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Rolex and the Kennedys

Rolex and the Kennedys

Recently, Caroline Kennedy visited the White House and met with First Lady Michelle Obama for the 50th commemoration of the Whitehouse Historical Association. While there Caroline was seen donning a 34mm Ladies two-tone Rolex Datejust with Jubilee arm band. The watch’s exquisite straightforwardness facilitated wonderfully with her exemplary dark dress.

The Kennedys will in general have an adoration for Rolex Watches.

The Gift Of A Rolex: Kennedys

It has been reputed that Caroline’s father John F. Kennedy was additionally a devotee of Rolex and wore a popular Rolex President consistently. Indeed, it has been indicated that JFK’s President sold for $120,000 in 2005. The utilized Rolex watch accompanied an engraving on its back that read “Jack, with adoration as consistently from Marilyn, May 29th, 1962.” It is accepted that the watch was given to him by his paramour Marilyn Monroe.

Rolex Day-Date ref. 118238

To further the story, sources have uncovered that Marilyn gave the Rolex Day-Date to JFK on the day she sang her remarkable interpretation of Happy Birthday at a Madison Square Garden festivity. At the point when the Rolex was sold at sell off it likewise accompanied a sonnet that was found for the situation, which read: “Let sweethearts breathe their moans and roses blossom and music sound. Allow energy to consume on the lips and eyes and joys joyful world go round. Allow golden daylight to flood the sky and let me love or let me kick the bucket.” It is accepted that Marilyn composed this sonnet and gave it along her liberal present.


Beyond JFK, there have been a few presidents who have been known to wear Rolex including Gerald Ford, Dwight Eisenhower, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and Jimmy Carter. A couple have been reputed to have gotten their looks as presents, while others purchased their most loved model.

Dwight Eisenhower Wearing Rolex Watch on Cover Life Magazine

The above story and the presidential association with Rolex uncover that the brand has for some time been viewed as an extreme blessing and prize by the world’s most powerful people with Rolex watches. The magnificence of today is that Rolex keeps on creating astounding watches that hold their incentive for quite a long time. Buying used Rolex is an extraordinary thought for those hoping to invest wholeheartedly in their delightful watch. Utilized Rolex in Newport Beach is the ideal spot to begin for presidents in training.

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