dive.



2007 – Mapping Climate Change

Alain Hubert headed out to North Greenland in 2007, accompanied by a trusty Rolex, to plan changes to the Artic ice. Where past explorers had recorded thick ice for a significant distance, Hubert discovered slender, broken ice, and the lapping ocean. It required 106 days for Hubert and his accomplice Dixie Dansercoer to locate another course across.


Feeling enlivened? Any place you investigate, a Rolex is the ideal companion, offering style, unwavering quality and an activity stuffed history. So now the entirety of that is left to ask is:

Where will you go?

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